Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday's Bits of Tids

For those of you more worldly than I (not in the materialistic sense, just in the you-know-what's-going-on-in-the-world sense), you probably have seen this picture already, but I love it:

Today I am going to the dentist with John-Paul and Andrew.  Two out of three of us will probably have a cavity.  Being realistic, not pessimistic.

Phil and I started watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix, and although I refused to watch it when it was airing on tv (why?  I'll never know.) it's actually been really good.

Alexander has croup.  When our first child got croup, we rushed him to the ER in the middle of the night.  Now we are a teensy bit more relaxed and can recognize the symptoms of croup and use the nebulizer, bring them to a steamy bathroom, sleep in a cool room until we can get to the doctor the next day.  The doctor prescribed steroids which did the trick in two doses and she gave us extra because "for some reason your kids tend to get croup".  Yup, we're special like that.

Because of this virus, Xander has been waking up at night, and let me tell you, there is nothing better for NFP than sick kids in the middle of the night.  Thank you sir, I'll not take another.  But as soon as everyone is healthy and sleeping through the night, I'll get my toddler fever again.

I can't believe this football news.  These two on the same team?  My team?

I drove the big van in a parking lot the other day, and my kids thought it was hysterical.  They know that Mom doesn't drive the Beast unless it's an emergency.  I'll be cramming all future kids into my minivan for as long as I can.

Fall Soccer registration has started!  Already! And therefore I'm breaking out in hives wondering how we're going to schedule 4 games, 2 clinics, and 3 practices each week.  Are bilocations just for Saints, because this sinner could sure use that ability.

That's all she wrote!


  1. oh my. I just scheduled all our dentists appts too. Some of my kids never get cavities and the other half you would think they eat nothing but sugar-- See, my side of the family has horrendous soft teeth and my husbands genes--no one has had ever had a cavity. That's amazing to me that his siblings and parents and he as well have never had cavities. So lucky.

    the fall sports thing...we don't do summer sports because I know as soon as the fall season comes I will be in 20 places at once. I am definitely going to have to have help this fall getting everyone where they go.

    I saw that pope picture. It really is amazing.

  2. You only drive the Beast in an emergency?! Come on, woman, you gave birth five times - you can do this!! Maybe you just need more practice. That's all it took for me. I've driven the Gray Lady every single day since we got it, in all kinds of driving situations, and I feel good now. She's grown on me. :)

  3. I LOVE Once Upon a Time. Because of the time it was on this fall, I never watched the second season though. Is it good??

    Love the picture of the pope too. I hadn't seen that yet!

  4. Season 2 of Once Upon A Time is FANTASTIC!

    The Beast made me laugh - It is my 6 year-old's fondest desire that we have enough kids that we have to get one of those giant vans. We're expecting #4 in the fall, so Goldzilla (our mini-van) will still do the trick.

    Good luck at the dentist.

  5. I haven't see that Pope Francis picture yet...where have I been?? I LOVE it...love this Pope!

  6. Love Once Upon A Time, hate the croup and I argue all the time with my husband about the fact that I am a realist and not a pessimist! Good luck with the soccer :)

  7. Hope croup leaves you house soon! I always feel so bad if we have a cough-er at night. Get well soon Xander! And you just reminded me we need to sign up by the 15th for fall soccer. I'll most likely be doing that the night of the 15th!!!

  8. That Pope Francis picture is so so so great. I'd totally missed it until you posted it. Thank you!

    I hope your poor little guy feel better soon! For his sake and yours. ;)

  9. Ah,Pope Francis, he cracks me up. And of course, Gianna too.

    We'll agree that night waking and screaming has most definitely kept us on track with NFP. :)

    Dentist, blah. That's all I gotta say. Blah.

    When you've got the bilocation thing figured out, let me know. Or maybe a nanny is the real option, but not financially it's not. Ah, well.

  10. Croup! Blah! So far, only one out of the five (and now that I put that in print, you know our probability just increased 10 fold) , had it REAL bad. It took years to outgrow...past the normal age of 5, but we certainly grew more relaxed as you stated and treated it without panic. Hang in there and hope he is feeling better soon!


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