Thursday, October 17, 2013

Make Like a Tree...

...and LEAF!

Hahaha, don't really leave, I love it when you come and hang out with me!

I've been complaining to anyone who will listen (and believe me, the list gets shorter everyday) that there is just no good leaf-peeping this year.  We usually have beautiful, colorful foliage in the Fall in New England, but I'm thinking due to the extension of the warm weather, somehow the trees missed the leaf changing memo.

And then.


Then, I went on a walk after work one day, and saw these cute high schoolers walking together.  A boy and a girl, so sweetly glancing at each other and talking about who-knows-what.  It was a nonuniform day and they were probably relishing the fact that they looked "normal" out in public.

I was walking behind them, and due to their enamoration with each other, they were strolling slowly, and I was hoofing it as fast as pregnantly possible.  I realized I was going to have to pass them at the same moment I saw the most gorgeous reddish-orangeish tree.  Finally!  A tree named Autumn!

I wanted to take a picture of it because it's a rare sight this year, but I didn't want the cute couple to think I was taking their photo.  So I stealthily walked past them, propped my phone up just over my shoulder, turned it around, and snapped this photo:

Not too bad, slightly crooked, slightly blurry, but it adds character??

And that's my long winded submission for Theme Thursday: Orange today.  Go see better photos with Cari and Clan.


  1. Love this--both the tree and the lovebirds. :)

  2. Gorgeous!! I love the story that goes with it - long winded or not. :-)

  3. THAT is a glorious looking tree!!! Great capture.

  4. Love it. I love how she's playing with her hair and looking sort of shy, and he's so very engaged in speaking to her that he's not even watching where he's going.

    Ah, young love.

  5. This photo could be the cover of a book about chastity. I think you found a new calling.

  6. After more than 20 years living in NC, one of the things Dan still misses about MA is the fact that there are 4 distinct seasons and of course, the leaves in the fall.

    Are those kids wearing Tom Brady jerseys? I'm reading this on my phone so I'm not sure....

  7. be young and in love ...strolling on an autumn afternoon...Anyway...gorgeous tree!

  8. Gorgeous photo...and I love your sly picture taking ways

  9. Ahhh gorgeous! I was so hoping to catch the autumn leaves when we were in NY/CT a couple weeks ago, but there was very minimal color.

    Cute couple, and I love the story.


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