Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Day Before Today

Also known as yesterday.

We have a new niece!  
Whew, that was hard work.

Phil's sister Kelly gave birth to Lenora Pearl yesterday, and she weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds even! 
Can someone turn down the lights in this joint?

 We can't wait to meet her!!

Last night we took a family walk after dinner and went to the library.  Our kids were so excited to pick out books and stop to play at the playground on the way home.  Seriously, we need to make this a weekly thing. Why haven't I taken advantage of the library more?  I think I was scared of the possible lost books and fines.

Last night was the first time we turned on the AC's in the kids' rooms.  We don't have central air (it's still a rarity around here with all the old houses) so Phil hates putting the window units in, but...but...we had to wake up Maggie and Alexander this morning!  As opposed to every other morning when they wake the rest of us up before 6 am. I'm thinking it's AC all night, every night.  Or maybe just long walks after dinner.

When I was headed to bed last night, I realized I hadn't seen the cat in a while.  I asked Phil if he knew where she was and he went searching.  He came back to bed saying he couldn't find her.  My (Tiger) Mother's heart knew she wasn't ok.  Then I remembered that when Phil had taken the AC units out of the crawl spaces upstairs, the doors had been left open for a bit.  And there's nothing Evie like more than small spaces to squeeze into.  So he went up to the boys' bedroom, moved sleeping Eamon's bed away from the crawl space door, opened it, and out came Evie with a yawn like she was having the best cat nap of her life. 

Yesterday we watched the season finale of SNL we had recorded and were so sad to learn that Bill Hader, Seth Myers, Fred Armisen and now Jason Sudeikis are all leaving the show.  

I could barely keep watching after Kristen Wiig left, but now?  I don't think I can go on (with SNL, not with life in general).

But then I remembered that Arrested Development is coming back on Sunday!  So...


  1. I agree about SNL! Also the skit content has really tanked...none of them are really even funny anymore.

  2. We quit going to the dang library because of the fines and lost books!!! The kids love it though.

    I think if we lose another book we will be banned from the library. It's their fault, I think they lose the books on their belt thingy for returns!

    (the last book they said we lost, was somehow magically returned the next time we went--so it's them, it's THEM I tell you!)

  3. Congratulations on the new niece!
    Re SNL: it becomes almost a reverse rite of passage when you realize that your favorites have left and you drift away yourself.

  4. Awe! Congrats on being an aunt again!

  5. Look at that cubby babkins! Want to nom...

  6. Love newborn pics...makes me feel a bit envious...and old.

  7. Awww! Love the baby!

    I love the library, but am very particular that all library books stay in the book basket in the living room. I fear losing the books too!

  8. I always explain to the librarians that my family is just doing their very small part (or maybe big depending on the size of the fines) to support the public library system. Good grief..daily fines are up to $.35 a book. Those really add up!!!

    Adorable baby!!!!

  9. Congrats on the new baby in the family! nine pounds...UFF-Da! Glad she is healthy and she is adorable.

  10. very cute baby niece! I love the little chuggers - they remind me of mine at birth. I call them Fatty Boombalatti - in a loving way of course. :)

  11. My library strategy is to have all my kids get their own library cards and we just rotate whose card we put the books on. I started doing that because I swear, my card was blacklisted as a "bad library patron" and the library started charging us for "damage" we didn't even do.

    I also put the due dates of library books on my google calendar and have it email me reminders, that way, I can just go online and renew if we aren't going to be going to the library.

    Congrats on your niece! What a beautiful baby!

  12. Awww! Beautiful! (the babe)

    I was JUST thinking of you when we went to the library and playground the other day (we go a lot) and even tried to call to see whatchu were up to. How funny! I get email reminders when the books are coming due. I love that you can get free passes to the zoo, ocean explorium, whaling museum, children's museums and other "kid" places.

    That kitty... she's fitting in JUST fine. Good thing your mother's instincts were up and working, though... and that Eamon is a good sleeper.

    I'm totally out of the social loop. I don't know who any of those tv people are. I don't even know what arrested development is about. Clueless. That's me.

  13. I have paid more in fines than I ever used to buy books. there is always one book that gets lost somehow.

    cute niece


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