Monday, September 9, 2013

Bits of Tid

What an emotionally draining weekend!  We had some kind of stomach bug going around, and so all of our fun plans were cancelled.  There's nothing like making a whole crockpot of chili for company and then realizing you have to eat it for the rest of the week.  I guess that nasty iron side effect won't be an issue this week (if you know what I'm sayin...)

Plus these hormones are making me a wee bit emotional.  I usually have one crying breakdown per pregnancy and at only 12 weeks in, I've already had it.  I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.  What was I crying over?  Something about Phil flipping through too many stations while watching tv in bed. So, you know, nothing too dramatic ;)

This commercial makes me cry every single time.  Phil doesn't see why.  It's not what the son says, it's the mom's reaction to her son that tugs at my heart.

Okay, so that commercial would probably tug at any mother's heart. So would this next one:

 But what about this one?  I think I'm the only one who teared up at this Pepsi commercial:

It was the military scene.  I don't know either.


But, some good things happened too!  Like the homily on Sunday.  It was about detachment from wordly things.  Why should we be detached from things of this world?  So we can be attached to things of the next!  So simple.  

Monsignor told the story of two who "retired" but still wanted to help out a parish and so he moved into the new parish with nothing but 2 suitcases.  All his worldly possessions in 2 suitcases!  Then he told of his priest friend that he went to visit who was moving to a new parish and had boxes and boxes of stuff that needed to move with him.  Monsignor came home from that trip and took anything out of his suitcase he hadn't used and gave it to St. Vincent de Paul.  

He reminded us that when we go to buy something, ask ourselves if we need it, if it helps us get to Heaven, or if it can help someone less fortunate.  Basically I don't think I'll be buying anything ever again! 

The message was solidified later that night when Maggie innocently asked me what my favorite toy was when I was a girl.  I had to think about it because we really didn't have many toys.  Not because we were poor, but because we were always outside playing with friends.  I honestly remember having a "pet net" with some stuffed animals and Cabbage Patch Kids, and a bunch of My Little Ponies, and that's it.  My kids were shocked at this revelation, as they glanced over at the toy room (yes a whole room dedicated to toys!).  
Excess much?
I quickly realized we had a whole lot of simplifying to do in our house.  


My friend Michelle texted me this weekend asking me to pick what I liked from a list of meals because she was going to cook and bring us some meals this week!!  What?!?!  She has only eight kids of her own, and is going to prepare some meals for our family because she knows how hard the first trimester can be.  How pro-life is that?  So nice, and while I feel guilty accepting, after an emotionally draining and puke-filled weekend like the one we just had, I am sooooo looking forward to it!

Her kind actions make me want to do something nice for someone else "in need".  I just need to figure out who and what.  

You know what I've learned about helping someone out?  I've written about it before, but the point is that you can't just say to someone "Let me know if you need anything!"  That's a cop out.  You have to actually do something, suggest something, or really get them to tell you what they need.  Every time after I have a baby, people say "I'm here for you" then disappear until my post-partum fog lifts.  What we should all be doing is actually showing up and physically being there (if possible).  I know how hard it is to go out of our comfort zone and give our precious time and energy to another family, but even just ordering them a pizza or having their older kids over for a playdate can help a mom so much!  Or if they live too far away, send a nice note encouraging them in their vocation, or call them to check in.  I really need to make myself do these kind deeds more, and truly be pro-life.


Finally, I got to read Cari's new book!!!  It was sooooooooo good!  

You think you know someone, and then they go and write a book and you like them even more.  You guys have to get your hands on it as soon as it comes out, and you can pre-order it now!  This would be an easy way to help a mother (of six!) out :)


  1. Our homily this week was about giving more to the Church which we seriously slack on. It made me realize we need to stop spending so foolishly and simplify our lives. Toys are our biggest problem!!!

    And I straight up started sobbing at a commercial yesterday about a little boy using his iPad to learn how to succeed at public speaking and watching videos of the "Nothing to fear but fear itself" speech and then he gives the speech for his class and they all applaud. I bawled. What the heck... I'm not even preggo. When I'm pregnant it's 1000 times worse. Hormones are tricky little things!

    Can't wait to read Cari's book!

  2. So sorry you were sick! Hope you're all feeling better soon! I'm huge on limiting the toys so I say you go, girl!! Be ruthless.

  3. I hardly had any toys too and everything I really wanted I never got--like a cabbage patch. My kids love my tale of my homemade cabbage patch (my neighbor sewed me one). For one thing, toys wasn't a big business then and they were much cheaper. But there was just less of them. Kids did play outside then too.

    everyone had these great homilies. Mine was on compromise but I have no idea why--couldn't hear a word over the hooligans.

  4. I have much to say about your words.
    1) Iron treatments. You have no idear what the ol' life has been like with Iron INFUSIONS! I could have used some chili!
    2) This morning, I cried at a hip hop song on the radio. Real tears as he rapped/sang about proposing to his girlfriend.
    3) Stuff (translate- toys) is a constant battle in our house. I think we may have bought the boys a total of 3-4 toys in their lifetime, but EVERYONE gives them toys, drops off boxes of old toys, etc.. It is ridiculous and not good for them. For now, I am keeping them in our dungeon of a basement and we only have a select few upstairs. Haven't really figured out how to tell people, 'Thanks but no thanks'
    4) What a great reminder about 'offering to help'. Last night, we had friends of ours drop off a full meal. When they first mentioned it, I was like, 'okay, whenever' but then they pushed and said, 'what day, what can we cook, please answer'. I am learning about giving and about receiving gracefully in this pregnancy. The occasional meal people have cooked us have been hard for me to accept (it's not like I am on bed rest) but they have been lifesaving!

  5. Want a good tear-fest ad that gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME...

    Let me know what you think!!!!

    The joys of pregnancy hormones : )

  6. Sorry about your weekend! Super jealous of you reading Cari's book AND super jealous that you have one crying breakdown per pregnancy. I've had like...27.

  7. Man..your hormones are in over-drive! Hang in there! Be easy on that sweet husband of yours.

    I also had a toy chest of toys. They ALL fit in the toy chest. Ashamed to admit it..but we also have a play-room and like 10 bins full of toys in the bsmt. Less is better!

    got the same homily. Always need to keep our hearts and eyes pointed towards heaven. is there chocolate in heaven?????

  8. I can't even watch your commercials, you devil woman. I'd be a sobbing mess and I hate crying.

    And you can pre-order my book? How do you know that and I don't? Come be my PR person.

    In conclusion, I'm so glad you mentioned actually DOING something for a family with a new baby, because I just said to Ken that I couldn't wait for you to have the new Martin so we could come crash you house and cook you pizza and take all the kids for a walk somewhere while you and Phil and the baby rested.

    Now I'm hungry.

  9. I just love your thoughts on just *doing* for people! I needed to read that today.

  10. Stomach bug while poor thing. Hope everyone is feeling better now!

    And, want to know the best way to simplify. Just move every year or two...really forces you to pare down and get rid of stuff. LOL

    I read your other post on "doing" for people, and I totally agree. You really do have to push and say "what day can I bring you a meal" or "I'll take the kids on Thurs" or whatever. Most people really don't want to ask for you need to give something specific. is a great tool for organizing a meal train for a new lets everyone pick a day and you can list allergies or dislikes or whatnot and just makes it super easy.

  11. So, the pepsi one didn't get me but the other 2 sure did. You should watch this Guinness one...makes you even more proud to be Irish doesn't it?

  12. Lately I've been wanting so desperately to get rid of all of the stuff that we have accumulated!! How amazing it would be to just have 2 suitcases!


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