Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The First Few Days...

We are glad to be down in Maryland while the bombings occurred in Boston, and pray that the whole mess gets figured out soon.  Lord have mercy.

We left at 4 am on Saturday and stopped halfway to get breakfast:

Then arrived at lunch time to find plenty of cousins waiting for us!

It's a homestead, not a fort.  Excuuuuuse me!

First cookout of the year.

Nana's Surprise 60th Birthday Party was Saturday night, and some of the cousins posed together right before we were leaving:

John-Paul found a deer skull on a trip down to the creek behind Nana and Gramp's house.  It was all very exciting, if you're into that sort of thing :)

On Sunday night, we had a bonfire and made s'mores, thanks to Uncle Bob and Aunt Larisa:

Maggie and Maeve enjoying s'more girl time.

Our godson Dominic and Phil's best friend from infancy, Andrew.

Yes please.

My niece Rory is even sweeter than the treat she's eating.

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Tommy enjoying dessert.

Our friend, Katie with baby Gina, who only has eyes for that s'more!
I love this next picture series.  It's true the way to a man's boy's heart is through his stomach:


Finn is a chocolate mess.

The Kuzma Family - baby coming soon!!

Feeding the fire

Another godson, Liam, isn't letting lack of teeth get in the way of eating.

On Monday, Katie and her adorable boys came over to play.  It is so nice to actually meet the people you've known for years via blogland.  I'm sure Katie and I probably passed each other on campus at Franciscan, since we were there at the same time and now years and *ahem* years later, we finally connect.  It could only have been more perfect if her husband didn't have to work.  Stupid jobs.  Ah well, I really enjoyed our time together :)
Katie is so pretty and petite!! 

 Her boys found antlers to go with our previously found skull.  I think this photo will be a good submission for Theme Thursday, which is "Boys".  Ummm, yeah, playing outside with animal bones is pretty much the definition of boys, amiright?
Tuesday brought lots of outside play time and a trip to the playground and picnic lunch with cousin Tommy:

I guess we like to take pictures without faces.

Finally,  a visit to the frozen yogurt shop (we really need one of these near our house).
Actually maybe it's better that we don't.  Too tempting.

If you give me more frozen yogurt, I'll absolve you of all your sins.
More to come...

...I'm sure you all can barely contain yourselves ;)


  1. It looks like you are having a great time. My first thoughts are: Wow, that is a LOT of kids! When are you and Phil taking a vacation sans short people? I'm going to guess in the year 2030?? LOL!!!
    Have fun. I'm wondering what Maggie had to say about all the bones. (double ewwwww)

  2. Oh my...that last picture...and his expression...and his shirt....PRICELESS!

  3. Yummo!! Nothing like s'mores!! Looks like fun, laughs and good life long memories..love it!

  4. Was wondering how you all were doing...forgot you were on vacation! Great pics! Now I'm craving a cookout and summer! And how fun you got to meet Katie!

  5. WHERE did you get that shirt?! Pure awesomeness!

    Looks like you're having a blast!

  6. Great pics! Love that you have an fus shirt on :).

    There is nothing better than having tons of cousins and friends to play with!

  7. SO happy you were not in Boston!!!!! YOU were my first thought when it all happened!!

    So fun to see you all having a great time!! Love the priest tee and that Xander's expression while eating the smore--so cuuuuute!

  8. Worst BBF, ever!! Just tapping into this post today, finally.
    How much fun are you having?! Well, oodles. S'mores, cousins, family, fun....you've got it all, girl. So glad you were not home/near Boston (thought of you right away and then gratefully dismissed knowing that you were off visiting the Phil's family).
    I thoroughly enjoyed the photos and wondering what it's like being in shorts and short sleeves this week...lucky woman! BTW, great legs ;) Sorry, had to throw it out there.

    Keep enjoying the fun and please share more when you get back. I'm waiting....

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  10. ohmygosh. Xander is too cute!!!

  11. Loooove the pictures of Xander with chocolate all over him! He is so stinking cute! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!:)


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