Wednesday, March 13, 2013

5 Faves


This heartfelt story shared by Valerie.  I can't get it out of my mind!


My favorite scent

Yankee Candles.  Even though they are a bit expensive, they have the best and strongest scents and I just can't find a cheaper candle that has the same quality.

Spring Break from Franciscan!
But Colleen, you're not even in college anymore.
I know, but our babysitter is, and she's home this week, which means my kids can stop counting down the days until her return and Phil and I can have a date!
Less like a babysitter and more like a big sister!


This coffee with the bad word in it.  It's Lent and my mom reads this blog, so you'll have to click to find out the name!  I love my coffee like I love my man ~ dark and strong ~ but then I put tons of cream in it!

This girl:
Mom, take a picture of me in your glasses!

I prayed and prayed for a daughter, and I sure got like ten daughters rolled up into one cute package!

Go see Hallie and Co for more favorites...


  1. Love- Love- Love- Yankee Candles...and I agree, best candle out there! Love your fave scent...mine is Pumpkin Spice. Ahhh, now I wish it were fall!

  2. Couple things
    1) Love me some yankee candles! I generally buy two a year and use them sparingly. And by 'buy' I mean Aaron gets them for me for Christmas or birthday :)
    2) Spring break babysitters are the best. I asked our favorite not to go to college so she could sit my boys. Unfortunately, she didn't think that would work.
    3) and most important, TOTALLY had a dream that I was at St. Peter's and Cardinal O'Malley was elected. My first response was to get on my phone so I could comment on the blog that you wrote a few days ago. Too involved in the digital world?!?! Maybe.

  3. Have you tried the yankee candle SOY candles??? I love them even more than the regular. They are clean burning and last longer than the regular ones. I find them at Marshall's, TJ maxx or Home goods.
    Coffee is my drug of choice. AND YES, cream.
    I think God gives you what you can handle.....and Maggie is a cute little handful. :)

  4. Thank you for introducing me to Valerie. What a great story of confession and conversion! Always nice to meet another St. Louisan too. I'll have to try Yankee. I've done Partylite (when my sis was a consultant) and White Barn (but those seem to evaporate in a few hours). I love scented candles, esp the fruity or pumpkin flavors.

  5. I am not a coffee drinker but you make that coffee look good. And I think I will have to give Yankee candles a try. I generally go for the cheap ones. And lastly thanks for the link to Valerie's blog, as someone who had suffered from infertility for three years before conceiving, my heart went out to her.

  6. Your little girl couldn't be any cuter! I feel the same way about my Anna.

  7. Love yankee candles! I got one for christmas and I ration it's use! Maggie is so adorable!!

  8. Wow that story!!! And have fun on your date nights!!! :)

  9. Woohoo for the babysitter being back! I am going to have to try that coffee.

  10. McIntosh is my FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVIE! I always burn it during the fall! I love candles... I actually gave them up for Lent! And it's been hard!

  11. What a hilarious name for a coffee brand! Brilliant marketing. I'm convinced I need some now. ;)


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