Friday, April 12, 2013

7 Real Quickies

Hosted by Grace today while we are still praying for Jen and Joseph!

We are heading out for April vacation tomorrow morning at 4 am.  We'll be driving down to Maryland then on to Pennsylvania.  A week of no work and no school = guaranteed fun.  

Too many pictures to come, I'm sure.  Consider yourself warned.


On the way home from this trip we are making plans to get together with Cari and Clan (gotta keep the Lotus and John-Paul romance alive), and try to meet up with Aimee and Crew for the first time!  I love turning bloggy friends into real-life friends.

I only eat salad for the croutons, craisins and blue cheese dressing.  Oh my yumminess.

I am loving Pink's song "Just Give Me a Reason".  Played on pete and repeat.

This has been a really busy and stressful week at work.  I am so ready to not come back here at all next week.  Can you tell I'm in vacation mode already?


McDonald's Medium Ice Coffee are only $1.00 right now.  Thank you St. Drogo.  Did you know there was a Saint of Coffee Shop Owners?  I feel like Catholics could start an advertising campaign similar to Apple's "there's an app for that": 

Problems?  There's a Saint for that.

Joining in a day late for Theme Thursday: Grow
I cut open my bell pepper last night to make chicken fajitas and found a baby pepper growing inside!  So cute :)

Have a wonderful (hopefully) warm and sunny weekend everybody!


  1. Can't wait to see you. I'm making sure my camera is charged up so as not to miss a single cow eye exchanged between the two.

  2. LOL Pregnant pepper! Must be sign. lol =)~ Have fun on your vacation!

  3. Ummmm...did I read that correctly? Pennsylvania? Soooo... your visit with me must be a surprise drop in, right? ; ) Enjoy your family time, friend!

  4. Oh! I love the little pepper fetus! So cute!

    Have an awesome vacay!!

  5. #2... Lucky. Can I live vicariously through you and meet them too???

    #6 Too funny. That's a great idea, though. YOu should be in advertising

    I'm so happy you're having a vacation. Hope it's awesome. Wish I were hitching a ride retro style like I used to and visiting friends in MD who I haven't seen in way too long... but alas, I have some reasons that make it more difficult now ;) Have a great time. YOu'll be missed!

  6. Have a great vacation! The weather is cooling off again here,so you will enjoy our spring!

  7. Happy vacation! Spring is back here from a week of summer.

    Love iced coffee!

  8. The baby peppers always get a "oh so cute" from me too!
    Enjoy your vacation....there's an app for that. I think. :)

  9. UUh, I just looked up where Aimee is from and I'm from there too!!! I want in on this "turning bloggy friends into real life friends" gig!! No pressure.

  10. Yay for vacay!! It sounds divine and I'll be oh-so-ready to see the photos!

    Per my trainer's suggestion, I got the Pink song on my iPod. Love, love it too.

    Thanks for the heads up on the McDon's coffee. One of my favorite places for on the go coffee/mochas. Seriously, I'm cheap and easy to please. Did that sound wrong somehow??

    Happy Vacation!! ENJOY!! I hope the weather is better where you are 'cause here it s.t.i.n.k.s. and I think spring will not ever come. EVER.

  11. Dont ya wanna come to MN and play in our snow??? you could meet lots of bloggy friends!

    ANYHOO...have a great vaca. Take lots of pics!

    Not to be weird..but when that red pepper first came into my view I thought it was a womans body part? do you see it?NO?!!?? squint.

  12. Jealous of your impending vacation! Enjoy every nanosecond!

    As for much to love! Having recently given up Starbucks, $1 coffee drinks sound heaven sent to me! And the whole, "there's a saint for that!" Yeah, my creative, marketing mind is already on it. I won't steal the idea, though it is beyond fabulous!!

  13. Happy Vacation, and if your PA portion is anywhere near Philly ~ I'm happy to join the bloggy friend becoming real life friend club

  14. Come visit us in VA! I've got a couple little babies you can hold if you need to get a fix ;)

  15. Yes I definitely second Rosie's request :) And thanks for the heads up on the McDonalds coffee, nap time only happens in the minivan right now so I'm all over anything I can get at a drive thru!!

  16. Yay!! Vacation!! Our vacation money was sucked up with our basement flooding--cleaning it all out this weekened, getting ready for a "tile system" being put in!

    Can't wait to see pictures!! We Minnesotans can live our spring through you.

  17. oh yeah, baby! Just sent you an email about the meet up! Now starting to feel very nervous that you will see just how awkward and non-cool I am in real life . . .


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