Friday, October 18, 2013

7 Quick(ish) Takes Friday

I am dragging today because I stupidly stayed up until 1:30 am talking with my husband.  I actually fell asleep on the couch from 8:30 to 10:30 which is my norm, but then when I moved to the bed, I couldn't fall back asleep, so I started talking Phil's ear off and we had some awesome discussions going and before we realized it, it was 1:30 in the morning!  Then Xander woke up a few times coughing during the night and calling for Daddy (I have them well trained!) and that 6:00 alarm went off way too soon.  But I still have this happy feeling that it was all worth it because we never stay up talking anymore, and it was much needed.  

One of the  things we discussed ad nauseum was the post I wrote this week about how motherhood is a vocation, not a job, and some of the nice but opposing points of view I got in the comments.  

What it all finally boiled down to was that it's just hard to read/hear about someone stating that what you don't/can't do is the ideal.  Especially when you feel the same way in your heart.  So even if the original article defending SAHMs wasn't meant to leave working moms feeling offended, it's difficult to know you're doing the opposite thing (working outside the home) when you are reading about why staying at home is so much more ideal. 

Y'all understand where I'm coming from right?  It's like when a mom gives her baby formula due to life's circumstances, and sees messages all around her about how breast is best.  The breastfeeding advocates aren't meaning to put down formula feeding moms, but that's just the overall feeling that formula feeding moms are left with.  

OK, onto more lighthearted things.  

Phil made 50 of these last night:
There may only be 49 left.  Or 48.
because we are going to a Cookie War at our church tonight, and he's been talking smack for years about how his cookies are the best.  Well, we'll find out who the winner is tonight, and all proceeds benefit the youth group at our parish.  It should be a fun and tasty evening!  My kids are so excited to vote for Dad's cookies "even if they are not the best".  To which Phil replies, "Oh, you don't have to worry about that."  He's a confident cookie man, that's fo' sho'.

After watching the Patriots game last weekend, Phil took a picture of the mark I left behind in our couch.  
True love, right? 

In other bum related news, Xander's newest horrible thing is that he calls people a "butt" to make them mad.  

In completely unrelated news, we have a 2 year old for sale.  He's going cheap.  Inquire within.

Dear Jim Gaffigan,
     Since I know you are bff's with my buddy, Cari, I'm pretty sure you read this blog.  Therefore, when we come to see you perform tomorrow night, if you want to give a shout out to Phil (not to me, I'll die from blushing) that would be super awesome.
  Someone who is half as funny and currently twice as fat.

Linky love time!
Have you all been reading Beth's story of MS and how she became pregnant at 44 years young?  You should, it's good, real good. Lisa is back to blogging after quitting the old facebook, and the angels are singing hallelujah.   Bonnie had a great post full of crafty ideas for an All Saints Day party, and I only dream I was 1/8 as talented to pull something like this off. 
And that's as good as it gets.

Michelle sent me that good.  Francine's quotes from her daughter were so funny, I want her.  Maybe a trade for Xander?  Kristin's love letter to her husband made me smile because I just love love.  Heather was hilarious and holy and inspiring all at once (how does she always do it?) with this post.  Katrina's baby bump is the envy of all pregnant women everywhere.  Too cute to hate.

I got my shirt for the Run for the Little Flowers in the mail.  

What was I thinking ordering a Medium??  
Come to think of it, why did I agree to do a virtual run at 4 months pregnant?  
Katie, will you accept a 5k waddle?  

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


  1. Okay. first: Cookie War -- details please? (i.e., how are funds raised? Who enters? How is the winner decided? I am looking for a community-building fundraising activity to do at our parish...)

    Hilarious about your picture! LOL I am not sure how I would feel about my husband doing that to me while I was pregnant...he never tried, I think that's probably a good thing.

    Good luck on your 5K

  2. Ohhh those cookies look delicious! I would have eaten 10 - that's impressive willpower!

    And that butt print! I hope Xander called Phil a butt for doing that!

  3. did you eat the cookies? maybe that chocolate is what kept you up all night! ha!

    the thing about that article/post/topic--and I did continue thinking about it all day and all night too--is that no matter what you say, you offend someone. But, overall--I just think the good part about it is here is this guy who loves his wife and is proud of her. My husband is much like him and just says stuff in defense of me no matter what I do or who I am he would be like "yeah my wife is awesome"--and that is how all men should be of their wives. I don't think he had a bone to pick about any certain lifestyle. It was a protect the wife thing.

  4. I feeling ya this morning; we stayed up to watch the Sox game; fun and nice couple time after the craziness of the past couple of weeks but yes draggin this morning.

    The cookies look delish; good luck tonight!

  5. Oh those cookies..... Can't wait to hear who the winner is...

  6. A cookie war?! I love it! What a fun idea. Let us know the results. :) Thanks for the link love! The way Grace has been behaving the past couple of days, a trade wouldn't be totally out of the question. ;) Oh, and aren't late-night conversations the best? Even if you have to pay for it in the morning.

  7. Nothing useful to say but that you're a great Mom!

  8. those shirts are beautiful, I want one! I totally got your post on mom vocations, not offensive at all, I couldn't agree more.

  9. You know how Ken looked at me when I was pregnant with V and said, "You're having a girl, since you look like crap"? And it didn't bother me? OH MY GOSH IF HE HAD TAKEN A PICTURE OF MY BUTTPRESSION ON A COUCH I WOULD HAVE DIED.
    You are a far, far more forgiving woman than I am, Colleen.

    p.s. Bring cookies and lasagna when you come visit next month.
    p.p.s I emailed my good friend Jim Gaffigan and you should be all set.

  10. Love that "building people" picture...awesome. :)

  11. I would kill Jason...and then forgive him if he made some extra cookies just for me ;) And holy crap have SO MUCH FUN at the Gaffigan show!!!! That is going to be awesome!!

  12. Hmmmm....I want some of those cookies!! They look wonderful. I vote for Phil.

    I clicked a couple of those links and I am excited there are more Catholic women out there that I didn't know and I'm kind feeling overwhelmed, because I just do not have time to get to know ANOTHER blogger.
    (but thanks for the links)

  13. Oh my goodness, you're silly. And I laughed at that crafty photo! Ha!

    Chris would definitely take a photo of my buttprint. Fortunately, we just have a futon that is so broken in that my prints won't show!

  14. Yes, I am extremely envious of Katrina's baby bump! She must not be eating quite as much meat and cheese as I am.

    Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad you are enjoying my never ending story...although, I think I am officially done now!


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