Sunday, March 17, 2013

WIWS: St. Patty's Day

Oh how I love St. Patrick's Day!  If you've never seen the VeggieTales video about St. Patrick, enjoy...  it's one of my faves:

I woke up to a nice Irish breakfast of potato pancakes and fried eggs prepared by my half-Irish hubby.  
Top O' The Morning to me!

My leprechauns
After we did our Irish workout at the gym, (you've never heard of an Irish workout?  It's that thing where you say to yourself the whole time you're exercising..."Irish I were done already!") we took the kids to get hamboogers (says Maggie)...
Di di di di da..I'm loving it!
...and Shamrock shakes!

 This afternoon, we had a surprise 75th birthday party for my Mom.  Her actual birthday is in a week or so, but we totally surprised her today!

So, I'm linking up with Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday:
My dress: Gap
Old Navy
Shoes: KMart
Kids shirts/dress: Crazy 8 and last Easter's attire thankyouverymuch
Phil's shirt: Kohls
 My siblings and I must have exchanged 25 emails to plan this party in secret.  They are the best!
In birth order, left to right: #5, #2, #1, #3, #4, #6

Phamily Photo Op!
The shirt I had made for my mom.
75 Years Young

 Wife to One
Mom to Six
Gammy to Twenty
My parents dancing to "May I have this dance for the rest of my life..."

 I feel so lucky to be part of this 100%  crazy  100% Irish family. 

 (Click on collage to make it bigger)


  1. Looks like a fun day- and way to pull off the surprise!

    I love your dress, too. Very cute and flattering! Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  2. In true Gaelic Girl fashion, you look great in green!

    And, your parents are too cute dancing together! I love that!

    Happy birthday to your mama!

  3. You look so pretty! And your mom so young! Beautiful family :)

  4. You look great! Love the family photos and your mom doesn't look about to turn 75!!

  5. Love your dress! Glad you guys had such a wonderful day!

  6. I make my kids watch that Veggie Tales episode on St. Patrick's Day every year. Love your dress and the kids are so cute in their matching clothes. I have always loved those outfits in your header. That's awesome that they still fit! I am really hoping my daughter can fit into last years Easter dress again this year.

  7. Your dress is so pretty! And I love all the kids with their shamrock shakes :)

  8. Happy Birthday to your mom, glad she was surprised! And that family picture is beautiful!! That is a framer, for sure! : )

  9. Oh my wonderful! You look great as does your family. What a wonderful day spent with those you love. So many fabulous memories made. Awesome!!

  10. what a beautiful day! love the family photo.

  11. Not a CHANCE she is 75! I don't believe it. Your green dress is so pretty!! And spring-like! And I'm going to watch veggietales with the kids tomorrow. We haven't seen the St. Patrick one yet!!

  12. Love the dress! And super jealous of the bare legs... I had to pull on the tights YET AGAIN yesterday. March needs to get it together.

    Also, your mom looks wonderful. 6 kids + 20 grandkids has done her good!

  13. How fun! I love the dress!

  14. I love how color coordinated your family is and I LOVE that you were able to surprise your mom. Surprise parties are the best!

  15. I knew you'd have plenty of St. Pat's awesomeness for us, Colleen! Your adorable kids are even adorabler, if that's possible (or even a word!). And you have got some great genes!

    We watched that Veggie Tales short on Fri night! One of our faves. My kids have been saying "Maewyn Succat!" randomly and loudly all weekend.

    Note to teacher: Please excuse Jeannine for being behind on her participation in the Five things tag; she will get to it shortly. Thank you for nominating her.

  16. Sounds like a perfect day! I live for family get-togethers.

    Love the wrap-style dress. : )

  17. Like yours, my husband's family is 100% crazy and 100% Irish (and 100% awesome!).

    I love your green dress, and your kids are absolutely adorable in their matching checks.

    It looks like your mom is one special lady, and boy does she look great at 75! (Wow, 20 grandkids--that's my dream. I've got a good start with three granddaughters!)

  18. Your family gets cuter and cuter with every blog post! That picture of you with the kids is just adorable, and you are one gorgeous mom! Sounds like such a fun day and birthday party! :)

  19. What a fun day!! What great pictures you got!

    Happy birthday to your mama!

    100 % Irish? I have like 1/16th Irish in me...Tom (my hubby) says it's not enough. I say Pbllllllll!!!!

    He needs to be pinched. (but he wore green by accident)

  20. What a fun way to celebrate your mom's birthday! Such a cute family, too! :)

  21. You look so great in that dress!! I want it. :)

  22. Love LOVE LOVE the family cute. Your Mom and Dad are inspiring!


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