Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bad News, Good News, Happy News and Funny Stupid News

Some bloggers (ahem, Rosie) do this better, but here goes...

Bad News: Phil lost his phone.

It was a really weird thing, actually.  He called me on it yesterday morning as he was doing a few errands, and then when I got a call from a priest friend saying that someone was sending vulgar texts from Phil's phone.  I immediately called Phil's phone and an old guy answered, saying he had just found the phone and was in Walmart in a city about 20 minutes from here.  I hung up on him (got the creeps) and he called me back asking if I wanted to come pick it up.  I told him to leave it at Walmart's customer service, and we would pick it up later.  He said okay but asked for Phil's name, and because I was still being cautious, I said that Phil's name was Bob.

Oh, all this happened while I was at work.  So now I had to tell Phil that his phone was lost and found but I had no way to contact him as we do not have a home phone and he was home with the kids.  At lunch time, I quickly drove home to tell him the story (he hadn't even realized he'd lost it yet) and give him my phone to be able to track his down.

He called the Walmart a dozen times with no luck, then called a different Walmart, hoping the guy had said the wrong city name.  Still no luck.  He called his phone, but it kept going into voicemail, because as "luck" would have it, the battery had been low.  Finally he called our phone carrier and they disconnected the phone and will send him out a new one for a nice $150 charge even though WE PAID FOR INSURANCE ON THESE PHONES!!  That's the deductible.  Crazy.  So this is my second day without my cell phone, because really if he's with 5 kids at home, he needs it more than I.

Good News: I got a cute package in the mail!

Back in March, I was reading Ashley's beautiful blog, The Big White Farmhouse, about how she wanted to start a Penpal Project and send a little somethin' somethin' to her fellow co-workers (moms) to brighten their day.  I signed up to be on the receiving end of that sweetness, and then promptly forgot all about it.

We checked our mail the other night and I opened up a package to find:
Barbecue stuff because I love burgers!!

Phil was all "Where did this come from?  Why is Ashley sending you something?"  And I was like "I can't remember signing up for anything!"  But then I did, and I explained, and all was good.  Seriously, isn't that the nicest thing to do for someone?  THANK YOU ASHLEY!  

Good News Again: That same night, I got an email from Erica at Just 11 Stitches saying I was the winner from Kelly's giveaway!

I won a beautiful dress for Maggie, and will have her model it when it arrives.  Oh she'll be so bummed to be the center of attention ;)

More Good News: Katrina from Lilla Rose sent me another beautiful hair clip as a thank you for hosting her giveaway.

I think it's so beautiful, and the pleasure was all mine.  I'm telling you ladies, these clips are reeeeeeeeeally nice.  Go see for yourself!

I love how God is keeping my life in check and balance for me.  But with 3 goods and 1 bad, I think I'm winning :)

Happy News: Happy Birthday to my handsome Dad!!  Dad of 6, Grandpa of 20 and husband to one smoking hot Mama.  I love you!

(This is basically the card I got him, which he enjoyed.)

Funny Stupid News: My 10 year old is smarter than me.  I know you're not surprised.

On the highway there is a big billboard for a car dealer that has a picture of a license plate that reads:


I drive by it every day on my way to work and the gym, and thought it said "Barn Robber".  Because maybe that's like car talk for having the lowest prices.  "These deals are so good, you'd think he robbed a barn!"

John-Paul sees it for the first time and says "Ha!  That's funny.  Burn Rubber. Because he sells fast cars."



  1. I didn't get the sign either; must be a man/boy thing!
    I'd say you are 'winning' on all counts! Too bad about the cell phone, why are there so many jerks in the world?

  2. Barn Robber? Is that even a THING?

    Of course, I couldn't think of ANYTHING, so you're ahead of me on that.

    And totally creepy about the dude with the stolen phone. What a jerky thing to do.

  3. $150 deductible??? That's ridiculous!!! Do you think you can just find a cheaper phone on ebay and wait until upgrade time to get a nicer one?

    This is advice from someone still using the flip phone she got in 2008...

    And Maggie is going to be SOOOO beautiful in that dress - is it weird how excited I am for that photo shoot?

  4. Sorry about the phone, congrats on the dress.
    Thank you for reminding me about the hair clips; order in ~ Mommy treat on the way!!

  5. AnonymousJuly 09, 2013

    I totally didn't get the sign either. I couldn't come up with anything, so you all are way ahead of me.

  6. I tried to figure it out, too before you revealed the final answer! Let's just say your answer was better than mine. I'm hopeless and your son is a genius.

  7. Thanks for the shout out ;). Guess what I am cutting out right now! (Fabric picked out by my 9 year old son...don't cringe, it's good)!

  8. What a creepy phone jerk.. the nerve...
    and what a price to pay... congrats on mollys dress Yay..

  9. I couldn't figure out the sign for the longest time either. Guess it's a little TOO complicated for us, huh? Have to keep me some kids around.

    Great packages in the mail! Yay!

    Creepy guy... boo. Phone charges... double boo. Sorry, Colleen. :(

  10. I'm not very good at those signs/lisc plates either....

  11. Can't wait to see Maggie in the dress. If I could've entered my own giveaway I would've; Erica's stuff is awesome.


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