Monday, July 1, 2013

He Said, She Said

Phil: Was Ben at camp today?
Andrew: Wait, does Ben have brown skin or peach skin?
(It makes me laugh that they still don't say Black or White)

In the car...
Maggie: Can you turn the radio up, grav-a-whore?
Me: What did you call me???
Maggie: I said please in Spanish.

John-Paul, trying to teach Xander Portuguese...
J-P: Xander, say "I love you" in Portuguese.
Xander: I love you in Portuguese.

As we leave the grocery store...
Maggie: Say Bye!, Xander
Xander: Bye Xander!

Getting in the car...
Eamon (exasperated): Why does everyone know my favorite song?
Me: What's your favorite song?
Eamon: This one! (Some Nights by Fun).

Mom, Abby is juuuuust my friend, not my girlfriend.

Serving pigs in blankets for dinner one night, because we're fancy like that...
Andrew: Can I have another pig in a sleeping bag?


  1. These were all too funny..pigs in a sleeping bag ha..i will forever think of it that way know!

  2. Your kids are just too darn cute! : )

  3. Well I'm just impressed that John Paul knows Portuguese!

  4. Hahaha gravawhore!!!

  5. Grav-a-whore = hilarious! That is the funniest thing!

  6. Never a dull moment.. love it.

  7. Totally putting 'pigs in a sleeping bag' on the menu for this week. And Gravawhore-that's some Spanish to make Dora proud.

  8. I got my laugh on...thanks. Oh, and yes I'm reading this like two days late. I'm so behind on the latest.


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