Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Five Favorites

I'm going to keep my alliterative twist on the Five Favorites, and mention something in each of the five categories: Fitness, Fun, Food, Fashion and Faith.

1) Fitness
I took a Step Aerobics class this morning, which I haven't done in years...I didn't even know they still existed.  I took a step class pretty much everyday in college and the summers I was home and joined a gym.  I used to be addicted.  Anyway, my point is that I love switching things up with exercise, and I think it's the best way to get in shape/stay in shape.  I try to do something different every day.

2) Fun

My kids love playing Rush Hour, it's a one person game, and it's great for mandatory "rest time" while the baby naps.  Fun Mom of the Year, I know.

3) Food
Every once in a while I get a hankering for Italian but I don't really want to eat tons of carbs, and so I make eggplant parmesan.  

The recipe is here, and it's awesome...crispy pieces off eggplant, melty cheese, homemade tomato sauce.  Yum!  

4) Fashion
Another Walmart swimsuit that's cheap and flattering!  I think it's sold out online, but I've seen them in stores.  It hides all those trouble spots and still looks like a cute dress.  Win!

5) Faith
Guardian Angels are my favorite!

Do you pray to your Guardian Angel daily?  I've been saying this prayer since I was a kid and my Aunt Rose taught me on a visit over from Ireland.  I think my Guardian Angel (whose name is Gabriel, I think) is probably a little sick of me because I'm always asking him to protect me when I'm alone.  But, I do remember to thank him (and the Holy Spirit) whenever I remember something I had to do, or barely miss an accident, etc.  Whenever I'm pregnant, I LOVE the fact that I have two guardian angels with me and the baby at all times.  Anyway, I guess you could say I have a devotion to guardian angels, probably inherited from my mom who, as a child, used to leave room one her seat for her guardian angel to sit.

Now hop off to Hallie's for more favorites!


  1. Oh I really need to get to walmart. I've been wearing my maternity suit from last year, but I desperately need better coverage on my thighs. I went to Target to buy a skirt bottom and it was $25... I just couldn't do it!

    And that Guardian Angel prayer image - where did you find it? I'd love to print it and hang it in Michael's room! I, too, love the Guardian Angels. I had the realization a few months ago that Michael has his very own. I feel like I've gotten to know mine so well (lol) and one day I was praying to Michael's and it hit me... wait, this is an entirely different angel than mine! Nuts!

  2. Love my Guardian Angel too, Colleen...we have conversations daily! I have had many times when I felt my special angel helping me! : )

  3. I got a new suit at Walmart this year too! It has a great retro vibe and was only $20. It's nursing friendly and post-partum friendly. Win!!

  4. Did you by any chance coincide at all with a Katie O'Brien at Franciscan? I could swear that she took/taught a step aerobics class while she was there, and just thought I'd test out the small world connection possibility...

  5. I love the image of having two guardian angels when it's you and the baby! :) I had never thought of that!

  6. I think I will have to try that eggplant Parm! I always like finding ways to sneak extra nutrients in... ;) And yes, guardian angels are the best. That's so cute about your mom saving room for hers!

  7. I love Rush Hour. I buy it for my friends for their birthdays when I have NO other ideas. :)

  8. We will have to try Rush Hour over here. Sounds like a perfect quiet time activity!!

  9. Still loving the categories, nice work.

    That eggplant parm, yum-delicious. Will need to try it.

    Rush Hour games? Never heard of it. Highly intrigued and I bet Jonah would like it. Remind me at Christmas time, ok?

    How is it you find all the awesome swimsuits (clothes,shoes, you name it)? I must stink at shopping. Or the midwest styles do.

    Love me my Guardian Angel (Sebastian). He keeps me outta trouble.

  10. We pray to our Guardian Angel every day too. :)

    I'm learning how to switch up the work out....but truth be told...I love running the best.

    Have a great day Colleen!

  11. My younger brothers LOVE that game! Have you ever tried the game Blockus? Similar and really fun (for adults too).

    Eggplant parm has got to be one of my faves but I rarely make it because it takes me all day! Maybe ill try this version.
    And the walmart suit? Shoot I need that!

  13. LOVE our guardian angels here too!!!!! Mine is Anna. I know this is fact...too long to explain but that's her name. I can always feel the presence of my baby's angels and the loss of it when the baby is out.

    Blocus is great--we have the car game too, kids love it around the age 9...have to get it out again!

    --cute suit!


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