Monday, March 11, 2013

Just in Case...

...Cardinal Sean O'Malley becomes the next Pope...
Saying Mass in Rome Sunday morning.
...we will be blowing up this picture below of my John-Paul (front left in white shirt) and Andrew (in blue striped shirt next to J-P) with the other altar servers from our parish celebrating with Cardinal Sean on his birthday last summer.
Seriously, how cool would it be to say that they celebrated the Cardinal's last birthday with him before he became Pope?

Also, an Irish American Pope is pretty much the stuff my dreams are made of :)
So strange to think that they all go in Cardinals and one emerges as Pope!


  1. Great picture whether his next post is Bishop of Rome or not.

  2. Very cool! And he's a blogger. ; ) I'm in the Archdiocese of Boston too, love Cardinal Sean.

  3. I have a napkin used by Cardinal Dolan (do NOT ask) . . . I want to frame it too if he become Pope! (I am weird like that!)

    1. Katie...

      Cardinal Dolan and I attended the SAME Catholic grade school in St. Louis, MO. Albeit, not at the same time...LOL. Still, I would be so very proud to say that my tiny little Catholic grade school, Holy Infant, helped to play a role in forming a future Pope!!!

  4. I cannot wait for the white smoke!!!! There is so much anticipation this time and not nearly the sadness of a Pope dying when JP2 died...

  5. Awesome pic! I TOTALLY get why you would be excited a bout an Irish-American pope! ;)

  6. That picture is so cool!! I've been to a Mass celebrated by Cardinal O'Malley, so I would feel all excited if he became Pope.

  7. Is that a Cardinal throwdown, Martin?! What?? Well, my Cardinal James Michael Harvey (our adopted cardinal) will take down your O'Malley any day. BTW, I am Polish and we've already had a Polish Pope. Oh-no-she-didn't. Oh-yes-I-did.

    Sorry. I get all crazy when conclaves begin.

  8. I'm all for an Irish American Pope!

  9. Eh...Irish American is soooooooo 1920s.



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