Tuesday, September 17, 2013

He Said, She Said


Me (Reading from my favorite weekly pregnancy book): If this baby is a girl, she has 2 million eggs already!
Phil: What a waste since she's going to be a nun!

Xander loves to eat...and any activity is a reason to chow down...

Me: Let's get your shoes on.
Xander: Going to get somefin to eat?

(At 6 am, staring at my face as I pretend to sleep)
Xander: Have somefin to eat?
Me: Not yet.
Xander: Have a fruit snack?
Me: No, it's breakfast time.
Xander: Oh. Have cheerios?

Me: Xander, the kids are coming home from school!
Xander: Kids from 'cool?  Have somefin to eat?

John-Paul: I think I know where I got my cough from.
Me: Where?
J-P: Chloe.
Me: Oh, were you kissing her?
J-P: MOM! Geesh! Why do you always say stuff like that??

We had my 7 months pregnant friend, Laura over this weekend...

Andrew: Mom, your belly is bigger than Miss Laura's belly.
Me: You're my least favorite right now.

Eamon: Mom, who is your 3rd favorite football team? 
(He know my 1st is the Patriots and my 2nd is the Redskins)
Me: The Broncos, because they have Wes Welker.
Eamon: Me too.  Who is your 4th favorite?
Me: Probably the Seahawks because they have the prettiest costumes.
Phil: (big sigh) She means uniforms, Eamon.  Don't be like your mother.

And a sweet one from the man I love...

Me: That picture you took of my baby bump makes it look smaller than it really is because you're tall, and it's a flattering angle.

Phil: Well, then just imagine how beautiful you are from God's point of view.


  1. Xander is my kind of kid! I'm always looking for somefin to eat!

  2. "Don't be like your mother." Haha! I love that you have least favorite children, too. When Grace is extra ornery, it makes me feel better to think that she's my least favorite in that moment.

  3. Oh, that last one...be still my heart. Well done, Phil :)

  4. I agree with Mary..that last one was sweet sweet sweet.

    That Xander is cute and growing.FEED the kiddo. and I am sure you do!

  5. I need Xander to teach my Clementine to eat. She is the pickiest eater. If she were my first child, I'd be so stressed out by now.

  6. These were all so good (I can totally relate to Xander...unfortunately).

    But that last one takes the cake. You have a winner there (which I'm sure I don't have to tell you).


  7. Ha! Ha! Don't ever stop these posts! I die laughing each time :)

    You are quite beautiful from every point of view ;)

    Wait. Did that sound weird? lol.

  8. I love your baby. 'Cause I love to eat. : )

  9. Awwwwww, the last one, melted my heart. You gotta keep that Phil guy around!

    Love Xander. I got somfin to eat, come visit me!

  10. Ha...I think I like the first one and the last one best! Especially the first one!

    And, it looks like Xander and I have a lot in common. I'm always ready to eat too.

  11. These.Are.Hysterical. Except for the last one. Whatta great guy. Oh, and I think someone has a wedgie in that zoo photo.

  12. Xander and I would be such good friends! Also, I absolutely cannot handle his cuteness in your header photo. I mean REALLY!? That nose! Those hands!


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