Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Joining Jen because it's Friday.  Holla!  (Do people still say Holla?  I'm not giving it up.)

Mike Jeffries, shallowest CEO alive.
My husband pointed me towards the article about this idiot.  I've never shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch before and this just validates my decision.  What an idiot.  Did I mention he is an idiot?

Speaking of idiots, the other night I made a lentil veggie soup and diced up a jalapeno pepper to put in it.  After about two hours, I was getting ready for bed and went to take out my contacts.  I reached into my eye with my jalapeno-fingers-even-though-I-must-have-washed-my-hands-three-times-since and my eyeball was on FIRE!  I started yelling to Phil that I needed to pull my eyeball out and to hurry up and google something because the burning wouldn't stop!  

I was pouring saline solution in my eyeball which was a temporary pain relief until I blinked and then the fire started again.  It was so so so bad!  Phil googled that I was supposed to get a shot glass of whole milk and put my eyeball in it.  I was like "No way am I putting milk in my eye!" but the burning was so intense that I was like "Get the milk already!!!"  He put it in a medicine dropper and after the first drop it was almost instant relief.  A couple more drops and the burning was gone. Thank God!
Got milk?

The whole scenario left me wondering...what did people do before they had the internet?  If we didn't have access to google at 10 pm at night, would I have driven to the hospital?  Would I have woken up friends and family members with phone calls asking what to do?  Maybe I just would have known what to do because I would be forced to actually store more info in my brain?

Then the next morning, I was putting in my NEW contacts (I threw the peppery ones away) and I could still feel a little burn.  How long does jalapeno juice stick on your skin?  And why would anybody cook with them?  

So I got one contact in, and then kind of tried to throw the other one in my eye without touching it (not easy) and then left for work.  It was a rainy morning, so my windshield was a little foggy, but when I got to work, everything still looked a little foggy.  Hmmmm,  I went to the bathroom to look at my eyes and see if they were melting from the jalapeno juice, but what I saw was that I only had one contact in.  Apparently trying to throw in a contact without using your thumb and pointer finger isn't a very accurate way to place a contact on your eyeball.  I had to go home to put on glasses and I found that missing contact sticking to one of the drawers at my bathroom counter.  Death of another contact.

Okay, enough eye drama.  Moving on.  
I'm a big fan of moms having a gym membership.  Especially one with a daycare to watch the kids.  Every Thursday night, I take the kids to my kickboxing class while Phil is babysitting my niece and nephew.  But last night was raining and thundering and lightening so I decided just to stay home and do an exercise video while the kids were watching their nightly TV show.  Guess who would rather exercise with me than watch Eloise?
Left sock off per usual.

An 8 lb weight is nothing compared to what those feet have to carry around all day :)

Gotta work out the six pack for summer.
Needless to say I did a whole lot more playing with Xander than working out with Jillian.  That gym membership?  Priceless!

Today I am going to the Mother's Day Tea with my favorite girl in the whole wide world!  I can't wait!

7) Happy Mother's Day to all you moms and want-to-be moms out there.  I hope you get a whole weekend full of pampering :)


  1. Colleen, that picture of your milky eyeball is awful! I can't believe you thought to take a picture! That's a dedicated blogger right there. On a side note, I HATE when contacts die before their time! Just flushing cash right down the drain!

  2. Colleen, I SO feel your pain. Over Thanksgiving, I diced up some jalapenos and my hands starting burning like crazy. It took several hand washings with dish soap, milk and coating my hands in sour cream (all after a frantic google search at 10pm!) for over two hours before the burning stopped. I cannot even imagine the pain in your eye. Ouch, ouch,ouch.

  3. I've had a similar incident with jalapeno's and just issues with contacts in general. It's hard to be us. Good to know about the milk though.
    Wishing you a beautiful Mother's day weekend! Enjoy

  4. My eyes started tearing up in sympathy. Also, does Maggie's coat come in my size? ;) have fun at you tea!

  5. Just checking in on you! I love your new (to me) header photo. So cute! I often wonder what we did before the internet... lol. So sorry about your eye! I have done that before too!!

  6. Thanks for making my eyes water!!! Glad your eyeballs are OK!

  7. Your daughter is such a little beauty! And I have totally done the one-contact thing before. I have to admit I'm impressed you made it to work without noticing!

  8. Sorry about the lost contacts,hope your eyes are fine now.
    Enjoy your tea and have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  9. I will be cringing the rest of the day from the eyeball shot. Maybe it will speed up my metabolism? Thanks. Actual that and the photo of Mike Jeffries. This post is winning. At least you tried to salvage with your kids' cute faces.

  10. We grow jalapenos in our garden so I dice them up a lot in the summer. I too have had the eye pain when removing my contacts. I always swear I'm going to get disposable gloves and I never do. Thanks for the milk tip!

