Friday, June 14, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Maggie graduated Preschool!
Three years of preschool and they finally had enough of her to move her up to Kindergarten.
Maggie with her lead teacher.

Some of the girls she is going to miss terribly this summer.
Mom, take a picture of my cute shoes.

Receiving her diploma from Sr. Muriel (her Kindergarten teacher next year!)

Daddy's little girl.
When the celebration was over, she looked at me and said "What, no presents?"  Good thing she's cute...

A video mashup for the family who couldn't be there (Maggie is in the back row next to the red-headed boy):

Eamon graduated Kindergarten!
My little meatball is growing up!


Moving on up to first grade, where hopefully his size 7 pants won't have to be rolled twice!

After his celebration was over, he said "I love you Mom!" which just proves boys are easier than girls.  I double dog dare you to disagree.

And video proof for him as well.  They sang so many cute songs, it was hard to cut it this short:

Speaking of songs, my new favorite running song is by the son of a man I used to have a huge crush on when I was a little kid watching Growing Pains.  First one to guess it wins my admiration.  But why don't you just link to the song, Colleen?  Because, annoying inner voice, I can't find a clean version, and I ain't leading nobody down my well-traveled path.

 I'm writing this on Thursday night and I'm so so so tired, and my husband is telling me to come relax with him.  He's pretty cute and usually gives me good advice, so methinks I shall listen.

Enter the beautiful hair clips giveaway, whydontcha?

Happy early Father's Day to all the awesome fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, and religious fathers out there.  We love you!


  1. The graduation ceremony/program looks like it was awesome!

  2. Colleen, your kids are soooooo cute!!

  3. Is it by Robin Thicke?! Is it "Blurred Lines?" That's the only Robin Thicke song I know because I was just on iTunes last night helping Francie with a playlist.

    Your kids are adorable, as usual. I agree that most boys are easier than girls (they aren't known for holding grudges and that's refreshing), but my easiest child overall is actually one of the girls (guess which one). I love them all, but there is something so easy about a laid back, happy go lucky kid. :)

    Tell Phil we said Happy Father's Day! :)

  4. Happy, happy days in your house, Colleen! : )

  5. Congrats to the family moving on up :)

  6. Great graduation pictures ~ so cute!
    Robin Thicke, no idea which song.

  7. Why oh why does the robin thicke song have to be so darn catchy? He and pharrrell totally could have used that same ridiculously awesome beat with a much sillier topic....but dang, you had a crush on Alan Thick?

  8. Oh my goodness... those pictures of Maggie... she looks so grown up! And I'm sure you know you're in big trouble when she becomes a teenager.... she is gorgeous!

  9. Aww, your kiddos are all growing up, Colleen. Miss Maggie in Kindergarten, oh boy, these days are just flying by!

    Ah, the well-traveled path of songs sung by males that makes us ladies run just a little faster while exercising, eh? (psst...text me that song title *wink*)"Show me that smile again...." I used to love that show....

    Happy Father's Day weekend!

    btw, I would whole-heartedly agree that girls are a bit 'more' than boys. My 3 to 1 ratio tells me so.

  10. Robin Thicke!!!! Son of Alan Thicke!

  11. I just had to get that comment in because I still can't believe that is his son! Even though they look and sound alike. Anyway congratulations on the graduations and yes boys are so less drama than girls. I have two of them and the boy while still able to throw some mighty tantrums, does not drive me crazy twenty times a minute.

  12. Oh please tell me boys are easier than girls!!!!!

  13. Congrats to Maggie and Eamon...and I will take your dare! Sarah is much easier than Mike or Andrew!

  14. So much cuteness in your post!!!

  15. Goodness gracious, they are so cute! Congrats to them both on graduating! :)

  16. How sweet! My Isaiah always tells me he loves me too. Nothing better than that!

  17. My first thought was Kirk Cameron because, oh my! The crush I used to have on him growing up was huge but I just knew he wouldn't have a kid that sang anything with questionable lyrics.

    And then I reread it and saw "man" and then saw Alan Thicke in another comment. Um, your devotion and love would have been better spent on Kirk Cameron. I'm just saying.

  18. Cute, cute, cute! Dontcha' you just love preschool and kindergarten graduations???!!! I have no idea who or what you are talking about...but I love a good running song! I'm back on my healthy eating/running kick! In fact, Mary Catherine's dance recital is tonight...I was going to buy a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake from Walmart...but then I looked at the food label...31 grams of sugar in one slice of cheesecake. That's more sugar grams in one slice than I eat in an entire day. blah!

  19. Oh my...he's quite handsome. Great beat! ;)

  20. My girls are digging that song as well. I loved (still love?) Alan Thicke!
    Congrats on the kids moving happens so fast. LOVE those cute sneakers Maggie!

  21. Love those tees!! What a cute idea for a school to do!

    I have no idea what the song is but i"m off to Youtube to look for Alan Thick's son's songs....


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