Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bits of Tid Tuesday

Oh so many things going through my mind...

I need to stop buying things.  I just got winter boots for me from Zulily, basketball sneakers for J-P from Kohl's, some super cheap maternity dresses from Old Navy, and a baby wrap from some parenting website.  Why did I buy them all?  Because they were either on sale/clearance, I had a big coupon, or free with shipping and handling.  It's like I can't pass up the deal but really I should.  I think maybe if I call it nesting, I can get away with it?  Right, honey?

Every week I come up with a new boy name and girl name.  Phil actually liked the girl name this week, so perhaps we have a winner!  I just have so many girl names I like and so few boy names I like (left) and I think this baby will go unnamed for awhile.

I signed up the four older kids for basketball this weekend through our town's recreation league.  It's only $10 per kid for the season, which is way less money than CYO (and only JP is old enough to do CYO anyway).  I requested that Maggie and Eamon get placed on the same team and Andrew and JP get placed on the same team, so we only have 2 sets of games/practices to schedule.  

Soccer is over!  Now we have almost 2 months sports-free until basketball starts!  I love having the extra family time around the holidays!

Eamon scored three goals in his last game (including the winning goal), and one of his teammates picked him up at the end, and he's still talking about it!

I want to do a simple Christmas this year, and only buy the kids 3 gifts each (which is still a lot of gifts in total).  I tend to buy and put things aside during the year and then when it comes to Christmas, I have too many gifts!  I love my kids, and I tend to show my love through gift giving, and so it is really hard for me to reign it all in.  But 2013 is the year I'm gonna do it, I can feel it!

Phil and I talked about Christmas gifts for each other, and we don't want anything except an overnight in New York City before Baby #6 arrives.  So who wants to babysit 5 kids??  

I finally started to feel the baby move yesterday!  I'm 20 weeks, and was getting a little worried! The same thing happened with my last pregnancy, and when I had the ultrasound, she said the placenta was on my belly side, so the baby had to get strong enough to kick hard enough for me to feel it through that extra layer.  I think the placenta must be in the same position for this one, and we'll find out next week for the ultrasound!

My favorite snack lately:

Dried bananas and Toasted Coconut Almonds - like Hawaii in a bowl :)


  1. You are one smart mama…doubling up the kiddos for sports teams!!! And $10 is super cheap! I thought our $35 small town Parks & Rec fees were good! The kids go to school in Olathe and that KC suburb is huge (as in 34 elementary schools, 9 middle schools, 4 high schools huge so their Parks and Rec dept. charges hundreds of dollars to do soccer/baseball/basketball, etc. I *heart* small town living!

    Oh and Hawaii in a bowl sounds delicious!!!

  2. We'll watch the kids! Drop them off, we'll drive you to the take the Amtrack station in Hartford, and pick you up when you're done.
    I'm serious. It'll be our baby gift to you.

    Also, we do the three gift thing with our kids. I like it a lot.

    1. This is very nice. you should take her up on it!

  3. You are so lucky with the fees on sports. Cheapest here is 100 a child everywhere. even our YMCA is about 100 per sport.

  4. I have my ultrasound next week too! I can't wait to find out what I'm having. We're struggling with names here too. I have my favorites and my husband has his. Looks like one of us is going to have to give.

  5. I agree on having tons of girl names I like and so few boy names! And the few boy names I like, Stephen instantly rejects haha. Yay for feeling the baby move!!

  6. We do 3 gifts plus a "Santa" gift. And they have stockings, which are usually filled with tiny things - candy, underwear, toothbrush, etc. And $10 for basketball?? Wow. Ours is about $130 for the season and we've already started.

  7. I love those toasted coconut almonds! And no else likes almonds here, so they are mine all mine (which can be a bad thing . . .).

    My mom always said she was going to do a simple Christmas every year, and then she would buy little things all year long when they were on sale. By the time Christmas rolled around, she had way too much stuff. She gave us some (most, probably) and gave the rest to cousins, the church giving tree, etc.

  8. $10 per kid? Um that sounds like a dream
    Do NYC, Find a sitter, and we will live vicariously :) We keep saying, one day, but NYC at Christmas times is a HUGE bucket list thing for me.
    We do three gifts, and hopefully always will. One from Santa, one from us and one from Jesus :)

  9. If you come to Minnesota, I'll watch the kiddos!! Think Mall of America....Way better than NYC, right?

  10. I like the 3 gifts per kid thing..we pretty much do that too. And, I'm all about doubling or tripling kids up for activities. My favorite activities are the ones that they can all do.

  11. My sister in law was unnamed for a few weeks, or officially her babe was Girl because they were not allowed to leave the hospital without filling out her name on a birth cert. They had to go and have the name legally changed when they finally agreed on one.

  12. I hear ya on buying gifts all year and hen ending up with too many. Maybe I will try more simple Christmas too :).

  13. We do the three gifts thing as well! (Jesus received three, right?!) And sports through the city is usually a pretty good deal. Two of mine are taking TKD through the city…$8 each for one hour a week. Can't beat that and they go the same time. Good planning on your part! I'm always looking for the bargain…the BIG sale. It's the thrill of the hunt that arouses my juices LOL!

  14. Oy... you're giving me baby fever! We tried this month for the next Baby Crawford... but no such luck. Now we'll have to wait awhile in case I get into nursing school!

    We are going to keep our Christmas simple this year, too. I'm going to partake in a massive clean-out of toys and I don't want a bunch coming back at Christmastime! :-)

  15. I don't think Eamon could be any cuter! And he always reminds me of Padre Cook for some reason!
    I had the placenta in front with Addie too, so it took awhile longer to feel her.
    We are trying to do a few presents this year for Christmas, too, especially because they don't even care about presents yet! I keep telling Bill we have to appreciate the fact that June ail like the paper and boxes and there's no need to go overboard and he calls me Scrooge!
    Umm and I don't know about watching your kids, but Bill and I could join you in NYC haha!
    Miss you!


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