Wednesday, November 20, 2013

22 Weeks 3 Days

What's that?  You want another pregnancy update on baby Martini? Ask and you shall receive, my friends.  

I guess I'm technically just about 5 months pregnant, and it is going soooooo slowly.  Also, I'm having a lot of different pregnancy symptoms than I can remember from the other five.  I am exhausted all the time (no 2nd trimester relief), feel light-headed a lot, and have an insatiable thirst which makes me think I might have gestational diabetes again.  I've been taking the best iron supplements and going to bed early, drinking plenty of water, and just cut back on my sugar intake (darn you Halloween!) to see if I can get it under control.

Dress: Old Navy Maternity
Ankle Boots: Kohl's
Maroon tights for a pop of color.
Weight gain according to my home scale is 13 pounds, but when I'm dressed and in shoes at the end of the day and weighing in at my midwife's office, it says I'm 16 pounds heavier.  Whatever the baby needs, I suppose.  I still get the "Are you having twins?" and "You must be due soon!" comments, and I just smile and vow to look better after 6 kids than they do :)  

I'm exercising 6 days a week for about an hour at a time, just less intensely than before.  So now I walk hills, or do the elliptical, or the Arc Trainer and lift weights.  Working out is still my mental "high" that helps my mood and anxiety so much, and everybody's happier after I get my sweat on.

I'm reading the Hypnobirthing book, but I am pretty much the opposite of earthy-crunchy-granola, and a lot of it isn't sitting well with me.  No pain in labor?  Puh-lease.  I think I just need to approach this labor as I do my races...prepare as best I can, and then hope for an out-of-body experience!

Some reasons I think it's a girl:
I had the insatiable thirst and gestational diabetes with only Maggie's pregnancy, so maybe it's a girl thing.
Maggie is praying so hard for a sister, and I can just imagine Our Lady interceding on her behalf.
My humps, my humps, my lovely lady humps are bigger (no not those humps, I'm talking rear ends and thighs and hips).
I crave chocolate and baked goods all the time.

Some reasons I think it's a boy:
Past history.  Duh.
Ken says I'm not ugly enough for it to be a girl.  (You're my favorite, Ken!)
Phil keeps saying it would be so cool to have 5 sons, and I think St. Joseph is interceding on his behalf.
I would love Alexander to have a little boy buddy close in age to him.

So as you can see, we will honestly be happy either way!!

There are so many other pregnant mommies in Blogland right now:

(and a few other friends that haven't made it public yet!!) 

 I am praying for all of you, along with my kids who pray for "All the babies in their mommy's bellies" every morning on the way to school.

We are still playing the dreaded name game, and Phil is still busy nixing all my ideas.  For the girls we have a couple nicknames we like, so we are working backwards to decide on her name.  And for the boys, I want something unique and/or Irish, and Phil wants more mainstream.  But, as I love to remind him, the one who pushes the baby out gets an extra vote.  Right?


  1. We did the nickname first thing, too. Back when we thought one of the pregnancies might produce a girl, we liked Molly--but we wanted the official name on the birth certificate to be Margaret or Maureen. Same with our son, Jack. My husband's dad was Leo John, but he always went by Jack. So our Jack is officially John Patrick, but no one has called him John since 1st grade, when Sr. Ann refused to acknowledge that he'd never been called that in his life!

    You look great, by the way. And I think it's fantastic that you exercise for an hour six days a week. No wonder you looked so good after having five--and I'm sure you'll do the same after #6. :)

  2. You look great, Colleen, and anyone who says that you look like you're having twins or ready to deliver tomorrow is CRAZY because you obviously are not even close to being that size. If I have six kids, I hope I can look as good as you!!

  3. You look fabulous! Now that I'm back to my pre-college weight I think it's time for me to have a baby... :-) Too bad it's not in the cards right now! All in God's time!

  4. Ken's a sweetheart, isn't he?
    I think your pregnancy is going really slowly, too. Or maybe I'm just so anxious to meet the newest Martin. If it's a boy, can I snag him for Veronica?

  5. So sorry you're not feeling as well! And I don't think you look big at all! I was always huge out front with all of mine. It's funny to hear you talk about the tired - I was WAY more tired with my 5th than with any of the others. I chalked it up to being almost 40 at the time. I think your body just has to work harder. I also had gestational diabetes - with my 3rd and 4th, but not with my 5th. And they tested me twice with him just to be sure. I found that my big trigger was not so much sweets, but carbs in general. Pizza especially would shoot my blood sugar up. I think if you stick primarily with fruits, veggies and good protein, you may be able to regulate much better. Feel better soon!

  6. Twins??? Please!!!! You look so small to me! Perhaps it's because I'm three weeks behind you, have gained 23 pounds and look way bigger than you!

    Super cute outfit, by the way!

  7. What a blessing all those mamas and all those babies!

    You look great. Rub rub rub that belly!

  8. What a great bump shot, you look amazing!
    And definitely get an extra vote!!

  9. I think it's interesting some of the things that are similar about my pregnancies with each gender. Besides the heart rate thing...I ALWAYS had to do the 3 hour glucose test with my boy pregnancies and passed the 1-hour glucose test with flying colors with my girls!!

  10. I think you look fab. The more kids we have the harder it is to name them. I'm due in 6! Days and we cant agree on a name. Thank you for the prayers! Right back at you!!!

  11. Hmmm . . . I'm going to say "girl" because I think you look great, and I looked best with my girl pregnancies. I had great hair, great nails, felt calm and happy. My boy pregnancies/deliveries were so hard, especially that last little stinker.

    But either way, this baby will have lots of buddies. :)

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  13. Colleen, you look great! Way to work out like a boss through it all! I'm on team Maggie with this one ;) Every little girl needs a sister!

  14. Colleen, You look so wonderfuly beautiful. I hope you are just taking it all in and enjoying your special time.
    I wish I could reach and give you a nice belly rub..

  15. You look fabulous..and you definitely don't look big at all! And, I think it's a girl. And, I think you should name her Amelia, with the nickname "Molly" Molly is Irish, right? LOL

  16. You look GREAT!!! I think you should get to name everyone of them….I know for a fact that he hardly did any work. Well, it's not considered work. :) LOL! I hope you are able to bypass the diabetes thing; that isn't fun. Rest up Mama!

  17. You look so great, Colleen! Keep it up, mama. Almost there!

  18. Truly! You look beautiful!

  19. You look fabulous!! I do not get the twins comment at all. So impressed with your workout routine while not getting a second trimester break!

  20. You and baby Martini look so sweet. How cute you are!!
    And whoa, that's a lot of baby mamas you know out there. yowzers!
    I cannot wait to hear your baby's name for the first time and see his or her dear face. For Maggie's sake, I'm thinking girl, but I've been wrong a lot lately.

    Give little Martini some lovin' from MN!

  21. You look great!! And I'm just loving how many fellow bloggers are pregnant right now :) Your kids' prayer is so sweet.

  22. I am thinking girl for sure!

  23. you look SO good. And I love that outfit. And if I look even 1/2 that great at 4.5 weeks along with #6 (if we are lucky enough) .. I'll be jumping for joy.

  24. I honestly don't get the twins/must be due soon comments at all. You look awesome! I am hoping for a girl for Maggie - sisters are so fun. :)

  25. You look so good Colleen!
    And don't worry about the hypo stuff - I'm not into the super crunchy either, but I read it and I do think it helped me relax a bit more, which is worth something, I mean, its no pain free, but something!

  26. You look wonderful! Thank you for the kind remembrance in your family prayers! How thoughtful!!


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