Friday, June 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes

It's Friday and it's summer, so that means I have the day off!  Yay! We've got some big plans for the day - oh wait, it's raining.  Looks like a movie and eating type of day.

John-Paul and Andrew have been at Altar Server Boot Camp the last three days.  They go to morning Mass, listen to a talk (one given by their Dad on the vocation of marriage!), eat treats, learn altar serving stuff, eat more treats, play sports, and eat some more treats.  Obviously they love it, and Eamon can't wait until he can become an altar server "so I can eat chips and candy and soda".  Hey, whatever brings them closer to God ;)  Today they are actually headed to Sky Zone in Providence, RI...lucky boys!

Oh my gosh, this week has been so so hot.  Isn't it hard to exercise when it's hot out?  I ran in the morning on Wednesday to try and beat the heat, but it was still 76 degrees at 6 am.  Hardest run ever.  Even going to the air-conditioned gym feels too difficult to do because you still have to walk from the car to the gym in the stifling heat and humidity.  It's really the humidity that gets ya, I need to move to New Mexico or Arizona or wherever it's not humid.

Maggie's new romper, and because you all crushed my dream of wearing one as a grown woman, I didn't get a matching Hello Kitty one.  You're welcome.

I can't believe how stupid this whole Aaron Hernandez thing is.  Or rather how stupid he is to rent a car that was used in a murder.  He's sitting in jail very close to our home, and I hope he's got a good alibi, but I'm thinking not.

Speaking of disappointment, the Supreme Court ruling is just that.

Off to see Jen for more, and Happy Friday!


  1. You see...this hot weather is exactly why I don't run in the summer either! ; ) And that would be me, kidding again, cause of course, I don't run at all. Ever.

    Have a wonderful weekend, friend! Rain here too...

  2. altar boy camp? Can I join your parish please?

  3. #1: Movies and eating--the best type of day!

    #4: Made me laugh! (And your girl is a cutie.)

    #6: Completely agree.

  4. Here's your romper:

  5. Your #3 is the number one reason I was glad to leave FL...where it's typically 76 degrees at 6 AM for about 8 months out of the year.

    Alter server camp sounds fun!

  6. It's been hot and humid here all week. my morning runs have been in upper 70's and I'm going at 4:30 a.m.! The evenings are stifling for crossfit, too. Hoping I can get out 7 miles or so tomorrow before I die!! LOL

  7. Honestly, Maggie is cute enough for the two of you.

  8. I can not run in humidity.. I can barely walk... But that is when I try ti at least swim some laps at a pool..

  9. Popping by real quick before Google Reader goes away forever! Hope you are well and will try and add you to my list on Bloglovin b/c I don't want to lose touch. Feel free to stop by my blog and leave me your Bloglovin, feedly or just your blog link here!


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