Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pro Life Ain't Just About Abortion

Last Sunday was Respect Life Sunday, and we are in the middle of a 40 Days for Life campaign, so what better time to talk about what being pro-life means to me?  

When you hear the phrase "pro-life", you probably immediately think of abortion, right?  Which is a great thing because it means that all of our efforts against abortion are working!  And what can we do to try to help stop this holocaust known as abortion?  We first and foremost must pray! 

 Both privately:

and publicly:

Many, many uneasy minds have been changed at the last minute upon walking into an abortion clinic and seeing a peaceful prayer group of complete strangers praying to save that baby's life.  I've seen it with my own eyes.  It's amazing.

{Side note: Yes, we bring our kids to pray with us outside the lone abortion clinic in our Diocese.  No, they do not know the horrors of abortion.  They haven't asked.  We tell them we are praying for all the babies in their mom's bellies, and that's been enough for them.  When they are old enough to seriously inquire about it, we will pray for the guidance to tell them in an age appropriate way.}

But there's so much more to being pro-life than praying against the evils of abortion.  Or voting pro-life every time we enter the voting booth.  Both are necessary, but they are also the bare minimum if we truly want to call ourselves pro-life.  Because being pro-life means respecting all LIFE, in all forms, ages, abilities, races, genders, etc.  

Being pro-life is something we should be able to show through our actions in everyday life.  

It's the married couple who may not have the perfect house, or a college tuition saved up, but decide to be open to God's Will and realize having another baby is not a hindrance but a blessing.

It's the friend who brought me two home cooked meals when I was in the throes of morning sickness, even though she has 8 kids of her own to feed.

It's our high-school students who are planning a dance at the nursing home to bring some entertainment and excitement to the elderly.

It's the preschool teacher who offers free babysitting to her friends with children, because she feels that this supports them in their vocation.

It's the opportunities provided by our schools and churches to constantly be giving and donating to those less fortunate - money for the St. Vincent de Paul Society, groceries for the food pantries, blankets and coats for the homeless shelters, toys for children who would normally go without at goes on and on.

It's the parents who feel the strong calling to become foster parents or adopt a baby who needs a family, and are willing to sacrifice everything to be able to make it happen.

It's giving that last dollar in your wallet or hot coffee you just bought to the beggar on the corner.

It's perhaps not buying the bigger house, and increasing your charitable donations instead.

It's holding the door for the handicapped person, and treating them the way that God sees them, which is perfect since He does not make mistakes.

It's smiling at a stranger who may not see another happy face for the rest of the day.

It's holding back a snarky or mean remark that could wound someone's spirit worse than we realize.

It's my parents, whom after every big family party/holiday, bring the leftovers to the Franciscan Friars and Sisters who only eat when food is given to them.

It's serving our family with love and gratitude for the lives with which we've been entrusted.

We have plenty of opportunities every single day to be pro-life, and we don't need to wait for a big event to show where we stand on the issue.  The way we live our lives should allow people to see that, and encourage them to do the same.  


  1. I love this and have to share on the 'thefacebook' :)

  2. Aw geez, Colleen! This totally brought tears to my eyes! (Must be the hormones.) I love your list of how to actively live a pro-life life!

  3. Well said! We are need to remember this, that ALL life is precious.

  4. Beautiful post, Colleen!

  5. Colleen, Bless you and your family for bringing awareness in your blog today! I too am pro life and pray for the mommies who feel there is no way, but to abort. We are currently in the process of adopting a baby that could of very easily been aborted. We are happy this mom made the right choice to give it up ,and feel blessed she chose us . In our town 2 abortion clinics have already shut down I think it is the power of the holy spirit!
    Thank you Jesus for your post today!

  6. compassion for everyone. you never know what or where that person has been or going through. Life is tough. A lot of hearts are hurting and I think it is good to give money but there are a lot of lonely people out there. Visiting the elderly is so important.

  7. Amen. Beautiful. The way we treat others is such a testament to being pro life!!

  8. Exactly! Actions can really speak volumes.

  9. Amen, amen, amen. Pro-life, from conception through natural death.


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