Friday, October 11, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

It's Phil's birthday today!  
33 and as handsome as can be:
Awwww, isn't that romantic?

Maggie started celebrating a little early ;)
Don't worry Mom, it was empty!
We will party hard tonight with a lasagna dinner and sheet cake for dessert.  That's what I could finally coax out of Phil as to what he wanted for his birthday dinner.  My kids have it all planned out for weeks, but Phil hates making me do any extra work or having anyone go out of their way for him at all.  It's something I love about him, but also makes my gift-giving love showing personality hard to please.

I put this photo on my Instagram, but this cookie was so good that I can't.stop.thinking.about it. 

 I usually only like ATK Chocolate Chip Cookies, but this was the first time I had a bakery cookie that truly surpassed my expectations.  Best part?  They sell them at my kids' soccer games!  Guess who will be showing up more often??  Kidding, sort of.

This is a terribly blurry picture, but just look at my Xander and my friend's daughter out in the middle of a huge field sitting and having a conversation.  The sweetest!
Oh my gosh, I bet our moms are totally planning our wedding right now.
Moms are so embarrassing.
I went to Maggie's "Muffins with Mom" at her school yesterday, and was able to capture her singing/praying these two songs.  I love Catholic schools! 

Maggie is really developing a great sense of holiness and responsibility this year.  Her teacher told me she was such a good girl in school, and that Maggie told her she was being good because that's what makes Mom and Dad happy.

The other day, she was reading a Saints book and was so sad that it didn't have a St. Margaret in it.  Phil explained that there are so many saints, they couldn't fit them all in one book, and then he said "One day, maybe kids will be reading a book about the story of St. Margaret Martin" and her eyes got real big and she teared up and said "Oh, I so want to be a Saint!" Melted my heart.  Right there on the floor.  A big puddle of heart goo.

Lindsay's birth story of her EIGHTH baby was so beautiful and touching, you must go read it.  It felt very similar to my labor with Maggie, and I'm really praying for another one like that.  And speaking of babies, my long-time friend, Beth, who blogs at A Mom's Life, made a huge announcement last week.  Show her some love and prayers, if you don't mind.

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You can't win if you don't play :)

Have a wonderful LONG Columbus Day Weekend everybody!


  1. Happy Birthday, Phil! Maggie is a sweetie:)

  2. Happy Birthday awesome hubby of Colleen!

    You two are sooo young...


  3. (Visiting from Jen's blog!)

    What a cute family! Happy birthday to your hubby! I hope that you guys have a great night. (Gotta say, your dinner plans sound pretty awesome to me! I've been having bad morning sickness and haven't really cooked in three months , , , and now lasagna sounds amazing!) Have a great weekend!

  4. Colleen, someday when she's old enough, maybe Maggie would like Finding Grace. The book begins when my little heroine is inspired by a similar comment from her dad to become a saint! My character is 13 when it happens to her. It's so sweet the way your young daughter reacted to what your husband said. It makes me a little teary, thinking of her eyes tearing up that way. You have a special little girl there.

  5. Happy birthday to Phil!
    Thursday is Music day for Lisbeth; love the singing I sometimes get to hear coming from the backseat as she sings the songs she has learned.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out Colleen! I appreciate any extra prayers right now.

    And how precious that Maggie wants to be a saint. So very adorable.

  7. Oh, Maggie! That is so beautiful!
    Happy birthday to Phil! You have me craving lasagna now.

  8. I am a big ol pile of heart too reading these 7 takes. You are blessed. And then have the grace to pass on that goodness to all of us. Thanks!

  9. The link to Lindsay's birth story goes to a recipe post on your blog, FYI.

    1. Thank you - all fixed now! But babies and cookies are pretty much equally delicious, right?

  10. Oh my goodness, Maggie's comment made me tear up too! How beautiful!

  11. Happy Birthday day to your hubby. Spoil him. He deserves it.
    Thanks for that link to that mama expecting her 3rd baby at the age of 44. what a neat video. Made me cry!

  12. Happy Birthday to your husband! And oh man, do I hope I can be as good of a parent as you are to have Magge say such a sweet thing!

  13. What a sweet Maggie! And...ummm, if your husband is only 33, then I am assuming you are that young and...well, holy moly I feel really old now.

    :) Happy birthday to your husband!

  14. Happy Birthday Phil!

    Maggie's comment is so is her singing. I love it when my kids say stuff ilke that.

  15. Happy birthday to Phil! Hope you have a wonderful celebration tonight!

    Maggie is just the sweetest! :)

  16. Can't even handle her super serious, focused face and then the sweet little smile she gives when she's done!!!! By the way, you can turn your phone to avoid black bars :).

  17. Awwwwwwwww, that Maggie, sooo sweet! Now, to keep them like that FOREVER!! Happy birthday to your sweet hubby!

  18. Happy bday to Phil....:) Love your pics. Thanks for sharing! Terrific QTs

    Have a great weekend

  19. Happy birthday to Phil. I'm not a fan of bakery cookies myself. If I'm going to waste all those calories on cookies, I want really good ones and I find homemade cookies have much more taste.

  20. Happy birthday, Phil! And that clip of Maggie was so sweet. :)

  21. Maggie is my kind of girl, swigging a beer in one take, dreaming if sainthood in the next. Love it!

    Happy birthday to Phil!

  22. Being a Margaret Martin myself I was wondering what is her middle name? I met another Margaret Elaine Martin in England. She called herself Elaine and said she hated her first name. Of course I asked what it was...Margaret. LOL


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