  11. Colleen, in case you meant the spanish version of "hello", it's spelled "hola". With two LL's the pronunciation would be "oya", and doesn't mean anything (thank goodness - it's my nightmare to say something incorrectly that means something nasty here in Mexico).

  12. The eye thing sounds AWFUL. Glad you are better. Thank goodness for milk! Who knew?

  13. Um YES that man is an idiot. I just posted about that on facebook... I'm going to be uncharitable for a moment and tell him to look in the mirror and decide for himself whether or not he qualifies to shop at his own store. Because umm no.

    And moments like your jalapeno incident make me ohsoverythankful for modern technology.

  14. Okay, that CEO looks like he's had a LOT of plastic surgery. Creepy. Also, what a jerk!

    And I got jalapeno in my nose last summer and also turned to the internet to save me - dipping my nose in a bowl of milk was a WEIRD feeling, but I figured I'd use milk as opposed to vodka because I didn't want to waste the vodka :P

  15. Ok, the left sock thing is my favorite. He's weird. But cool weird. Not creepy weird.
    Also, I once cut jalapeños without gloves, and not only did my GAS PERMEABLE CONTACTS (read: not disposable, just stuck with it) burn, but the skin under my nails did too, for about a week. Awful.

  16. Ooooo ouch! Jalapeno juice stings my skin for days - I can't even imagine getting it in my eyes! Good to know milk is helpful in case that ever happens!

    I hope you have a wonderful time at the Mother's Day Tea! Happy Mother's Day to an awesome mom! :)

  17. Well, your post solidifies my desire to never have jalepenos in the house! holy cow, glad you are okay.

  18. Jalepeno juice...OWW!!! Next time, wear gloves!!

    Yep..that CEO is CREEPY!

    And, I wonder every day how we lived before the internet..I seriously have no idea how our parents survived without google.

  19. I think the best part of all of this is that you remembered to TAKE A PICTURE FOR THE BLOG whilst your eyeball was sizzling fire! I can just picture you making Phil go get the camera with tears and milk streaming down your face!

  20. Ouch! Just Ouch! Sorry about the eye...that sucks. Glad it is all cleared up so you can cry tears of joy when your littles shower you with love on Sunday! : )

  21. I chopped up salsa pepper (thought they were mild peppers and they were not) and I SWEAR that the burn remained for weeks. I now use gloves. I swear weeks. Contact changes were awful. Hate AF CEO.

  22. OK, I'm sorry, I laughed at your peril. And I know you put milk in jalepeno eyes, don't ask me how I know this, but I know. I also have a pair of rubber gloves just for cutting jalepenos. I'm smart that way.

    I always wonder how on the cooking shows, they just touch and cut them, they HAVE to know right?

    That idiot guy owner of the skinny cool teen clothes line, I remember when he started using black people in his ads like 5 years ago. It was a big deal back then. Or maybe he still doesn't? Anyway, I heard about the no normal people wearing his clothes back then. I don't even know what clothes those are anyway. So there big idiot guy.

    I will be thin again, and I will not buy your clothes, because they won't be cool enough for me.

    I can only exercise when the kids are sleeping. BUT Xander is adorable.

    Happy Mother's day, God bless you!

  23. Holy crap, the eye thing! Poor girl!!!

  24. AnonymousMay 10, 2013

    LOL I thought you were putting a big slab of bacon on your eye (the towel)! Ouch! I don't know what we did before google. Happy Mother's Day, Colleen! Cindy

  25. I know you didn't ask, because I asked you not to, but it was my husband that got the jalepeno eyes when we were first married, our first summer we decided to make our own homemade salsa. Not pretty. We called the hospital...that's what you'd do if you didn't have internet.

  26. Great (eye)Balls of Fire, Colleen! Oh man that looks painful and yet I am slightly in awe that you still managed to document it for the blog. Glad they are feeling better!

    Happy Mother's Day! :)

  27. Ugh I just read the article and he is a complete idiot. I have never shopped at Abercrombie and I hope they go out of business soon. Jalapeño juice in your eye? Ouch glad you went for the milk in the eyelid.

  28. Ugh, that sounds horrific. I did that once and it was awful! I think mom's eyes are always in danger from something. My son randomly kicked me in the eye the other day and I thought I was going to have to be hauled off on a stretcher. Our ancestors were surely tougher?

  29. OH MY GOSH, I was laughing so hard about your eye commentary. I know it's not funny, and I feel so badly for you {jalapenos are not very forgiving}, but when I got to the part when you were "throwing" a contact in your eye . . . that was too much. I think I snorted.

    I read the article about Mr. A&F, and about threw up. He disgusts me.

  30. P.S. Have fun at your tea! Mags is so adorable!

  31. I just have to say, this post made me crack up. Jalapeños are not your friends. Happy Mother's Day!!!

  32. Colleen I thought you would love this:


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