Sunday, June 16, 2013

WIWS, Sunday Best, and a Race Recap

Happy Father's Day!!

We went to Mass twice yesterday, which never makes for a happy baby.  In the morning, we went to a funeral Mass for a coworker's mom, and then back again to the Saturday vigil Mass because we had some big plans for Sunday morning.  I wore this outfit, again.  The kids were actually very well-behaved except for Alexander who has discovered a new trick of trying to slide out of our arms on the way up to Communion.

On Sunday morning, Phil awoke to a table full of homemade cards and some new wicking Polo's (his fave) and we ate a simple breakfast as four of us were about to run in our town's annual Father's Day race.  We usually stand outside our house, which is right on the race route, and hand out water to the runners.  But this year we decided to actually be the runners!

Phil took Andrew and John-Paul to race in the 5k, and I headed out for the 10k by myself.  As much as I run, I don't race too often (one 10k and two half-marathons and that's all I've done) so my nerves and belly were not cooperating all morning.  Since I knew running 6.2 miles wasn't going to be an issue, I was focused on my time, and wanted to get below 54 minutes, but secretly hoped for closer to 52 minutes (8:30 pace).  

It was a sunny and pretty hot day, and I was thirsty before the race even started.  Not to mention unprepared for a monthly visitor who came literally ten minutes before the race was to start.  Thank God for the sweet lady He sent to be next to me in the bathroom line who ran all the way back to her car to get some supplies to help me out.  So it looked like it was going to be a long and hard race, and I seriously contemplated just running the 5k with Phil and the boys.  But I got separated from them in the beginning and just ran the 10k route.  

Once I got past all the parents pushing strollers (I know it's Father's Day but maybe they could line up at the back next time?  It's really hard to navigate through that maze.) I finally settled in at a good pace at mile 2 and with the exception of a couple hills slowing me down, held it for the remainder of the run.    I took water at every single water station, and ran through every hose.  It was awesome.  I kept thanking God for two legs to run on, family that supported my exercise habits, a wonderful babysitter who was watching the littles for us, a gorgeous day, etc. etc.  

At mile 3, I saw my sister and her kids and my kids in front of our house handing out water like champs.  I made sure to take a cup from both Eamon and Maggie so there would be no hurt feelings, and my sister captured these funny pics.

I finished the race with a sprint, and then completely forgot to turn off my garmin!  I walked around for a minute before turning it off, so I think my time was right around 52 minutes, which is a PR for me.  When I went to check the official race results, I'm not even on the list!  I think I will be emailing the racing company about that oversight and hopefully they can "find" my time?  At least I have photo proof that I finished!

I met up with John-Paul and Andrew and Phil, who ran their 5k in 32:36!!  Pretty great times for an 8 and 10 year old with hardly any training.  They did awesome, and were so proud of themselves.  We walked home and showered and then went out for a yummy brunch buffet.  

We run to eat.

Now it's rest time at Casa Martin, and so I'm going to take a quick nap while the baby daddy relaxes with the sports channel.  What a great day :)


  1. What a great family photo!! Happy father's day to your wonderful husband!

    I am so proud of you, great job on the race! Fun pictures!

    I am trying to catch up a little on my faves...since I gave up reading blogs for a while...I can't give up my faves. I think you should go for the 26K....I think that was what you were asking? Go for it! My sister in law just completed her first one and she trained and trained and got a tattoo to celebrate afterward. I just think if it's something you want to do--go for it.

  2. Colleen, you are my exercise hero! I wish I loved it, I really do. Congrats on doing so well in the race, I hope you get your time fixed!!

  3. Congratulations to all the runners!
    Happy Father's Day to Phil!

  4. What a wonderful day, Colleen...ooooh to be young again...wait, who am I kidding? I never did that when I WAS young. But I would be the most awesome water passer outer ever! And cheerleader for you all too!

  5. Boy do I feel lazy...

    Congrats on the PR! That is awesome. And I love the photos of you grabbing the mom to get water from both!

  6. Umm your family is awesome!! I love that John-Paul and Andrew ran the race too! Congratulations on your PR!

    Love the pictures of you grabbing water from the kids at the race, and I also just love that family picture!! :)

  7. Seriously gorgeous family.

  8. Awesome! Love the family pict

  9. I love those pictures of you getting water! What an awesome way to spend Father' Day!

    You have a such a beautiful family..and I'm impressed that your 8 and 10 year olds run a 5K.

  10. I can't believe the boys ran a 5k! I've never even run a MILE! And you with your 10k? Way to go!

    I love the boys with their plaid shorts and polos :) What handsome boys you have!

  11. That's a Christmas card picture, right there! Happy Father's Day - sounds like you all had a great one! :)

  12. Congrats on the PR!! And my husband LOVES his wicked wear, too!

  13. You are amazing! And I love that last picture of all of you {and the ones of you getting water, so sweet!} Sounds like a wonderful Father's Day!!

  14. I love those pictures of you getting water! And I think it's so cool that the race goes right by your house. So neat!

  15. What a great day and great run!! Way to go Martin's!! I will say your early monthly visitor part did give me a huge chuckle. I know, I'm mean and laugh at others' sad misfortunes. Mean person.

    Btw, pretty sure that your boys would wipe the floor with me any day. I am so weak and pathetic. Lol.

  16. Congrats on making your goal time!!! Especially with your visitor's horrible timing! You are awesome!
    That bottom pic is a framer for sure!


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