Monday, October 14, 2013

(Long) Weekend Wrapup

We started out the weekend by celebrating my better half's birthday.
Xander kept saying "It's YOUR birthday today!"

The kids were less than thrilled I didn't put 33 candles on the cake, but we only had two.
Sorry, ladies, he's taken!

He's always wanted an immersion blender.  I know.  Swoon ;)

She bought you an immersion blender and called it a present?  Hahahahahahaha!

Redskins Family stickers for the van.
(Don't worry, my van has a Patriots family!)

Guys, do you know what this is?

WOAH!  Jim Gaffigan tickets!!

And speaking of tickets, he scratched, and the kids hoped, but we only won $2.

A bunch of losing scratch tickets?  You call that a present?
And just who asked you, Xander B.?

On Saturday, we had four soccer games, as per usual.  But per unusual, it was CRAZY HAIR DAY!  And I actually remembered!  That never happens!

Maggie would only get as crazy as pigtails...

...with two different colors.

Eamon went for the sleeked down business man look with a pop or two of color:

John-Paul rocked the orange 'hawk:

And Andrew just went crazy, colorful and spikey:

Sunday morning brought chilly temps and a good excuse to cuddle in our bed and watch cartoons:
Even the cat was looking for a warm spot.

The Redskins family made it onto The Beast.  Even future baby is there.  And so advanced- already crawling!

Then we drove to the Cranberry Harvest Festival, and let the kids dangle from wires:

And met up with Clan Donaldson
(Insert funny captions ~ I'm running out of steam...)

There was even pony riding!

And train riding for everyone but Ken and I, whom I like to refer to as the smart ones.

On Monday, we started the day out with Mass, and then a trip to the donut store, the Mall, and later on for ice cream and a playground trip.  On the way home, we saw a HUGE ship in the harbor by our house - from Sweden!! 

So now we're all wiped out and 5/7 of the Martin Family is sleeping soundly (or maybe 6/8 if you count the one in my belly?) and I'm going to go recharge with some mindless TV watching and a cup of chai tea.  I hope your weekend was just as fun and tiring!


  1. I can personally attest that the lasagna that was made for Phil's birthday was DELICIOUS.

  2. Your life...SAME! I've been trying to convince Tim to let me get Redskin family decals for the car! Also, (ssshhh, he doesn't know) I bought him Jim Gaffigan tickets for Christmas...he's coming to DC in January!

  3. Xander looks so much like Phil!! Love the crazy hair.

  4. 4 soccer games?!?!? I am coaching my 3 yr old this season and my 20 month old I am sure will want to follow in sister's footsteps. Thoughts on when she does turn 3 should I sign her up to play on big sister's 4/5 team. Is that worth it? 4 games (which means 4 practices) sounds like a logistical NIGHTMARE... Enlighten me oh experienced soccer mom!

    1. It is the stuff nightmares are made of :)

      We have 4 kids on 4 different teams, and 4 games and 3 practices each week (Maggie's Kindergarten team doesn't have practice during the week). But, we do it because they all play for the same league, so all the games are at the same fields, and sometimes they even overlap! Phil and I just take shifts on Saturday mornings, like he'll bring the kids with the first 2 games, and I'll come later with the other two and hand off the baby so he can go back home.

      Honestly, we always look for sports that make this as easy as possible (same league, same team, same practice times, whatever) and never want our kids to feel like they can't play a sport that they want to just because we have so many kids.

      Swimming and track and tennis are the best for us, because they can all go at the same time once a week. Basketball is hard, but soccer is the hardest! Luckily, it's only 2 months!

  5. REDSKINS?! Say it ain't so!

    Looks like a great weekend.

  6. Hey, immersion blenders are awesome gifts, Mr. Xander! ;-) Rob got one for being a 10-year employee of the hospital (weird gift, right?) and I took it.

    Our cross country season just ended, and not a moment too soon. We were getting killed in the schedule department. Witness the non-existent blog. But we still have dance and color guard going, and basketball coming up. I am a super pro at driving my giant van through the city now, with all the picking up and dropping off I have to do.

    But fun (if exhausting) weekend!

    Miss the blog world, miss you. :(

  7. Oh, Xander on the horse, those are my favorite pictures!! He's a brave little boy!!

    Love the van stickers too!
    Glad you had such a great weekend!
    Happy birthday to your hubby again!

  8. Oh, I forgot to add that I got an immersion blender this past summer and we use it for making scrambled eggs with cottage cheese, some of the kids love them...some do not, but I do! Lots of protein that way!

    Just thought you'd like to know....

  9. I just loved reading through this! I did it with Bill. He came home after a long shift, sat on the couch and I said here, this is what you will want to do first - read what the Martins did this past weekend.
    Happy bday to Phil!!! Great gifts! And super funny captions. We love Jim Gaffigan, but who doesn't? It cracked me up that the Maggie sticker is bigger than the Eamon one - cute. All their hair rocks!
    And hanging out with Clan Donaldson looked awesome!
    Hope you are feeling well!


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