Monday, March 18, 2013

Big Boy Bed

On our snow day last Friday, we decided to take down Alexander's crib and put him in a big boy bed.  He's only 19 months, but this is right around the age we made the switch with our other kids.  
Trapped for the last time!
We do it young because we usually needed the crib for the next baby, and we find that it's not a big deal to switch them over at this age.  I've heard horror stories from parents that wait until their child is closer to 3 and does not want to transition.  
Maggie was happy to find her Cinderella phone under the crib.

Learning early how to take care of a family.
 Of course, any milestone for the baby becomes a big family event!  I told Phil to make sure he packed up the crib nice and secure because this could be the last time we ever see/need it.  Phil got really sad and said, "I really hope we need to use it again".  Love him!

This is a guy job, Mom.
Xander helping me "bacuum" while I'm dressed in my formals

And, voila!  All done.  Now he and Maggie will share the Princess room.
Sorry Xander, one day we'll have a house with more than 3 bedrooms!

New header photo? ;)

That first night, we just put him in his bed and shut the door, and he went right to sleep.  It probably helped that bedtime was an hour later than usual because we went to Stations of the Cross.  But hey, I'll take it!
Now if only I could take away his thumb as easily :)


  1. We are transitioning Alayna at 18 months and I feel like I am rushing her babyhood right out the window. So glad I'm not the only mom who thinks it's a "good" move. She can't wait for her big girl bed! We went shopping for her mattress yesterday (as all the others are in use). ;)

  2. We are transitioning Alayna at 18 months. It's hard though, thinking it's the last time for the crib. :( It helps that we got to go shopping for her new mattress yesterday. Except she looked so tiny lying on those big ol' beds! Glad it went well!

  3. We switched Finian over this weekend too (he's a little older, at 25 months). I can't stand that he looks like such a big boy all snuggled up in his big bed! But we did need the crib for a new baby, so he got booted.

  4. Love that this was a family projected, glad his first night went smoothly.

  5. Aww, Xander, growing up so fast!! I smiled because we just did a bed switch a couple weekends ago. No big girl bed yet, but moved M from the office off of our bedroom into G's bedroom. So, now there are two cribs in there and so far it's working out for the most part despite G's awful sleep habits. We figured we'd do it this way for a bit before moving G into a bed. One transition at a time. Eventually, take down the changing table (which we use NEVER any more) and eliminate one crib.

    I wonder if I'll get sentimental at that point and think we need to fill a crib again?? Hmmm....

    1. as for that last line... I hope so!

  6. Yup, I agree with your hubby. Don't pack that crib away too tight....
    The last post, with all the family, I agree YOU are very blessed!
    To answer your question about the Oz movie. I personally would not let my 9yr old see it. The apes and the witches are pretty scary. But every kid is so different and that stuff might not even bug them.
    It was an excellent movie..worth every penny to see on the big screen.

  7. Love the Blessed Mother photo ..I have one just like it..

  8. o c'mon you KNOW this isn't the last time you'll use it!! you're still young and you two can't stay away from each other for that long ;) We switch to the big bed right around 20 months too. And it always makes me a little sad...

  9. wow, you are good! i am going to wait a few more months. . .

  10. Totally agree! We transition early too. When we moved A, put the crib at the corner. Not saying we are done, but it needs replacing should God decided to bless us one more time.

  11. We had to transition early as well. Our first 4 sons were 4 years and 3 months apart, so we always needed the crib for the next baby! And I think having a house that's not too big is actually the best thing in the world for a family. Sharing bedrooms is the best!

    I love your pictures. What a cute family you have! My boys are all in their 20's now, and I get nostalgic for those good old days sometimes!

  12. I hope you all need to use that crib again too! :) Love that last picture!!

  13. Oh Xander. So big, so fast! Ava's not ready to transition yet. She LOVES her crib and is a wicked fidgety sleeper (I'm afraid she'll fall out). Maybe soon, though (in a month perhaps). As for that last photo? TOTALLY should be your new header! As for not using the crib? Shya... right! NO way that's the last time.

  14. Haha, love that last pic! So fun!
    We made the switch at about 18 months with both of our boys too. :)

  15. Oh, Xander, I don't care if you are in a big boy bed, you are still a baby. My cute little bloggy baby. (Can you hear me using my baby voice)

    Yay, I'm excited though! Bye bye naps? That's what happens when we make the switch, no more naps.

    LOve that last picture!

  16. I currently have two cribs in use with another in the basement storage room . . . you NEED to use that crib again so that I feel normal! (if that's even possible at this point!)

    We move the kids whenever they seem like they want to, which has generally shaken out to be right around 2. Mopsy moved the earliest (18 months) and we had to kick Sally out of her crib at 3+. She didn't fuss about moving to a big bed, but she never asked to leave the crib either! She's just content with her lot in life. ;-)

  17. Already a big boy bed? Oh my how time flies!!!!!


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