Sunday, February 10, 2013

WIWS: Blizzard Edition's WEEWS - What Everybody Else Wore Sunday.  (Linking up with the betters at Fine Linen and Purple)

 Everybody Else mostly being my crazy, super excited children because the "blister" came and brought about 2 feet with some huge snow drifts.  

You guys definitely don't want to see me in sweats looking about 5 months pregnant because I can't.stop.baking.and.eating.

Clothing deets: All jackets and snow pants are hand-me-downs except for Maggie's jacket bought at Macy's last year, extra big to fit for 2 maybe 3 years.  I ain't no first time momma.

Snow bunny

Snow man boy

Snow devil

Standing in the snow drift

One of my sisters and her hubby and kids came last night and stayed over because they have no power or heat.  Today they drove an hour away to get a generator.
How many eggs do you cook to feed 8 kids and 4 adults?
Answer: 16

We got plowed out this morning juuuuuust in time to get to 8 am Mass.

My parents are here today because they also have no power or heat, and another sister and her family will be stopping by to shower because they have no power, heat, or working sewer!  Poor things.  

Gammy and hot chocolate - the sweetest things in life
The homes in the towns around us are almost 100% without power.  School is cancelled for tomorrow, so there will be more of this:
Cocoa makes everything better

and this:
Snow induced ectasy

And Marijanna is in early labor!  


  1. Haha, I love the excitement of kids in the snow! Enjoy your day off tomorrow!

  2. So you do take reservations! : ) Glad you still have power...and your mom looks like the sweetest! Enjoy your cozy day off tomorrow...we may get some freeing rain. The kids are already hoping for a delay. Me too...nothing like snuggling back into bed for a few more hours...

  3. Looks like everyone is enjoying the "blister". Keep baking Mama and send some my way. have a great week!

  4. Look at those happy faces! I think my kids are just about done with winter, but yours look ready to take on a few more months at least :)

  5. Definitely sounds and looks like a blister to me! How fortunate that you have power and can house some extra family. You will be making some sweet memories.
    Keep enjoying your family time!

    We got about 10 inches of snow and pretty heavy a few times. No blizzard for us, but the winds are suppose to start soon and howl through tomorrow. SO READY for this winter to be over.
    Praying for Marijanna and can't wait for news!

  6. Shoot, that's too bad so many people are without power! I hope it all gets sorted out soon. You are so kind to share yours! I bet your kids are just in heaven though!

  7. Love the snow pictures!!! We haven't seen the white stuff (well, at least an amount worth playing in) in so very long. Drought. Drought. Drought. Pray for our farmers please?!! ! Stay warm!!!

  8. I have never heard of a storm knocking out sewer before?? Frozen poops? I mean frozen pipes?

  9. Ha ha - love the snow induced ectasy! Hope everyone gets their power back soon!!!


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