Monday, May 20, 2013

He Said, She Said

These aren't super funny but it's one of those days where I wonder why I even have a blog.  So instead of posting nothing, I'll give you the following....

Me: Maggie, what happened to your lollipop?
Maggie: (Bursting into tears) I don't know what happened!  I was sucking on it in my mouth and then it got in the cat's tail!  Then the cat ran away and Dad had to chase her and wash her tail to get the lollipop unstucked and now he says I can't eat it anymore.  But I wanna eat it!!

Eamon: Xander, what do you love more, Dora or that muffin?
Xander: Dora!!!
Eamon: Mom, can I eat his muffin? He doesn't want it.

A kind soul gifted us a Shell gas card...
Me: Where is a Shell station around here?
Phil: I think that Bob's Sunoco is a Shell.
Me: I'm pretty sure it's a Sunoco.

I was on the floor stretching (picture me basically face down on the floor) after the rosary and I told the kids it was time to march to bed.  So Xander lays face down, imitating me, on the floor and says march, march, march!  Maybe you had to be there, but it made us all laugh hysterically and then Eamon says:
"He is so funny!  Without him, we would have nothing!"

John-Paul: (looking at the bruise on my arm) Mom, it's a heart!

Maggie: Did Dad give that to you for your anniversary?


  1. Omgosh! That last one from Maggie is killer! Love it!

  2. I laughed at all of these - who WOULDN'T want to keep eating their lollipop after it got stuck to the cat's tail? Builds up their immune system, that's what I always say ;)

  3. I think these are funny! Especially the anniversary gift/bruise! I appreciate all of your posts, but especially the ones that celebrate the fun big family life :)

  4. Oh we all have days where blogging feels pointless... but ummm those are FUNNY! I love your anniversary gift... too cute. Hah!

  5. okay, those were pretty darn funny! I especially like the muffin comment - if you even think about leaving your food around here you can bet someone else will have their eyes (and mouth!) on it.

    Don't worry, I wonder why I have a blog every day! And I resolve to shut it down at least twice a week. :)

  6. I think these were all so funny....especially that last one about the bruise. Well, that one and the Sunoco one..that's something I would say.

  7. Made me smile today, friend! And someday you will be soo glad you "wrote" those sweet things down! : )

  8. Who doesn't like some Martinisms for Monday funnies? I think these are way too cute, especially your very nice anniversary gift from hubby. Ha!

    Your blog totally has content and meaning and if nothing else allows me to creep on a really nice family via the internet. :)

  9. I thought those were all super funny!! Thanks for the laughs!

    I like the way you march! I think I'll laugh every time we march now! (thinking of you on the floor)

  10. I have a visual in my head of a cat with lollipop stuck to her behind..or some where near there.

    Ouchie bruise. How did you get that??

  11. These are all great, can't pick a favorite.

  12. The heart bruise comment is too funny! And I'm glad you blog, although I know the feeling. Sometimes I feel like its a chore instead of enjoying it!

  13. Funny! I like Eamon's logic! :) Spoken like only a sibling.

  14. The last one is funny... In a not-supposed-to-laugh-about-it way.

    The second to last one melted my heart. Without him, we would have nothing! Amen!

  15. I thought these were all funny, too! I love the minds of kids!!


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