Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Five Favorites

Joining Hallie for her first Five Favorites Linkup!  OK, here goes...


Do you all play Ruzzle (it's a free app)?  If you do, let me know because I am sick and tired of losing every match to my husband.  


Five Guys burgers with cheese, grilled onions, relish, ketchup, mayo, lettuce and tomato.  How do you take yours?

Speaking of food, I love Day 6 of our 7 day school schedule when I get to have lunch with my friend and co-worker, Jess.  Jess is the bride in this picture:

My easy morning makeup routine:

mixed with a dab of BB Cream

Then slathered all over my face.

Finished off with mascara, blush (sometimes) and chapstick.


The awesome working mothers who have linked up here.
(Is it illegal to post about a linkup in a linkup? I hope not!)


  1. What time does 5 Guys open? How did you know that their fare is my #1 craving right now? Usually I can hold off until the afternoon but (thanks to you!) Dan may need to come home at lunchtime bearing gifts of burgers and fries. ;)

  2. Literally, actually, for real drooling at that burger pic. I....just...oh my lawdy. So scrumptious!

    BB Cream has been on my 'maybe try' list. It seems like it would be good for scars/pores? I have those both in spades.

  3. I love saying "Five Guys Burgers and Fries" I drive the kids crazy. We went there when they first opened in our city, like 5 years ago...maybe 4 years ago, I was pregnant with my current 3 1/2 year old...anyway, the grease in that place made my arteries clog.

    Just kidding. Why can't I just enjoy some fries and not think of that stuff?

    I would be a vegetarian but would miss a good burger once in a while. I love burgers. You are making me want to go to Five Guys Burgers and Fries...come on say it, it's fun! (you have to say it in a chanting kind of way)

    Burger: if I went, would be cheese, lots and lots of pickles and even more than that and kechup, lettuce and tomato!

    Now I'm hungry.

  4. Ohhhh Five Guys... I started frequenting the original establishment as a teenager and was SO happy when they started expanding. If my husband agreed with feasting on Sundays during Lent, it would be Five Guys all the way!

  5. Ruzzle!!! Find me!! I stink at it and you'll win every round! I think I'm mkdemps on there. I stopped playing a friend who was racking up over 1200pts every round (not every MATCH, every ROUND). I was deeply scarred by the experience. ;)

    BB cream is awesomesauce, but I can only handle L'Oreal's version.

  6. Love me some Ruzzle! bethcotell is my super secret code name. HA! Look me up. I love to play!

    And as for 5 Guys - I take mine almost the same. Replace the grilled onions with regular onions and add jalapenos and hot sauce. YUM!

  7. I have not ever had a 5G burger, but I like lots of lettuce, tomato, and tons of pickles on my burger.

    Pretty bride! You have a very well-rounded life, Colleen. Work, family, friends...the whole shebang. Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ok Ruzzle? I'm off to find it now! We are all still playing Draw Something now. And I can't draw soo, ya...

  9. That burger is awesome! Really awesome looking!

    I was recently told by a friend of BB cream. She said I must get some.

    You're so young & beautiful....I wish that was all I needed to get my face out the door!

  10. 5 Guys - WHY do they have to use peanut oil and have peanuts everywhere?!! It's so not fun having peanut allergies in our home. I'm amazed James didn't die when we took him there before we knew about the allergies.

    But I like mine with grilled onions, cheese, bacon, ketchup, mustard, tomato, and lettuce. And the spicy fries.

  11. oooh I love 5 guys and that is just how I like my burger too. yum!

  12. Thanks for fueling my link up addiction colls, also we might not be able to to BFF's after you read this but I don't like five guys :( sad huh....but I do love me some BB cream. I'm afraid to leave the house without it anymore. it's amazing.

  13. I love 5 Guys and I better get one today before Friday comes. :)

  14. Tomorrow is Friday, so no Five Guys for me. But we have one within walking distance of our house, so my life, it is, as they say, filled with the awesomeness!

    My daughter uses Smashbox BB Cream, and that's great. I use L'Oreal, and it's a little less great, but much more affordable. What about the Garnier kind do you like most?

  15. DANG that's a good lookin burger!! The closest 5 guys is 30 miles away :( But if Cari ever comes to her in-laws, we'll use it as an excuse to visit her and get their fries. Oh man I'm hungry! And now I'm going to check out Ruzzle. But if dinner doesn't get made tonight, I'm blaming you for being a bad influence...

  16. Oh yes, I am a Ruzzle lover too!! And I'm on spring break next week and will probably be playing a lot! So look me up if you want to play! :) - caitlinrz


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