Monday, September 16, 2013

Martini Bump

My friend, Sarah, always refers to this wee one as Baby Martini, and it has stuck!  
Who poses their baby like this?

So here's a blurry little big picture of the Martini bump at 13 weeks, 1 day:

Ok, that one didn't really showcase the largeness of the bump.  

Take two, this time with some accentuation:

And voila!  This is what a sixth pregnancy looks like at 13 weeks.  
It's not twins. 
It's not triplets.
Yes, I'm sure.
I don't know if I'm done.
I guess I am crazy.
Yes, God does bless me.
We do have a tv in our bedroom.
We do know how this keeps happening.
And, no, I'm not further along than I think.  
But thanks for asking.

P.S. Did you see the new header picture we had taken yesterday?  I'm thinking I love it except that the background screams 1986.  What do you think?


  1. what the? you are tiny. That's what I look all the time. But I laughed so hard at baby martini. You have to pose your baby like that now!

  2. Love the new pic! Especially the little wrinkled nose of the soon-not-to-be baby!

    And thanks for asking all those essential questions, gosh, I've been wondering!

  3. I love your new header picture! So adorable!!

    And, I think you look great,and don't look big at all...if you weren't accentuating your belly, I wouldn't even be able to tell you were pregnant!

  4. Great picture of the kids. Great smiles-no fake ones. Good looking crew.
    You look fabulous. Your bump looks perfectly fine and the rest of you is a skinny-minny.

  5. Colleen, you look great! I love the new header pic, too. Your kids are so cute! Re: the TV, you should let anyone who makes that comment know that if they think TV is more fun, they must be doing something wrong. ;)

  6. Nice bump and nice pic at the top. I need to fix my header. My poor kids have all grown up so much since the photos I have there, LOL

  7. Oh my goodness, Xander is THE CUTEST in that top picture! Don't tell Maggie I said so, though :P

    I feel like your current bump is my current non-pregnant belly's general state of being... And I'm glad you posted, because just yesterday I was thinking (actually!), "I wish Colleen would post a picture of her bump!" and you did! I promise I'm not a creepy internet stalker...

  8. LOVE the new header picture and I didn't think twice about the background...although now that you mention it... :)

  9. Love the new header. Whenever someone asks me "you know how that happens right?" I always respond with "well of course! We're experts!" That usually takes people off guard and gives a good laugh.

  10. I think you look tiny!!

    And I love the header . . . your kids are adorable!

  11. I think you look tiny!

    And I love the new header . . . your kids are so cute!

  12. You look fab-u-lous. The header has a bunch of "big" kids needs a baby! Great looking bunch!

  13. LOVE the new header picture, it's the first thing I saw...the kids, not the background!

    You look wonderful. SO sorry you are getting those'd think we'd have covered all the stupid people and their thirst for knowledge out there. (all of us people with more than 1.2 children)

  14. Twins? Triplets? What are they seeing? You look smaller than I ever did at that stage. I would say nothing because you look like that "is she or isn't she" stage. Congratulations on entering the second trimester. I refer to it as the baby - moon phase. (it's when I felt the best.)

  15. I agree with everyone. You look mah-velous, dah-ling.

    I do want to hear the story behind "martini bump" though. Sounds scandalous. ;)

  16. Oh, and I love the new header. S cute.

  17. Oh my, so much going on here...
    I got a shout out and I'm like 11 hrs late to the party. What the heck?! It's Monday. That's alls I'm sayin'.

    Baby Martini flew out of my head one day, so I'm glad it's worked for ya ;) Look at that baby bump, so cute. While there's definitely a bump (hello, there's a person in there), not worth the rude comments. C'mon, when you've had more than a couple blessings, that belly pops out way faster. Heck, mine pops out when I've eaten a large meal and had a beverage or two! Pregnancy looks so cute on you, but I'm guessing Phil knows that hence the 6 kids. AND, I know you are an exercise crazy person so you will be small and back to pre-pregnancy Colleen in no time again after baby. It's a good cycle of life you've got going on there, Martin.

    OMGosh, the header was the first thing I saw. Then it was how blonde Maggie, the only girl, stuck out (seriously, give that girl a sister) and then that wrinkled up face of Xander. Man, your kiddos are all growing up! Yup, time for a Martini again.

  18. Love the header - they all look so grown all of a sudden!

    And oh my word, you have a leetle teeny belly. I'm serious, lady, that is not a huge belly. That's what I look like when I stop holding my breath! :)

  19. You look amazing!! And your kiddos are adorable, too:)

  20. You look amazing and so tiny! I am shocked that people think you are having twins or triplets!

    Loving the new header, but can't wait to see a picture with the next Martin family member in it :)

  21. I LOVE all the ornery grins in the top. They're up to something, I tell ya.


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