Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) I gave blood!

I was extra excited to donate this time because the last few times I tried to give, I got turned away for breastfeeding and an ear infection.  This time, I got the green light and even my iron count was up nice and high after taking these supplements for the last few months.

2) Phil took me out for a birthday meal at my favorite restaurant.  On your birthday, they send you an email gift certificate for a free dinner and dessert off the menu.  Anything you want.  Of course, I picked the most expensive thing on the menu: Rosemary Skewered Scallops on Butternut Squash and Spinach Couscous:
When it came, I thought it wouldn't be enough food, but I couldn't even finish it and had to take the dessert to go!
 3) March 2nd was Dr. Seuss' birthday!
My twins Kindergartner and Preschooler strike a pose.
4) The $25 Cafe Press giveaway ends tomorrow!  Enter now!!

5) Today, Evie is getting spayed.  I hope she doesn't read this blog or else she'll be all "You're gonna take out what from where??"

6)  We got our tax refund!!  

Now we are one big step closer to paying off my student loans.    These loans have been weighing on us since we got married.  Any extra money we've had has gone towards getting rid of them sooner.  I gotta plan something BIG for when we're done (which should hopefully be this Fall).  What would/did you do?

7) It's another snow day here!!  No work, no school, no problems :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I think you should celebrate paying off your student loans by deciding you want another degree and going back to school so you can get more. Oh wait..maybe that's just my husband that does that. He finished paying off like 20,000 in student loans and then decided 2 years later that he wanted to go to law school (he used to be a teacher) and now he's got like another 100,000. Yippeeee

  2. So jelly that you're almost done paying student loans!! Maybe save up a few months of what you would have paid in student loan payments and go on a fun trip? Also jealous of that amazing birthday meal. YUM!

  3. Your quick takes always make me happy, Colleen! Enjoy the snow day! And on a Friday, too! I'm not telling my kids you all have the day off... Happy Weekend, friend!

  4. remember, no cruises!!!! :) Congrats on being so close. I cannot even imagine what it is going to feel like to have no student loans!!!
    And, birthday dinners are awesome.

  5. THATS MY FAVORITE DINNER AT JOES....Remember we are going next Friday??? (but i'm way to cheap to get that) Don't judge me but I already know I want those Ahi Tuna WonTon's again.

  6. Awww how cute are they in those Dr. Seuss hats! :) That is awesome that you are so close to being done with your student loans! I know that will be such a good feeling for you! I would go on a vacation! :)

  7. Love your cute twins!

    And whoo-hoo for you about paying off the student loans. It was a huge relief. For about three weeks. And then I went on to worrying about something else. I'm fun that way.

    I second the vacation idea!

  8. I love living in Alabama, but I definitely miss snow days! how fun!

  9. When Tom paid off his school loans, gosh, I think it was about 8 or 9 years ago now, we bought a 2nd vehicle!!

    That will be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders....sure you don't want to move to MN?

  10. Ooo! Loans almost gone? YAY! My private loans are gone but the federal ones are still lingering around for another couple of years (not bad considering I'm only 5 years out if you ask me!). As for something to do once those monthly payments (plus some) are gone? Definitely a weekend getaway! Maybe leave the kids somewhere else... or don't!

  11. When we paid off my student loans, I cried. Pretty sure that's not the big idea you were looking for, though....

    Why not throw a "Free At Last!" Party?

  12. i say go on a vacation, as long as you can do it without adding to debt. That is awesome!

    That dinner look super yummy!

  13. Happy birthday!!! I think I missed that this week...
    Also, I got turned away from giving blood years ago...because it just stopped running. Um, that's weird, right? So glad you got a chance to!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Oh how I loved Dr. Seuss day/week at elementary school! And that's awesome you're almost paid off your student loans-- I'm just starting :(

  15. That dinner looks delicious! Glad you got a night out together:)

  16. i bet you get a big old tax return with 5 kids! good girl for putting the money towards your school debt. you should use next year's for your trip to Hawaii!

  17. Oh girl, you are so funny! YOU are the one I was thinking of in today's blog post when I wrote..."these women inspire me...are crafty...are hilarious!" That's you...always making me laugh. I loved the whole cat getting spayed...the "I didn't think it would be enough food" twins... ;)

    Happy Weekend!!!

  18. What little cutie patooties!!!
    Hope you were able to sneak up on that kitty....we took in a stray when "she" was about 6 mos old, took "her" to be spayed and lo and behold HE was already neutered. Poor guy, got it twice. You'd think they'd look first and all....being the "professionals" and all.
    Post loan pay-off....dinner, fancy AND a movie...crazy, right?? Good for you, keep pluggin' along, it'll get there (that's MY mantra, you can share)

  19. Yay on the blood builder!!


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