Thursday, September 19, 2013

Maggie's Favorite Store

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After having the three boys, I dreamed of one day having a girl to do girly things with.  You know, the usual...buying cute dresses, braiding her hair, having tea parties, and of course, playing with dolls.  

Then along came my sweet Maggie with her very strong opinions on fashion, her deathly fear of braids, her disinterest in tea parties, but at least she loved her dolls!

Eamon teaching her how to bottle feed.

Maggie finds breastfeeding easier.

A princess for a princess.

Anyway, so when Maggie was turning four, her cousins started to brainwash expose her to all things American Girl.  Maggie would devour the catalogs and make lists for which baby doll she wanted.

She had finally settled on a particular Bitty Baby with blond hair and blue eyes.  And for her 4th birthday (almost 2 years ago...sniff...sniff), my little sister and I took our daughters to the American Girl Store near Boston and they were able to get their first dolls! 

 They were just a tad excited to get inside the store...but made sure to hold hands.

Once inside, Maggie changed her mind (it's a girl's prerogative!) and decided to get the Bitty Twin instead.  She named her Rosemary Margaret, which is her name backwards, loved on her all day long, and then promptly forgot about her.

I guess she's not my girly girl after all.

Ah well, maybe God has a girly girl in store (pun most definitely intended!) for me yet :)


  1. Dolls! That is the one thing I really missed having all boys.

    What a great outing--shopping for American girl dolls. I used to get their catalogs, even though I had no one to buy them for.

    Now, however, I have three granddaughters...

    The picture of big brother teaching baby sister how to bottle feed is a hoot (not to mention the "breastfeeding" one!).

  2. So cute. All 4 of my girls have been different levels of girly. I personally prefer Maggie's type of girly. Sofia is very similar. It is just inevitable due to being a girl followed by 3 boys. I do feel your position in the family shapes your personality. Anyway--yeah AG dolls. btdt. I think the bitty twin is perfect for her anyway. She is Irish twins with her brother ;)

  3. I really hope I can do the American Girl Doll store as a mom someday. Even if it's only for a day. Ah well, cars and trucks are fun too right?

  4. I love those baby pictures....too cute! My girls are really into AG, but they've never been to the store (they don't even know the store exists). LOL. Maggie may get back into AG (the dolls, not the bitty babies) when she is a bit older. Those dolls are really geared more towards the 8-12 crows.

  5. Colette was never a girly-girl because of all the brothers. It helps to have sisters to play with I think.

    I was never a girly-girl either. Playing with dolls or girl stuff is so boring to me. Cooking cleaning..ugh. I would rather be doing what the boys were doing. Anything outside!

  6. Maybe she'll be the artsy/crafty girl. My 8 y/o isn't into shopping, but she LOVES a good craft project!

  7. So I had a really clever comment all typed out this morning, but then the dog needed to be let out, and when I returned, a little lady was busy playing Sesame

    Needless to say, that comment is floating around in cyberspace somewhere.
    But I wanted you to know I was here, and I love ya, friend! : )

  8. Somehow an American Girl catalog got sent to our house and Cecilia spent daaaaays reading it for hours at a time, talking about all the things she would get for her birfday... Thankfully my sister and I have 3 hand-me-down dolls to give the girls, but if we have any more girls we might actually have to shell out for a new doll!

  9. Think about almost all girls who love dolls, in particular AG dolls. Our house is a sea of red at Christmas time and my hubs panics whenever he sees those red bags hidden in the trunk! Ha ha. It could be worse. On the honest side, they really do work hard saving for their AG things throughout the year,I.e. Dog sitting. And it takes about six months to pay for an outfit on their own, but it's a good lesson to learn :)

  10. Isn't that funny? My girls really don't play with dolls, either. The only time they get them out is when friends are over.

  11. I remember when she got that American Girl Doll!!! I don't think you are missing out on anything without a girly-girl...that Maggie is a spitfire!!!
    My girls never liked dolls....they enjoyed stuffed animals. (weird!)

  12. So sweet! Maggie is soooo cute! I bet that Junie won't be much of a girly gil since Addie is, but maybe I'll have two who love all that stuff. A mom can only hope ;)


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