Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

My new breakfast (when I'm not eating eggs.  Because I'm eating them for lunch.  Or dinner. Gosh I love me some eggs).
Oh yeah, how'd you like that pretty graphic?  It only took me 20 minutes to do you fancy schmancy bloggers do it??
Anyway, just blend together in a Magic Bullet, or a generic non-magical (practical? what's the opposite to magical?) bullet like we have.

I'm planning a trip for one of my best friends to come out and visit me.  If she does, it will be one of the best weekends of my life.  Oh, and I've never even met her before.  Weird much?  Yeah, we've been online dating friending since forever and a half, so it's only slightly weird. Oh, and we email and text too.  It's an introverts' dream relationship, mkay?  You guys are bloggers, so you get it.

A riddle for you:
Q: What do you do with 6 leftover meatballs and a family of 7 to feed?
A: Make meatball pizzas, of course!
Tasted even better than they looked.  Pinky swear.

We went on a date this week!!  I love dates!  If I had all the money in the world, I would go on a date with my husband once a week.  They are the best, mostly because he's the best.

We went to this local restaurant where the burgers are only $2.00 on a Tuesday night, but you have to buy a beverage.  Well, twist our arms...

 Since we didn't want to appear like total cheapskates, we ordered the cheesy fries too.  But only to save face.

Then I dipped these bad boys in sour cream.  For calcium.
We even ran into an awesome co-worker and her hubby, who bought us each a drink.  The night could not have been any better!  

Xander, watching a Dora "DDD" on my bed.  This little boy is like my favorite.  I know, Moms shouldn't have favorites so I make sure to change mine daily :)
On call with the fire station.  
Unlike last weekend, we have hardly any weekend plans.  Anyone want to invite me do something fun???  I love WEDDINGS, in case you're wondering.

We do have a family birthday party for the 5 nieces/nephews with a Summer Birthday on Sunday.  I'm bringing these for all the kids.  

Adults beware :)

OK, now (it's Thursday night while I'm writing this) I'm off to watch Pitch Perfect because I'm mildly obsessed with Anna Kendrick's Cups song.

If the song is that good, the movie must be incredible.  Said no movie reviewer ever.

Have a great middle-of-the-summer-how's-it-go-by-so-fast?-weekend everyone!


  1. I love your graphic; it just does't fit on the page ;). I think you have to make it one size smaller. I know how to fit graphics, but not make them. Put us together and we'd be dangerous!!

    Those fries... DROOL. And lol at calcium!

  2. Haha! Introvert's dream relationship :) Hear you! John Paul and I have been scheming about how to make one of those squirty things with a pool noodle since I'm too cheap to buy one and it keeps him busy! I could totally go for a date night very soon!!!

  3. Those fries look amaaaaazing! Like the fries at Happys! Delish! Way to go on a creative leftover meal - I like finding creative ways to present leftovers. Over the weekend my husband and I had a conversation about wanting those water-squirter/guns being banned from our pool...we've been close victims too many times!!!! Ha ha. Have a great weekend and enjoy your party!

  4. AnonymousJuly 19, 2013

    I love this! That smoothie sounds delicious and I've been eyeing a Magic Bullet because I'm sick of having to chop up my bananas and strawberries before putting them into my roommates ancient blender because isn't that whole point of a blender? $2.00 burgers is like a dream come true. That picture of Xander is too cute. andddd I love that Anna Kendrick song :)

  5. #1- looks yummy. I just purchased whey protein last week in an effort just to find something for a protein drink when I just don't have the time to eat a real meal. I went with thrifty, rather than content and then fretted I was going to bulk up. My husband just shook his head. We've got a Ninja and I use that for blending. Super easy!

    #2- OMGosh that sounds like an awesome relationship. It sounds SO ME. Oh wait, it is ME. Ha! Two peas in a pod are we ;)

    #4- drinks and cheesy fries, how could you go wrong? My mouth is watering and it's not even 8 am.

    #5- you crack me up, Xander, you little stud muffin.

