Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Five Favorites

I'm going to keep my alliterative twist on the Five Favorites, and mention something in each of the five categories: Fitness, Fun, Food, Fashion and Faith.  You know what's not my favorite?  How I can't get this post to align in the center...oy!

1) Fitness
Interval Training!

When I feel like I just can't handle an hour workout, I have been running intervals.  30 seconds sprinting at 7:30 minute miles and 30 seconds jogging at 9:00 minute miles.  I can only repeat that for 3 miles until I am exhausted, but it feels so good when I'm done.  Maybe it's better than running longer at an even pace?

2) Fun

I have gotten so many restaurant and entertainment deals from Groupon!  

For the summer we have a trampoline park to go to, indoor mini golf, a kid's play place, a frozen yogurt shop, a brunch restaurant etc, etc.  Have you joined yet?  Click here and get your Group-on!

3) Food

These satisfy that crunchy chip craving, and at least have protein and waaaaaay less carbs.  Go get you some.

4) Fashion

I wouldn't know since I basically live in breezy dresses or skirts at work, and then wear wicking t-shirts and workout shorts the rest of the time.  Nike makes my favorite wicking shirts, on sale too!

5) Faith

The Sacred Heart Devotion

Our pastor has been preaching on this particular devotion, and challenged us all to go to Mass on 9 First Fridays in order to fulfill the Novena and receive the 12 promises of His Sacred Heart (revealed to St. Margaret Mary).

I promise you, in the excessive mercy of My Heart, that My all-powerful love will grant to all those  who communicate on the First Friday of nine consecutive months, the grace of final penitence;  they shall not die in my disgrace, nor without receiving their Sacraments, My Divine Heart shall be their safe refuge in this last moment.”
—–Our Lord to St. Margaret Mary
Promises for those devoted to the Sacred Heart:
1. “I will give them all the graces necessary in their state of life.”
2. “I will establish peace in their homes.”
3. “I will comfort them in their afflictions.”
4. “I will be their secure refuge during life, and above all in death.”
5. “I will bestow a large blessing upon all their undertakings.”
6. “Sinners shall find in My Heart the source and the infinite ocean of mercy.”
7. “Tepid souls shall grow fervent.”
8. “Fervent souls shall quickly mount to high perfection.”
9. “I will bless every place where a picture of My Heart shall be set up and honoured.”
10. “I will give to priests the gift of touching the most hardened hearts.”
11. “Those who shall promote this devotion shall have their names written in My Heart, never to be blotted out.”
12. “I promise thee in the excessive mercy of My Heart that My all-powerful love will grant to all those who communicate on the First Friday in nine consecutive months, the grace of final penitence; they shall not die in My disgrace nor without receiving the Sacraments; My Divine heart shall be their safe refuge in this last moment.”

Prayer of Reparation:

O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore thee profoundly. I offer thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences by which He is offended. By the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of thee the conversion of poor sinners. Amen.

Also, remember to have your home enthroned to the Sacred Heart!!

Now off to Hallie for more...


  1. Love the Sacred Heart!

    I think I live in wicking shirts as well.....especially in these 95+ days!

  2. Salt and vinegar almonds! They sound yummy.

  3. Aren't salt and vinegar almonds the best? I'm mildly obsessed.

    And thank you for the beautiful Sacred Heart reminder! I just love our Church so much. :)

  4. Thanks for the info on devotion to the Sacred Heart! I've never heard one sermon on it...although I knew of it. Isn't that sad? Salt and Vinegar Almonds...OMGosh!!!!!!! I love salt and vinegar chips...and I'm not a chip eater (I'm a sweets craver), but I love me some salt and vinegar. I also love Blue Diamond almonds in most varities. Gonna have to check those out! Hugs!!!

  5. AnonymousJuly 18, 2013

    I've read in several different places that interval training is better than long-distance far as general health and weight loss go. I like doing interval training as well...and it does make me feels so good and tired.

    Thanks for the sacred heart reminder..that is a beautiful devotion!

  6. I did those 9 first Fridays and 5 first Saturdays before I was married, I've tried a 2nd time many months, but have only made it to like 5....Those promises are amazing, I love to read them and re-read them!

    Love those kid quotes you have in the next post--so cute!

  7. I'm intrigued by the almonds, especially since I've now been craving Corn Nuts for the last day or so. Do you know how difficult those things are to acquire? Or at least they are here.

    Sacred Heart and me, plus Margaret Mary = a special fondness.

    Just bought my first moisture wicking shirt and judging by the amount my other shirts do not wick, well I should probably invest in several more.


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