Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Degrees of Pope Francis

You've all heard of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, right?

Well now it's time for the Seven Degrees of Pope Francis.
That's right it is TIME!
What a crazy exciting week!
I heard about the new Pope at work when it was announced over the school's loudspeakers that THERE WAS WHITE SMOKE!  
Gotta love Catholic Historical Occasions!

The next day, Eamon's awesome kindergarten teacher, Sr. Muriel, dressed him up as Pope Francis I and he walked around to each classroom and gave his papal blessing.  
Gotta love Catholic schools!
Pope Francis with Ms. Trindade the Portuguese teacher
Eamon and Pope Francis have another similarity...they are both the middle children of 5 kids!  
Gotta love big Catholic families!

The resemblance is spooky, amiright?

This picture is from Xander sitting on the kitchen counter singing Old MacDonald.  And you know what Old MacDonald is about?  Animals.  And you know who loved animals?  St. Francis of Assisi....who Pope Francis named himself after!  
Gotta love Catholic Saints!

This one isn't even as much of a reach as the last one....
Andrew was born on the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi.  

Coincidence? I think not!  
Gotta love Catholic Feast Days!

Today Phil and I can wear green dress down to work.  
See what shirt we both picked out?

Franciscan minds think alike!
Welcome to the gun show :)
He is so gonna kill me for posting this picture...
And do you know who the patron saint of Franciscan University is?  St. Francis of Assisi!  And who chose Francis as his Papal name?  
Gotta love Catholic Universities!

7) The final connection to Pope Francis is that Phil and I went to the Italy while we were in college.  
At the Vatican in 2000
We went to the Vatican (where Pope Francis will reside) and we went to Assisi (of the St. Francis fame).  Assisi holds a special place in my heart because it was where Phil finally got up the nerve to kiss me :)  
Gotta love a Catholic Love Story!

So how are you connected to Pope Francis?

Have a great Irish weekend everyone!

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  1. I bet that was so much fun hearing the announcement at a Catholic school with the excitement of all the kids! Loving all your connections to St. Francis! That is so awesome!! :)

  2. I love this Colleen! You are awesome... For real! That picture of Eamon dressed up is sooo sweet and a peek into the future, perhaps? And it is time for you to fess up and share your secret... how is it that you look exactly the same now as in that pic from 2000? Like seriously are like anti-aging. Jeesh...

    I love Pope Francis already. My heart has a calm serenity about it now... Happy St. Paddy's Day dear friend! : )

  3. Love #2! He looks so cute as Pope . . .maybe foreshadowing??!!??

  4. Awesome, awesome post! Girl, you have got to stop posting about Catholic's making me want to send my kids to them so badly :)

  5. oh, when they are in school, which is still three years away!

  6. I totally just went through and read your entire love story! What a ride!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. yes, love the matching shirts! i am sooo excited that he chose the name Pope Francis!

  8. Love your seven degrees. And Eamon, I so see future Pope there!! You are so funny. For real? How do you come up with this stuff??
    I've said it before, Phil's got the guns. Nice work, man. Or, you have an awesome camera angle, Colleen.

    Happy Weekend!!

  9. I'm pretty sure that qualifies you for a private audience. You should get on that, but ask Phil to leave his guns at home.

  10. Awesome! The gun show got me. LOL

  11. Pope Francis!!!!
    And Eamon as the Pope? Adorable.
    And Phil's gun show? Hilarious. I will make sure to bring a copy of that picture with me next time we see each other so he can autograph it.

  12. What a great post! The only thing I can think of that relates us to the Pope is that my kid's school is run by a church that is pastored by Franciscans.

  13. You are hysterical!! I was laughing the whole way through :) But Eamon as Pope?? SO CUTE!!

    Okay and don't tell Phil, but he looks so young in that photo!! You look the same, but he just looks like such a kid!!

  14. Sweet Eamon!

    My hubby went a Franciscan high school and after college he taught at the same school. We are big Francis fans. OH! And one of my brothers, my sister in law, and three of my cousins have gone to Franciscan. I didn't even know about it when I was applying to colleges.

  15. I love that drawing of Pope Francis, where did you get it?

  16. Ha..I love your 7 degrees. I'm connected because Pope Francis took the name Francis and my sister is a Franciscan Sister and my parents are lay Franciscans.

    Plus, I love did St. Francis..and I'm sure our Pope does too. LOL

  17. I love all the Franciscan pride in this post.

  18. This was so funny. You are great Colleen! Trying to catch up on posts from this past week....slowly but surely, I saved yours for last, but now baby is fussing, gotta back later (hopefully) Baked green bread this morning, but hardly any of us have green clothes and especially Sunday clothes...

  19. I got such a kick out of reading this! So creative! And I love all the connections. I think so many people feel close to this pope already! sooo fantastic!

  20. I love this! I'm not going to lie, I feel like every Catholic blogger I read went to Franciscan! I did not, but I live a mere 45 minutes away from it right now and know a couple people who did attend. I even visited it myself when I was deciding on schools. SOOO can that be my connection? (Well, I did go to Assisi once too, and I like Argentinian wine...)


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