Friday, September 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

It's Friday!  Joining up with Jen and the rest.

Some fun end-of summer things that the kids have been up to
 (we love buying and using Groupons to get these fun activities for like half price!):
Indoor glowing mini-golf.

Sweeney Family September birthdays party.

Indoor Trampoline Park.
Can it be true that Pope John Paul II will be canonized in April?  I hope so!  Although, I will have to get all new JP2 memorabilia...

 But that's a great problem to have!

Birthday Season is coming!  Eamon is the end of Sept and then Andrew and Phil are the beginning of October.  The boys made their lists over the summer, they are so excited!
Eamon's up first!  And between his godparents and Gammy and us, I think he's getting all he desires this year!
I have had so many cravings lately.  
Like BLT's:

 Malassadas (or fried dough for you non-Portuguese speakers):


Kraft Mac & Cheese (even though Phil makes a delicious homemade version):

Swedish fish, red only:

And tacos.

Why do I take so many terrible food pictures?  I'll never know.  
Linking up with Katrina's Womb Service for this.

Soccer season has started!  We have 4 games on Saturday, and the three older boys have weekly practices from about 5-6.  I thought there would be a good chance that at least two of them would end up having practice on the same day, but nope!  Lucky us, we have to be at the field on Tues, Wed, and Thurs during dinner time.
I thought if I signed my kids up for soccer, I would be a soccer mom like her.  Hasn't happened yet.

My friend, Laura (who doesn't blog anymore) had a surprise 30th birthday party thrown by her sister, Bethany (who also doesn't blog anymore).  It was an 80's theme, and so much fun!
Bethany looked so 80's but Laura didn't know to dress up because obviously, it was a surprise!
 I even got to meet Ellen for the first time, who thankfully does blog!  Although I'm not sure the impression I made on her as I was feeling pretty sick that night.  Ah well, I'm awkward even when I feel 100% :)
My attempt at that decade.

I put tons of purple eye makeup on, and when Maggie saw me, she said "You look so pretty!" and when the boys saw me they giggled and said "What's wrong with your eyes?"  Ha!

Plans for the weekend include soccer games, watching the Patriots destroy the Bills in the first season game, a high school football game, a birthday party, and maybe I'll finally get around to cleaning the bathrooms.  Maybe.


  1. BLT's... yum. And you look so cute. Why do I feel that I always look "so 80's". I'm never in style, oh well. Great pic of the mini golf place! Can't believe it had so low light and came out so great!

  2. Oooh fun I love 80's themed parties, I might have to suggest this for my birthday next year. And you still have no noticeable baby bump. Jealous!

  3. You take great food pictures. How do I know? I wanted to eat all of it.
    And glowing mini golf? That sounds like the coolest place ever.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. we love groupons too! It is how we date, we buy them for the really fancy restaurants once a month :) We sometimes have our dates planned out 2-4 months in advance!

  5. Loved number 6! I have some purple plum eye shadow I love. And I'm sorry, but we are Buffalo Bills fans! I'm horrible at football bantering so all I'm going to say is "Go Bills!" =)~

  6. I don't know what's wrong with your pictures of food. But then, my husband takes all the pictures of food at our house, LOL

  7. I love love love a thousand times love Kraft Mac and Cheese. And hotdogs. SOOO unhealthy but SOOOO delicious. And now I am craving it!

    My husband loves Sweedish Fish. Maybe I'll go pick up some mac and cheese and Sweedish Fish at the store later!

    Have a good weekend!

  8. All of the food you posted = YUMM. As for JPII, I was just thinking the same thing... Oh to be in Rome when that happenes! I wish...

  9. I would sign all my kids up for soccer and the dog if I could LOOK like that!!! ha

    My boys have started listening to 80's music since the current music on the radio is so obnoxious.

    Great cravings by the way.

  10. So you want to look like a soccer mom who's pissed off, probably because she's constantly hungry?

    Also, your food all looks so dang good! Good golly, Colleen, it looks so yummy and fresh and healthy - minus the Swedish Fish, of course.

  11. And now I feel old...a party themed on the decade I was a teenager. You know kinda like my mom must have felt when I wanted to have a 50's themed party...

    Enjoy the weekend, friend. You are looking fine! : )

  12. As a Buffalo gal (who really doesn't care about football), you're probably right :)

  13. I love it when I get a glimpse into my future when you post comments on what your boys say and do. so funny about the makeup remarks!

  14. Ummm I so want to go to that indoor trampoline park!!

    And I have eaten so much boxed Mac and cheese. I don't know what it is! I'll have to start a new womb service link up since there are new pregnancies and cravings!

  15. Love the 80's outfit! My boys gave me some strange looks and comments once when I did the 80's makeup look too!

    Fried dough?? YUM! Now I am craving it!

  16. That food all looks delish, but then when do I not like food? NEVER.
    You and Phil could SO take on the Beckam's. She is awfully cute though. I SO could NOT take her on.

    Look how cute you are, even stuck in the 80's :)

  17. I have been eating the heck out of some BLTs the last few weeks too! I'm a little sad though because I only have one tomato left from our garden. Store bought just isn't quite the same!

  18. Our soccer starts in a week or two and it is at 6!!! For 3 yr olds. It is insane. I have to have my A game because I do dinner before soccer and I am co-coaching SOOOO I actually have to be there on-time/early.

  19. I love that pic of Posh Spice because I think her hair is so cool - and you are totally her these days it sounds like, well other than not being married to David Beckham... and that food - how is it that both you and Phil are such good cooks?
    End of summer activities look super fun!
    And Laura's party kind of reminds me of our 90s party - that was the best - haha I will have to post some of those pics on your bday - i'm sure you'll remind me ;)
    happy soccer filled weekend!

  20. WHY did you have to introduce me to a pregnancy link up!? :)

  21. I didn't grow tomatoes last year and this year I worked compost in before I planted them. It has been an AMAZING year for tomatoes, both flavor and output. I have definitely been loving my BLTs.

    My husband is Italian and they call the fried dough pizza frite. :) He liked your soccer mom picture, too. Got a chuckle out of it.

  22. Do they make Swedish fish in other colors?

    That fried bread looks wonderful! And that BLT....might have to make those this week!

    Love the 80's outfit!!

  23. Ah! I was gone this weekend for a wedding and thus completely out of the loop but luckily, Francine (a'la Bella Vita Dolce) was there and said you had written about us meeting! I'm sorry you weren't feeling well that night... you didn't let on like you were. What a good friend! Even so, I had sympathy-queasiness for you when you said you were 10 weeks! Week 10-15 were my worst and I remember it all too well. I hope you come out of the woods with it all soon!


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