Thursday, October 10, 2013

Double Vision

Yesterday I drove from work towards my midwife's office a few towns away, only to get the call that my appointment was cancelled (again) because a woman was in labor (again) and my midwife was stuck at the hospital (again).  

She is a one-pony show, and does all the office visits and all the labor and deliveries, so needless to say, she's a busy bee.  And even though my initial reaction to the news that yet another woman had gone into labor during one of my appointments was "How rude!", how can anyone fault a baby for being born?  I mean it would be nice if they did it on someone else's time, but sheesh ;)

So, I turned my car around and was heading back home when I realized that this cancellation meant I had time to take a quick 3 mile walk all by my lonesome before I had to meet Phil at the soccer fields for practice.  

I pulled into a town where I lived for one beautiful summer, and took a stroll past the ocean, and beaches and out to a lighthouse, where I saw these two (or some could say "double") little cottages that made me feel like I was back in Ireland.

It's just bathrooms.

And the gorgeous lighthouse:

On my way back, I passed by this street with not one, but two (double!) signs - one normal, and one that was a big anchor (can you tell this is a coastal beach town?)

After the soccer practice and dinner, I had to eat two (double!) servings of my (yes Mine All Mine) Double Chocolate Milanos.  Mmmmmm.

And you know what happens when you eat double portions of double chocolate cookies, right?  Your belly doubles in size:
You've been warned.


  1. and the end of this post should be"
    ...and I am doubly blessed -- its twins!"

    seriously though, that's one of the reasons I don't do midwives. same thing happened to me...i would rearrange my schedule to see the midwife only to get there and then oops sorry someone is having a baby now, you can just wait here until they have the baby---umm what? some people are in labour for days.

  2. I thought you were going to say you have twins!

  3. I love the little cottages! I was so disappointed to see that they are bathrooms, oh well, you gotta have those two and they might as well be lovely. Your belly is too too cute. Eat cookies.

  4. Cutest bathrooms ever! And you know the baby needs those cookies for strong brain development - eat them up ;)

  5. You keep talking about twins and watch what happens! Lol.

    Love the chocolate milanos but I have no excuse to indulge, I'm not pregnant anymore.

  6. Love these; especially the cottages and cookies!

  7. If your midwife is who I think it's it, she's totally worth the inconvenience of having cancelled appointments. And, walks by yourself are awesome...totally worth it it as well!

  8. Babies need cookies. I'm sure there is research someplace to back that up. And such lovely little cottages!

  9. Aren't you the cutest?! I had an OB who was that busy and it used to drive me bonkers, until I figured out it was because he really was that awesome. With the wait.

    Walks alone? What're those? ;)

  10. Uh, I know I am behind on blog reading but how can I have not known you were preggers?? Congrats! Love the shots. :-)

  11. Love the lighthouse...and the cookies. : )

  12. Except I don't have an excuse to eat them.

    Well...does PMS count?

  13. Oh, you are doubly blessed to live so close to the ocean!!! Love the ocean pics. And I'm loving that belly!

  14. Such great shots - especially loved the lighthouse!

  15. Did you take that lighthouse shot?!! I NEED that printed in my house. I really love it that much.


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