Monday, April 15, 2013

An Early Anniversary Gift

I first heard about Daniel's Jewelers when I was looking for Mother's Rings.  I love the idea of having a beautiful ring with all of my children's birthstones on it, and Daniel's Jewelers has some gorgeous ones like this:

You can choose the number of stones and metal and design a custom made ring.

Then while searching their website, I saw these "Never Forget Necklaces", which would be a beautiful gift for someone who has suffered a miscarriage or lost someone else close to them:

They also have a wonderful selection of religious jewelry for anyone looking for a First Communion or Confirmation gift.  I think I will be getting this pretty rosary bracelet for my niece:

Phil wanted to get me a Mother's Ring for an anniversary/Mother's Day gift and while we had lots of fun designing the rings on their site, we ultimately decided that we shouldn't get a Mother's Ring until we are done having children.  How sad would any future kids be that weren't on the ring?  So we will save that idea for a later date.  And by later I mean when I am 50, because I come from a long line of moms who had babies into their forties, so I'm not quitting anytime soon!

But, being the awesome hubby that he is, Phil designed an anniversary ring for me instead!  It was actually in the Mother's Rings section and he chose a beautiful band with blue sapphires and diamonds.  Diamonds, because I love them, and sapphires because we got married in Mary's month of May.  
Like this one, but with sapphires instead of rubies.
When it came, he sort of reenacted the proposal and it was so sweet.  He couldn't even wait until our actual anniversary to give it to me!  Which was fine by me, because the more days I can wear it, the happier I am :)

Don't mind my curvy pinky and sausage fingers.  My hand modeling days are over.

And Daniel's Jewelers was nice enough to provide a discount for all of you!  
Just shop through this link and enter code COLLEEN at checkout to receive an extra 20% off your order!  Happy Shopping!!


  1. That's so sweet-- and such a pretty ring! Well done, Phil :)

  2. Good idea to wait a bit! My husband got me a mother's ring when we had four...and then five years later, he had to get me one with five stones it it!

    The first one had simulated gemstones and the second one has genuine it was a win-win for me!

    (Why do I get the feeling you're going to be making an announcement one of these days soon?)

  3. Oh my gosh, that's beautiful!! He's a really good egg. :)

  4. Beautiful..and so in love I can hardly take it! squeal!
    I have a weird pinky also..and enormous long fingers. AND my nails never grow???

    enjoy your purties!

  5. It's beautiful Colleen--what a sweet husband!

  6. pretty! i love that he couldn't wait to give it to you.

  7. By the way... my grandmother wore a mother's ring with all 10 of her children's birthstones on it and I must have looked at it a million times as a child. Love Mother's rings... ahh...some day.

  8. Happy Anniversary!! that is beautiful ring Yay.. looks good on your finger..

  9. That is really pretty!


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