Friday, October 4, 2013

7 QT

Happy Feast Day of St. Francis!  It's also Andrew's 9th birthday today, but I will post pictures of that after we celebrate tonight.

You know what I learned from asking your advice on finding out the gender of this baby? You all are opinionated!  I love it.  So many good points for both sides of the decision, but we've made up our mind, and as long as this pregnancy continues to be smooth sailing, we are NOT going to find out ahead of time.  Ahhhhh!

Maggie has been such a wonderful little girl lately. "I'm trying to be good so that God will give me a baby sister."  She is loving Kindergarten, and told me she wants to go to school all the time because she "loves to learn".

She gives us little love notes like this all the time.

She made me a "friend" to help me through my cold last week.  She's a "plaid-e-pus" and she's wearing plaid, of course. 
She is such an aggressive and good soccer player too:
Sporty spice and everything nice.
For her whole life, I've been saying that she's my hardest child, but she has just been so sweet and obedient lately, and I have a new troublemaker in the house now...

Only contained when he's drunk on milk and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

He's terrible lately.  Seriously, if I wasn't already pregnant, there's no way I would be trying for another one anytime soon.  His favorite phrases right now are "No, I do it!" "Gimme that!" and "You'll never get me now - hehehe".  Good thing he's cute.

I tried some real eggs for the first time, as opposed to store bought eggs, and they were delicious!  I see chickens in my future.

Our Scrub Daddy is dying a fast death.  I told Phil if this was the Scrub Mama, she would still be going strong.
Amiright, ladies?

You want a "bumpdate"?  

Here I am at 15 weeks:
John-Paul thought he could outdo my bump.  Poor, misguided sweetheart.

Okay one more picture, of my new 9 year old!

Have a wonderful 1st weekend of October everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday Andrew!

    You look so cute at 15 weeks!

    I love farm-fresh eggs, and I'm totally am getting chickens once we are in a house where we can have them.

  2. #5! Yes to #5! So funny!

  3. Ok it's decided. I need to immediately get pregnant again so I can experience the non-first baby, baby bump. Everyone in the world has a bump but me lol! If I wear regular clothes (a few things still fit) I almost look not pregnant at all. Maternity clothes make me look pregnant, but then people are super confused of why I went from not pregnant to super pregnant over night.

    Love the picture of Maggie playing soccer; she looks feisty! And Xander holding his belly after his milk snack? *melt*

  4. Happy Birthday Andrew! Man, these kids are growing up fast.

    Maggie, you are just too sweet. It would be nice if we got what we wanted based on good behavior, wouldn't it? Then I'd be a millionaire, have a nanny and be smokin' hot. ha! Would I be Victoria Beckham then??

    Bump date!! Woohoo!! Lily says it's cute. Gianna then wanted to see and I said, "that's my friend and she's having a baby" I pointed to your belly on the screen. She continued to stare, unimpressed and then said "where's the baby?" I told her the baby wasn't out yet and she continued to stare. Finally replied with "Oh." Like, how disappointing.

    Happy weekend to you! My cousin's wedding this afternoon and family photos with my extended family on Sunday. Hoping the rain stops so we can have them outside as planned.

  5. Happy Birthday to Andrew!
    Good of Maggie to cede her role as troublemaker to Xander; yup good thing they are cute.
    Great bump shot!!

  6. 4? you mean first time this pregnancy or first time in your life? Confused.

    and yes...I loved everyone's responses as well. They all had good reasons either way.

    happy 9th birthday

  7. I missed your post Monday somehow (oh, about I, busy? LOL). We always found out because the whole name thing. We needed to narrow down to boy names or girl names. :)

    you look great!

    and your Xander must be channeling his inner Vincent -- Vincent actually told me to "get out!" of his room recently when I came in to get him up. "No...I wah DADDY! Get out, Momma!!" ugh. It's a good thing he is cute, too.

  8. Plaid-e-pus! I love it! And the bump? I's adorable!

  9. Ha I just commented on the last post and you have already decided! Yaaaaaaay not finding out :) Maggie plaid-e-pus is adorable and so is Xander's "You'll never get me now! Hehehe!"

  10. That "plaid-e-pus" is so cute. What a sweet idea. I feel like that's something my husband would have made as a kid.

  11. How were the eggs better? I'm curious...not sure if I've ever had "real" eggs...Maggie you sweetheart, Xander you stinker, and Happy birthday Andrew!! Love the baby bump, cute as can be!!

    Happy weekend and God bless that birthday boy!

  12. Happy Weekend to you and your cute birthday boy!

  13. Happy birthday to your little man! Bless Maggie's heart.

  14. We got pregnant with Sam when Joe was 14 months old. When he turned 15 months he started becoming "terrible" and I told Ryan it was good thing we got pregnant when we did or else I wouldn't want to be pregnant at all!!!

    You look fantastic!

  15. Good decision! You look adorable!

  16. 1) happy birthday, Andrew!
    2) I didn't think there would be that big a difference between the fresh eggs from our organic farm CSA and the store bought carton. I was so wrong.
    3) You're adorable. And those legs are slender and lovely, lady, so you know you are not getting big all over. Just that cute little baby tummy.
    Almost makes me want to be pregnant again . . . alllllmost but not quite. Septimus sees to that.

    happy weekend! :)

  17. You look great...I am all..AAAGHHHHHH right with you on the finding out the baby's gender. I cannot wait either!!
    Happy Birthday to your 9yr old. That is a great age.

    Real eggs do taste different. I dont know why either!

    If I can do chickens...anybody can!

  18. Love Maggie's sweet little notes. I'm sure you're saving some for when she's older, it will be fun for you to look back on. :) Way to go on not finding out! The suspense is hard, but worth it!!

  19. Love that "plaidepus" and the #5 belly! So sweet!

    Found you via 7QT and would love for you to check out my blog! I'm having a giveaway today, too. :)

  20. I love not finding out early! Congrats on adding to you gorgeous family. :)

  21. That baby bump is so great!! Keep the bump pictures coming!


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