Wednesday, June 12, 2013

He Said, She Said

On a family walk...
Phil: Maggie, get back from the street!  You make the cars nervous when you get that close.
Maggie: No I don't.
Phil: Yes, you do.  The cars don't know if you're going to jump in front of them.
Maggie: No, I don't make the cars nervous, I make the people in the cars nervous.

In Storyland...
John-Paul: Look, a chipmunk! (he runs after it)
Andrew: Mom, chipmunks are famous in New Hampshire, right?
Me: I think you mean popular...

Me: Xander, what does a motorcycle say?
Xander: Too loud!

Maggie: Mommy, you have a baby in your belly?!?!?!?!?! (with squeals of joy)
Me: Nope, just baby leftovers.

Xander: Wook, wook, wook!
Here's wooking at you, kid.


  1.'s all. : )

  2. Don't you just love "left over" baby comments?!

  3. Maggie sounds like she could be a lawyer with that first one. LOL

  4. Baby leftovers. Love it. I call it my "food baby", which makes The Jude extremely anxious.

  5. Great list!!
    'Baby leftovers" Most excellent!

  6. #1 sounds familiar (nearly every time we go on a walk in some variation)...
    ...and I'll have to use that "baby leftovers" line.

  7. Aww~ your days are really fun around the kids.. love it...

  8. #1 Miss Matter of Fact Maggie, you always are a stickler, aren't you? But then, that is why you crack me up :-)

    #4 I am so gonna remember the Baby 'leftovers'. Hilarious. I just always say, " 5 babies were in there at one point or another and this is what I was left with". I do like Cari's 'food baby', especially recently when my pooch is quite poochy in the PM.

    One of my latest favs from Gianna's 'she saids'...when Jonah tries to keep her from getting into something and he's being helpful: "I just fine Jonah. Leave me alone." Usually accompanied by a toddler scowl.

  9. I am totally stealing "baby leftovers"!!


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