Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

Eamon lost a tooth!  Not his first, but the way he screamed when I finally held him down to pull it out, you would have think he'd never done it before.  I always get scared they are going to swallow it, so I yank 'em.  Plus I just like to yank 'em.

After, so much cuter!
 On Friday morning, I got the text that Book Club was cancelled, but we could still come over for fun in the pool.  So I packed my cherubs up and headed over to Michelle's house where my kids played and splashed to their heart's content.  I love going over to friend's houses who have big families, and we don't have to feel like we're taking over the house!

That night, we had friends over for dinner who just had their 4th baby, a beautiful girl!  We let the kids make their own pizza, and it was such a fun evening!  Maggie loves playing with Lena (they dressed up as princess ballerinas) and we love having adult time while the kids trash the house all around us.  

J for John-Paul (they have a John Paul too!) and A for Andrew & Alexander
 On Saturday night, Maggie's godFather, Fr. Dave came over for dinner after celebrating Mass at our parish while our pastor is on vacation.  It's always such a nice time when he comes over, and there's always beer (for the men.  I can't stand the stuff) and ice cream for all!  My boys even got to serve Mass for him, just like they did back when we had our house blessing and they were still so little!  I can't stress enough the blessing that having priest friends has been for us.  Our kids get to see how "normal" and fun the priests are, and that makes vocations a real possibility.

Sunday morning, bright and early, we headed down to Watch Hill, a beach town in Rhode Island we've never been to before.  It was GORGEOUS!!!  
To arrive at 9, we had to leave at 7:30

This is the beach we went to...more on that later.

Path to the ocean, which felt like Hawaii

Look at that hotel right on the was HUGE!
 Phil and I really liked the look of the hotel, and on the way home, I looked up how much a weekday night would cost if the two of us could ever sneak away, and I was shocked to find out it was $859.00....what the what?  I guess it's Casa Martin for now :)
While Phil frolicked in the ocean for 3 hours, I kept this guy company on the shore.

Waves!!!!  We don't have waves like this at our gentle beaches, so the kids were thrilled!

He did venture in a bit, and everytime the wave would knock him over he would  giggle/yell "Mom! Ocean!"

There's my crazy girl who body surfed for the majority of the time.

The chairs that barely ever got sat in because we were all so busy on the beach!

"Building a castle, Momma!"

"Bury me, Mom!"

After a long trip, and then some confusion to exactly which beach we were at, the Donaldsons finally found us!!  
More boys to play with!

Summer + Friends = Heaven

These two were quite enamored with each other.  When I asked Cari if it could be possible to have 2 weddings in the same families, she said her grandma and her sister married brothers.  So, you're saying there's a chance?

The original bethrothed couple - John-Paul and Lotus

Cari was trying to build a beach seat, like the one Jude was pointing to...
But ours wasn't quite so pretty.

Filling buckets.

Drying off after 4 hours in the ocean.
 After we had our fill of the beach (well, actually, I was just experiencing low-blood sugar, or general crankiness), we headed to The Mermaid Cafe for a really yummy lunch.
The waitresses were very impressed (but obviously overwhelmed) by all these polite children.
And that my friends, was a fun and extroverted weekend.  
Now excuse me while I sneak off to my bedroom alone to read a book and recharge :)


  1. What a fun busy weekend! I really really really want to have some priest friends around here...what a blessing that is for you guys!

  2. Colleen...I am tired just reading about your weekend! If you ever want to drastically change gears and do nothing some weekend, bring your clan here. We can sit on the porch and eat Dairy Queen. ; )

  3. Oh, my gosh, I am so jealous!! I love the ocean. I love everything about it!

    Is the water warm?

    OH, fun summer times, great memories!!

    Have a nice re-charge!

  4. Oh, I forgot, (that was a long post and my memory is short:) I LOVE to push out teeth, I wait til they practically fall out, then give a push. The kids hate it, some are brave, some are not. My husband does not understand this want/need to get the teeth out. What is it? Why is it so fun to get those teeth? He just says leave them alone. SO I get it and had to laugh about the holding him down part!

  5. Whew, you guys were busy! Makes me tired just looking at the pictures - looks like it was a blast :)

  6. wow that is an awesome weekend! you must be exhausted but what great memories for the family.

  7. Beautiful beach! Sounds like a great time :)

  8. Looks like fun, and inspires me to make an effort to get my kids to a beach soon. And how can you not like beer? That's just crazy talk!

  9. Awesome pics! Makes me want to experience the Northeast. But the must be so cold! I couldn't believe how cold the Atlantic was in Florida! So different from the Gulf Coast I'm used to.


  10. I thought we had a strict "No unauthorized use of pictures with each other in it" policy? There's not enough sand in the world to hide me in that one picture. Maybe you could go and photoshop someone else's body onto mine...?

    As for the other one, since you're not in it, it looks like I'm standing there with my 11 children and 2 brother-husbands. Score!

  11. the OCEAN!!! We live so far away...sometimes it really stinks. I would go every single day!

  12. What a blessing to live by all that wonderfulness....beaches and friends. Lucky Duck!


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