Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes

How is it Friday already?

I am so ready for Fall weather.  It has been the 4 H's around here lately: Hot, Humid, Hazy and Horrible.  

If I had to decide to live in a cold or hot climate for the rest of my life, I would choose cold.  I do not like sweating unless I am working out, I do not like breathing air as thick as chowder, and I do not like dressing in one thin layer that does not conceal my rolls. I love having lots of comfy blankets on my bed, something delicious baking in the oven, layers upon layers of cozy clothes to hide under, and a fire roaring in the fireplace.

This is what happens when you confine yourself to bedrest during the first trimester:

I also came *thisclose* to ordering a Fusion Juicer and Focus T25.  
Um, yeah I don't think juicing and a new intense workout routine is what I should be thinking about in my current condition.  But that's how enticing infomercials are when infomercials are alllllllll that's on our basic cable plan during the day.

My sister texted me this picture of my sons and her son playing chess after school:

I just love everything about it.  Brothers helping one another (that's Andrew giving Eamon pointers on the left), cousins playing together (cousin Tommy is on the right), and all of these boys choosing to play chess rather than the other games or activities offered after school.  Boys are the best. Maggie was probably playing some girly game filled with drama over who gets to be the princess this time based on whose hair looks cuter.

Seguing into pregnancy things...

Wanna hear something horrible that a woman said to me yesterday?  
She looked at my (admittedly big) baby bump, and said "Twins or Triplets?"

You know what I almost said back to her (but didn't)?:
"I'm pregnant, but what's your excuse?" 

I heard the baby's heartbeat yesterday!!  My midwife gelled up the doppler and picked a spot and BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM picked up this sweet baby's heartbeat right away.  About 160 beats a minute, perfection.  
Also, all my labwork came back great!  She even said my iron levels were so high I could take my supplements every other day.  This is huge news as I'm practically always anemic.  She asked me which iron supplement I was taking because it worked so well she wanted to let her other patients know about it.  

As much as I don't enjoy being pregnant and as painful as labor is and as annoying as breastfeeding and pumping are for me, I really am so lucky that I am such a fertile mertile.

Somebody else is also a fertile mertile :)

The Patriots game was so bad last night.  They won, but oh my goodness, how bad can a team look??  
This is what happens when you get rid of my favorite Wes Welker who apparently is the only receiver that can catch a ball thrown perfectly at him by the amazing Tom Brady.  

Tom was so frustrated last night that he was a little bit scary...

...because this is how his teammates were "catching" the ball...

I love the guy with dreads in the back ground, watching Tom, like "Oh no you didn't!"

Even scary angry, he still looks cute.

He said after the game yesterday "I think I have to do a better job with my body language".  Um, yeah.  I'm just glad the game was on too late for my kids to see it.

Have a wonderful football-watching weekend everybody!


  1. Ugh. I hate this weather. And triplets? Really? People are crazy and stupid and that's a fact!

  2. Glad all is well with Baby Martin.
    The chess players are beyond cute.
    And as far as the game goes: as one of the commentators said 'Better to win ugly than lose pretty' but what a mess.

  3. #1: I am with you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! I feel like I could have written that one (although I probably would not have done so as well as you did!).

    Yay for piles of cozy blankets, layers of clothes to hide under, and fires roaring in the fireplace!

  4. oh Colleen...with talk about Tom Brady already :(

    I love love love that response, 'what's your excuse'.
    AND, next time, I am going to have to check out that iron supplement! :)

  5. wait...did I just say next time?!?!

  6. Also, I loved #3. This mother of five sons wants to thank you for saying "Boys are the best." Not everyone knows that, but I do. :)

  7. Yay for your friend who is also a "fertile myrtle" ;)

    I hear ya on the heat lately. NOT fun.

    Pic of the boys is the cutest. Love those kids.

    So great about the baby's heartbeat. Woot woot!

