Thursday, October 31, 2013


Halloweenies...rhymes with Sweeney, which was my maiden name. 
 Colleenie Sweeney halloweenie.  

And someone's had too much sugar to type straight.  I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

John-Paul was a joke.  With an afro.  Because he's the whitest white boy and that's funny.

I had originally bought us all funny joke shirts to wear so we would have a family costume as a Comedy Club.  Clever and easy and not crafty at all.  Right up my alley.  But somewhere in the Halloween planning, certain kids decided to be other things, and the whole family idea went out the window.  

Like this girl who wanted to be a princess.  Same dress-up idea, different costume as every other Halloween past.

Andrew did wear his joke shirt (brownie points!) and then wanted to wear a lady's wig for kicks and giggles.

There's that Princess again.  Nurse Princess perhaps?  Always one to ham it up for the camera... her mother.

After many tears (he wanted a lady's wig too!) and frustrating costume changes, Eamon decided to be Mario, even though the costume was entirely too big.

Alexander was the cutest monkey at the zoo!

Group shot before we went to (and missed completely) the Halloween Parade.  Whoops!

So we did some early trick or treating before the family party.

At every house, Maggie would say "Trick or Treat!", followed by "Thank you and God Bless You!"  When I asked her why she was saying that she responded "Because Sister (her Kindergarten teacher) told me to!"  Oh, duh.  God Bless Religious teachers :)

"I gots candies and chocolates!!"

Get that monkey off your back.  Hehehe.

This little town has such cute houses:

We went to my brother's house and met up with family, like my niece, Bridget, as Miss Piggy:

And saw my brother's new puppy, Zoey:

And took a photo of 11 of the 20 (soon to be 21) cousins on the Sweeney side of the family.

 Did I ever tell you how much Xander loves dogs?  Has to pet them and know their name ("What's his name called?")  It's quite an appreciated change from when some of our other kids were little and terrified (ahem, Andrew) of canines.

Speaking of Andrew, we celebrated his birthday (9) along with cousin Megan's 14th birthday:

The loot we came home with was impressive for how few houses we actually went to.  BUt I guess that's what happens when you multiply the goodies by five kids.

We always take all the kids' candy and dump it into a family bowl.  Totally different from when I was a kid and we guarded our candy like it was gold and hid it where our siblings couldn't see it.  My hiding place was my Secret Drawer where all my treasures went.  It wasn't a secret at all, just the 4th drawer down in my bureau.

Excuse me, but I see a Twix calling my name.  


  1. Yummy! And so put those images of New England on your blog on purpose…just to make us Midwesterners JEALOUS! I mean, is Halloween anymore at home in New England than anywhere els???? Sleepy Hollow anyone???!!! Thanks for sharing cute pics of your kiddos! Hugs!!!

  2. Even if the comedy club idea didn't work out, they're all still so cute! :-)

  3. We do the family candy bowl too! That way the parents get 3 pieces of candy for every 1 piece the kids get. LOL

  4. Can I just say how much I love the fact that your kids don't all fit on the bench? Love the costumes!

  5. Twix are my favorite, too! Looks like y'all had a really fun time, even though you missed that parade. Were the kids upset? Looks as though the fun afterward more than made up for it! I LOVE the homes in that area. And the leaves. (We don't have a lot of leaves until Christmas?) Mine are just turning now. Great photos! Cute kids!

  6. Love the costumes!! And the jokes! I really like the jokes...and that cute little princess nurse and that monkey, oh, I love the monkey!

    Oh, and the striped witch tights, very cool!

  7. Your kids look great! And I can only imagine how difficult it would be to get everyone to agree on a theme! Maybe when they get older.

    My kids guard their candy as well. However, they should probably hide it because much of it seems to disappear when they are at school! ;)

  8. yes the family stash... we just had that conversation last night. One of the boys wanted his own stash to hide. I think its easier when its everyone's.

  9. I love these pics! Especially with all 5 of them. They are just getting so cute and OLD! It looks like it was a blast!
    I appreciate the new england houses, so thank you. And Bill is such a dog person and thinks that we need one so I'm staying strong on the NO for as long as I can... because I would have to take care of it!!!
    Loving your tights, too!


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