Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blueberries Galore: Fact and Fiction

Fact: Jessica chose blueberries to be next week's Mystery Ingredient, and I know she won't mind if I post early (right?).

Fact: Phil took the kids blueberry picking yesterday.

Fiction: My utero baby (that sounds gross) is the size of a watermelon this week.

Nope, I lied, it's the size of a...wait for it...BLUEBERRY!  I know some people hate that their growing baby is compared to food, but I love it.  And my kids are really interested too.  So far it's been a chickpea and a blueberry.  What food product will he/she become next?  And can we keep picking the Mystery Ingredient around the utero baby theme?  I'm looking at you Anne, Jessica and Tasha.

So all this talk about blueberries got me hungry and I had to bake something delicious.

First let's see how those blueberries got to my kitchen:
Cousin Caitlin came along too, and she never leaves Xander's side.


99% picked by Phil since the kids liked storing them in their mouths instead of the container.
I pulled out my recipe for Best Blueberry Muffins from America's Test Kitchen and went to work...

I made 16 instead of a dozen because sometimes when I fill the muffin tins too full, my oven bottom gets messy.

And nobody likes a messy bottom, amiright?

Fact: So delicious!

Fiction: I only ate one....


  1. What a delightful post (which is par for the course when I visit your blog)!

  2. Yum...blueberry muffins! And, great tip about spreading the muffins out...the bottom of my oven is in such a bad state that the smoke detector goes off whenever I open the door.

  3. Love Fresh Blueberries! And I remember telling Madison that Peyton was the size of a strawberry...the best way to put it in perspective for little ones' minds! : )

  4. Hmmm tasty!
    I found the food/baby size comparisons fun.

  5. I was craving blueberry muffins or coffee cake (tastes like blueberry muffins in a cake form), wonder if it means anything?

    I think the next food is a jelly bean? I remember a friend calling her baby "Jelly Bean" the whole time. When we found out I was pregnant with Simeon, he was the size of an apple seed. So we called him "our apple seed baby".

    Yours is blueberry baby.

  6. JUST today I was wanting a good blueberry muffin recipe! And a good picking spot, can you share? I want to take Ava (and Clara). Also, did you know there's a baby ticker that shows what size fruit your baby is? Super cute!

  7. I don't mind the food/baby comparisons at all! I never understood why people get bothered by them. It's not like we are comparing the baby to insects...so you are somewhere between a pill bug and a cicada right now?? ;)

    Those muffins look delicious. I never actually end up baking with fresh blueberries. They are usually completely eaten by the time I clean my kitchen and get around to baking something.

    How are you feeling?!

  8. So clearly, I had to scroll back a couple of posts b/c I was totally out of the loop! So excited for you on the announcement of Baby #6. Congratulations!!!

  9. WOW! Blueberry sized baby... Sweet. I'll have to think on next weeks for you then. ;) Loved the "nobody likes a messy bottom"...Fo'sure! Not in my frig, not in my oven, not even on a cute baby bottom!

  10. LOL! That was too cute! I remember when Baby J got to the size of a chicken breast. I was a little skeeved out. I think chicken breast is the only meat item on that site. Wouldn't it be funny if they added more meat? Like one week is quarter pound hamburger, one week is five pound chuck roast?
    Everything from ATK is scrumptious. You made 16 and yet they were still ginormous! How is that? Multiplication of the muffin batter or something...

  11. Ok, I love when I see some of your posts two months later!!! Geesh, I'm pathetic... especially because I only read about 5 blogs... but at least I'm trying to be in the blog world more (this week anyways)! So hopefully that means I won't miss these awesome posts!
    And the pics here are SOOOO great! Professional, even!


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