    As for our weekend, no major plans but we do have Vocations Camp to get ready for that starts Monday AM. We also have a fundraiser dinner tomorrow for a Catholic conference in our area next month. It's a $100/plate meal, but like 20 courses all made by my friend's husband. Oh, and there will be wine. It's date night for hubby and me! Hooray!

  6. Did you like the movie? I was thinking of watching it for the same reason. Glad you had a fun date night!!

  7. Every time you write about being an introvert, I immediately want to send you an email apologizing for having to deal with me. Sorry for sucking up all your energy! Not really sorry! When are we hanging out again?

  8. This was a fun one with so much to love, Colleen...but WOW!!! Sarah is coming out to meet you???!!! Again...just WOW!!! This gives hope to all of us who have best friendships in Bloggyland.

    Please document every single moment 'cause you know we live vicariously through you, right?

    Happy Weekend, friend!

  9. That's the second time I've seen the cup song this morning perusing bloglovin. I think it is so neat. Jamie Jo' (Lord Make Me A Saint) showed a video with her daughter (and her daughter's friends) singing and playing the cups. Wish I was that creative to come up with something like that! And how exciting if you and Sarah can meet in person! Yeah!

  10. 1. Ordinary? Don't magicians say things like "This is just an ordinary scarf/hat/bunny etc. I'm probably making this up.

    2. I think the Martin clan should do a Midwest tour. You'd be like mini-celebs.

    7. Pitch Perfect was actually not bad and I don't even like a Capella music that much. If you can get past the stupid comedy aspect and since I have a pretty low tolerance my guess is anyone can.

  11. Ok, so funny because I was just going to post my Quick Takes and One of them was going to be on an awesome smoothie I'm loving right now and the other was going to be on the CUPS song! Grrr... I guess I snooze I loose. ...or could it be great minds think alike?

    #2... If she comes and I don't get to meet her, I'll be super bummed. Hope it all works out. I love her too.

    #3 Yummy idea

    #4 Sounds like fun. Wonder where you went?

    #5 I love that kid too. Ava calls them "DDD's" too.

    #6 Give them all my love. That would count for a busy weekend in my book already!

  12. um, yeah, what Patty said.

    Very creative meatballs!

    Love any date with the hubby! Yay for you!!

    I love your fireman too. We all do, don't we?

    How do you get to see Sarah? I live only like 80 miles from her and I don't get to see her!

    Have fun at the party, you will be the hit!!

    I love veggies, but I tried Kale recently and it was nasty.

  13. Love the song!!

    Funny, I am an introvert and cannot get into and "internet" relationship . . . I prefer texting relationships with peopke I know IRL. I think I have a fear of emailing people on the internet and having them think I am too weird!

    Love protein shakes! I usually have them for lunch.

  14. 2. I cherish my friendship with Rebecca (The Road Home), we've visited each other and we're meeting next month to run a half-marathon! I definitely know what you mean.
    3. no lie -- we have made meatball pizzas before -- yum
    4. yay for date night! Our anniversary is next week so we get ours then. :)

  15. AnonymousJuly 19, 2013

    I'm jealous of your that wrong?

    This weekend my kids are getting IQ tested by my we get to find out if they are geniuses or not (probably not). Then I got roped into taking Heidi to work at our local, small, super tiny,. 4-H fair..she's working at a fundraiser for the crisis pregnancy I get to hang out at the fair with the rest of the kiddos during one of the hottest days of the year, where we will either be sweating or getting rained on/struck my lightening. Sounds fun..huh?

  16. I feel the same way about date night. I truly love spending time with my husband. We do a lot of in-house dates, but I have to admit, going out is nice, because it gives me a break from the "scenery." Great post!

  17. What's date night?
    I know what burgers, fries, and drinks are though, so at least we get to have them here, just not out haha.
    Pizza looks fab, too - totally what I'd do!
    Sarah seems SOOOO great! Love her name and love that she is one of the few bloggers that follows me!

  18. Hmmm my solution to not enough meatballs is to eat them myself and pretend there were no leftovers... Yours is probably the less-selfish solution :P

  19. AnonymousJuly 23, 2013

    Let's try again, shall we???

    Love the post! Pizza looks scrumptious! I have a similar breakfast when I am not eating eggs too, just minus the banana as I am allergic.


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