    And I don't have tv anymore so didn't see the game... or order cosmetics. Maybe not having it is a good thing!

    xo love ya preggo.

    OH... and that lady's comment? You could've punched her and said, "Oops, I have triple the hormones!"

  8. The horrible heat has FINALLY broke here! But it's supposed to return a little bit next week. Of course.

    Why, WHY do people think they can make asinine comments to pregnant women? It's like poking a tiger in the face with a stick thinking it's totally OK! I remember when I was pregnant with Joe and a family friend was like "Maggie! I didn't recognize you because your face is so full!" Um, WHAT?!

  9. The Patriots were lucky to pull that one off last night. Nothing worse than losing to the Jets.

    My husband and I were cracking up at ole Tom...he was definitely letting his frustrations be know.

    But angry or not, he is still a fine looking man!

  10. another "fertile myrtle" here :)

    If you don't like heat, I don't recommend living in Arizona. Summers will kill you. (You know what's really fun? Being 7-8 mos pregnant during an AZ summer and getting hot flashes! Yay hormones!) But the winters are fantastic, and I hate the cold (was born/raised in North Dakota), so I love living here.

  11. I envy you that you are going to EVER get to enjoy layers of blankets and a cozy fireplace!

  12. Being a fertile mertile is a blessing. Continued prayers that everything continues to go well. that heartbeat...hmm, gives me a good guess of the gender (at least from my experience :) )

    I showed SO MUCH MORE AND SO MUCH FASTER with #6....I really did. I was amazed at how quickly that little bump got out there.

  13. Twins? Triplets? Criminy, what would she say if she saw me? Quads?!?! And I'm not even pregnant!!!

    Forget people - they don't know anything. I'm sure you are perfectly lovely.

  14. I love that chess photo. Too sweet.

    Your "air thick as chowder" makes me want clam chowder!

  15. Love the chess photo! So cute.

    And, I am so nice to strangers, but I secretly want to say something snarky to people who make rude comments like that too.

    T25?? I am ordering it this weekend! I have not seen the infomercial, but I did see Insanity's and that is the reason I wanted to get that workout ;-)

  16. Glad everything is going well with baby! And, I love the chess photo..too cute! Chess is such a great game.

    And, I'm totally with you on hating the heat and he humidity. I don't know how i suvived three years in Fl

  17. First, that chess playing picture, oh, my goodness, I LOVE it too. Wow, cute...Don't you just wish you could keep them at that age forever?

    Second, you suggested I take those Blood Builder pills, way back I think in June, or May...I did and I let it run out one month the first month, and went back to being run down, so I continued all summer til a couple weeks ago, I ran out and I've been fine!! SO, yes, those pills worked for me, thanks to you!! So happy you are doing good on the iron level!

    Oh, gosh those infomertials, make me want everything too! (when I'm up late nursing or pumping) (which is not now)

  18. On #1, while I also hate the 4H's our flipside is the frigid tundra that is MN and I think I've grown to hate it even more. My perfect weather? Yesterday. It.was.ideal. A breeze, some sun and 70-ish. Give me that all year, a little snow for Christmas and I'd be good. And picky.

    Love the chess pic, so totally cute. Not a football fan, but I love the guy in the dreads. hilarious. Now that was funny.

    So, you'll let us know how the Sheer coverage works out, right? Just curious.

    Fertile Mertiles, you two are two of my favorites :) Pregnant at the same time makes it double the fun for us on-lookers ;) And the twins/triplets comment, WHAT!!?? Rudest ever. I would have smacked her. And then gone to confession.

  19. This made my Sunday! I can't believe you got the preggo question already! People are crazy and I'm sure you look awesome! I feel like I should get that iron supplement you get but it's expensive!
    And I love the cold too - I mean all the good food that comes with cold weather just doesn't get any better!

  20. I am so ready for fall weather too! That heat gets to me even more now that I'm pregnant!

    SO exciting that you got to hear your baby's heartbeat this week! :) The BEST noise!


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