Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5 Favorites with not Hallie

Linking up with Grace because Hallie is busy.  The nerve, being busy with a newborn and five other kids ;)

My new favorite snack.  It's actually a throwback to my childhood but with an updated peanut butter:

2 ricecakes with 1 TBS of pb on each = 4 WW Points

You can have it made with however many eggs are in your nest children are in your family.  Although there may be a limit for you overachieving fertile couples ;)  So pretty!

I am wearing this wrap dress today:

and it's actually flattering!  I wear a tanktop underneath and I should be wearing spanx too, but I kinda like being able to breathe.  Call me crazy.  Old Navy has been making some cute dresses lately.

My kids' teachers.  It's Teacher Appreciation Week and I am just so thankful for the people who teach for peanuts at Catholic schools.  Love you all!

Guest Posts.

I am over at Cynthia's awesome blog writing about discipline for littles (don't laugh...ok, go ahead).  Thanks for having me Cynthia!


  1. Heading over right now! : )

  2. That necklace is beautiful, as is the dress!
    Headed over to read the post now.

  3. I love summer dresses! Although nursing is allowing only 2 piece numbers right now... Clare told me her teacher ran out of vases for all of the flowers she has received this week! So thankful for her teachers (and principal who is an FUS alum - we are very blessed!!)

  4. Ha! We're peanut butter and rice cake twins!

  5. Trying those cakes and Peanut butter!

    I need a new dress :).

    Heading over, can't wait to read.

  6. loved your article...commented over there too. That nest is pretty, but I don't think they could fit 7 eggies in there...

    Love plain rice cakes--Pb is a bonus!

    Cute dress, I bet you look beautiful in red! "Lady in Red..."

    Chipotle gave buy get one free food yesterday for teachers...hubby and I went but the line was out the door at both locations. Lots of teachers in our town--(homeschool teachers count too)

  7. I love that pretty!!

    I like my rice cakes with nutella. :) (sorry, was that mean for someone on WW..I should be on WW).

    Off to read about disciplining littles...I need some help in that.

    1. Oooh Nutella never thought about that combo

  8. That dress is beautiful! And so is that necklace!

  9. I love that dress. I need to take a second look at Old Navy's stock.

  10. I love pb on rice cakes...Do you ever add honey? It puts it over the top and I usually have some chocolate milk w/mine. I am a grown woman who eats like a kid! :)

  11. Love the wrap dress! And I agree with Colleen above . . .drizzle it with a little honey . .. goodness!

  12. 1) twins! It's not my favorite anymore, but I absolutely grew up on rice cakes and peanut butter. Have you ever heard that Cosby line about rice cakes? "The air in my mouth tastes better than that!" Haha!
    2) Love.
    3) Want to love but I fear I'll look lumpy.
    4) Yay for teachers!
    5)Heading over. ;)


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