Thursday, April 11, 2013

That's What She Said

Seeing Phil and I hugging in the kitchen:
"I wanna get in the middle of that love smush!"

I see her in the bathroom looking at herself in the mirror:
Me: Whatchya doin?
Maggie: Oh just singing a random song.


John-Paul: Maggie, repeat what I say.
Maggie: Ok
John-Paul: I am terrible.
Maggie: I am terrible.
Maggie: Oh no, wait a minute, I know this trick, you're trying to get me to say that I'm terrible!


Maggie: Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM!
Me: Yes?
Maggie: Well now I forgot what I was gonna say.

Maggie: You know how Dad said I couldn't spend my money at the snack counter?
Me: Yeah...
Maggie: (Busting into tears) Well Isabella tempted me to do it! She really really tempted me!


During morning prayer in the car:
Maggie: I want to pray for Aunt Bob and Aunt Larisa.
Andrew: It's Uncle.
Maggie: Uncle Larisa???


  1. I love your 'that's what she said' posts!! And Miss Maggie, too. Always hilarious.

  2. Kidly wisdom!
    So glad you are recording these for the future.

  3. She is so so cute. Post a picture of you at this age next to that first one of Maggie, ok?

  4. I love that age with kids! Conversations are the best :)

  5. Soo cute, Colleen! And so good you are writing these down for "someday"! : )

  6. She is a darling. Beautiful little girl and always smiling!

  7. We were thinking alike :). My kids always get aunt and uncle backwards too :).

  8. We all need an Aunt Bob too. :)
    She is a funny one; love that girl!

  9. Oh gosh, the snack counter!!!! LOL!!!

  10. That snack counter one cracks me up. My kids are always using the "She/He tempted me line" as well. LOL

  11. I bet there is never a dull moment!


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