Sunday, March 10, 2013

10 on 10: March Edition

My first time joining Rebekah at Ten on Ten for March.  You just have to take one picture an hour for ten hours on the 10th of the month.  My bestest bloggy friend, Sarah, sent me an email this weekend to remind me.  See why she's my BBF?  And lucky for you, this month the 10th falls on a Sunday so you don't have to see ten pictures of the view from my desk at work :)

7 am
It's Sunday!  That means chocolate chip muffins for breakfast for the kids who gave up sweets for Lent!

8 am
His and Hers homemade cappuccinos.  And on a related note, I really love my husband!

9 am
My little dishwasher "helper".

10 am
Dropping off the kids at the gym's childcare room while Phil and I go work out.

11 am
Evie the cat with "Death Hair" the lion (Eamon named him).

Andrew and Eamon helping me bake brownies.  I ain't too proud to use a box mix!

1 pm
John-Paul and I turning those box mix brownies into Mint Chocolate Delights.

2 pm
Wii time buys me Mii time since it's too snowy/slushy/muddy to send them outside...still!

 3 pm
Ordering pizza to bring to dinner at a friend's house.

4 pm
Arrive at our friend's house.  Go ahead and laugh at our matching vans!  Michelle's family has 8 kids and we have 5, but my kids want us to catch up already.  Slackers, we are :)


  1. Oh my goodness, I want your gym! Every gym I've own the childcare room was horrible! The big white van is becoming the new "swagger wagon" in our Catholic mafia. :)

  2. What are Mint Chocolate Delights? Please share!

    1. So you make brownies, and while they are baking you open a package of Andes mints and unwrap them all (one package per box of mix). As soon as the brownies are out of the oven, you line up the Andes mints and when they start to melt, you swirl around the "frosting" until it's evenly covered. Then just place somewhere cool until they harden. Easy yet scrumptious!

  3. Pretty awesome vans there! A friend of mine in St. Louis is pregnant with #6 and is TOTALLY dreading the conversion van purchase!

  4. Hey BBF, stopping over from the Ten. You are #16 and as it should be, I followed you at #17. Woot! Besties!!!

    Any who, cappuccinos and brownies--I am so there!! Mint Chocolate Delights, HELLO Yummy!

    I chuckled at the matching vans. And then the above comment about the Catholic Mafia. That's good stuff. Secretly, I shudder just a bit when I think big.white.van. meets snow. I don't know if that will ever be our reality. (insert God laughing here)

    Happy Sunday!

  5. Love your day, Colleen...and box mix brownies are the best. And I am totally stalker ish in seeing the box on the counter. Same kind I use now...after my blogger friend Cindy turned me onto them...and they are awesome!! Have a great week, my friend!

  6. My parents have a BIG WHITE VAN, just like those. I'm hoping to inherit it someday, if we outgrow our current minivan. :)

  7. Your gym childcare is my DREAM playplace!! Ours is not even remotely as cool as that!

    This was really cool. And those coffees look amazing!!

  8. "Wii time buys me Mii time" Hysterical! I gotta get me a rhyme like that for the XBox.

  9. Oooh, I had thought about doing this 10 on 10 activity. Perfect excuse to use the camera! LOL. The brownies looks so yummy and I love your matching vans and made-by-hubby cappuccinos! :-)

  10. Love these!! You and your fam are just too darn cute.

  11. What an awesome childcare room at your gym! I bet your kids love hanging out there!

  12. Haha! Fun! I loved this post! :) You are so cute too! And seriously, that child care room is amazing!!

  13. looks like a great day to me!

  14. Those cappuccinos look a-mazing!!

  15. I love this. I did the 10 on 10 a few times, it is super fun!
    Your Sunday looks great. Maggie is so excited about that muffin....that is how I look when I get my first cup of coffee! Do you guys have a cappuccino maker? If so, do you like it?? (that is a silly question!)


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