Friday, November 1, 2013

7 Quick Saintly Takes

Happy All Saints Day!  Thank you to Catholic Icing for the Saintly Costume ideas, because we all know I can't think creatively, much less actually make homemade costumes!

John-Paul is St. Dominic Savio.


Eamon is St. George.

Maggie is St. Mary Magdalene.

My future Saints (hopefully!)

I keep thinking about how amazing the Communion of Saints is, and how lucky we are to have their examples.  When I read about Catholics fighting over the right way to celebrate holidays, or mothers arguing over the proper way to raise children, or even get sucked into the working vs. stay at home debating myself, I have to stop and reflect.  

It would be so boring if we all did everything exactly the same in praising Our Lord and being good Christians to one another.  God has shown us how much He appreciates diversity, and we should too!  He gave us thousands of examples of what it means to be a Saint.  And they are all so different, there's no one cookie cutter way to live in order to gain Eternal Life.  How amazing is it that someone like St. Augustine or Mary Magdalene is frolicking around Heaven with the likes of St. Therese and Padre Pio?  Heaven is going to be an awesome party!  I hope I get an invite :)

{Phil read this post and said, "You already have an invite to Heaven, it's just up to you how you will RSVP."  I love that man.  So smart.}


  1. You did a great job on the costumes! Your kids look awesome.

    And, yes!, to #7.

  2. Great pictures! Excellent point!

  3. Great post! St. Dominic Savio is the patron Saint of my sweet Dominic. :)

    All Saints day has always been one of my favorite Holy Days...

  4. That's how Jude always talks about heaven, "When I get to heaven, it'll be a HUGE PARTY!"
    Indeed it will, Jude. Indeed it will.

    Also, Maggie's my patron saint! She's rocking the wig.

  5. Here here Colleen! Words of wisdom! Excellent costumes, and I chucked at Mary Magdalene!

  6. LOVE this post (and the costumes!).

  7. Wish there was a Saints party around my area. Very cool costumes. Homemade ones are the only way to go.

  8. Maggie looks like a rock star -- which, let's face it, St. Mary Magdalene is a heavenly rock star. :)

    I love their costumes. I wish our school did an All Saints parade - that is something even I would get crafty for!

  9. I love that she has a bottle of perfume!

  10. I think Mary Magdalone is my favorite.

  11. Maggie in black hair - WOW! She looks way different.

  12. Okay, how many wigs do you OWN? I totally need to start stocking our dress-up bin with wigs :P

  13. I've been so excited about this post all week! I will definitely have the girls in saint costumes next year! I just don't know how you and so many moms do double duty!
    The kids just look adorable and I love your number 7.
    Happy Saturday and hope you're feeling well!

  14. Mary Magdalen is my favorite!! (she even has perfume ready to put on Jesus' feet!)


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