Monday, November 4, 2013

That's What She Said

Oh Maggie, five seems to be the age of funny quotes from you, so just refuse to turn six next month, okay?

Making S'mores with Aunt Lisa 
Maggie: Ahhhh, this graham cracker is broken and I can't eat it!
Aunt Lisa: I'll find you a whole one.
Maggie: Good, because broken graham crackers taste like vinegar.  And fire.

On Home Decorating
Maggie (seeing the new tablecloth): Mom!  I love this new table cloth!
Me: Thanks.
Maggie: Did you buy it like this or did you like, somehow stick ten of the same pillowcases together?

Worried About Her Future Time in Jail
Maggie: Dad, in "judy" (she means in Juvenile Jail), do they give you a blanket to sleep with?
Dad: ?
Me: No.  No blankets and it's very cold.
Maggie: And what kind of food do they give you?
Me: Just mush.
Maggie: What??  Just MUSH?!?!  I hope I never go to "judy" because I don't like mush.

On Being Consistent with Her Hairstyles
Maggie: Headband or Ponytail?
Me: You ask me that every morning.
Maggie: Because you have to tell me how to wear my hair!
Me: Ok, how about down?
Maggie: No thanks.
Me: How about a cute barrette?
Maggie: What's a bar...oh no thanks.
Me: What about a bun, or braids, or pigtails?
Maggie: How about a headband or ponytail?

On Being a Big Sister
Maggie: Xander, tell Mom that you danced with the kids yesterday.
Xander: I dances with da kids!
Maggie: Tell her that you danced to the song, Rock Lobster.
Xander: I did da Lobsta!
Maggie: Tell her that you danced so good, just like the kids in the video!
Xander: Like da video!
Maggie: Oh Xander, you're such a good baby brother.  Except when you're naughty.

Discovering We Don't Buy the Real Thing
Maggie (while eating her generic Apple Jacks): Mom, the kids at school call this cereal "Apple Jacks" but I told them they were wrong because they are called "Apple Dapples".


  1. Not all generic Apple Jacks are the same. We've had good luck with Apple Zingers but not such good luck with Apple Loons. :) She really turns 6 next month? Crazy.

  2. My favorite quote is the last one! I often wonder how long it's going to take my kids to figure out we buy generic everything! Too cute!

  3. Haha she's such a hoot! John Paul keeps calling Cheerios "Toasted Oats" because we almost always buy the generic ones... But they were on sale so we have the real deal and he still won't call them Cheerios :P

  4. Yeah, Mom - did you sew 10 pillowcases together for your dining room table? I'm sure it's on Pinterest somewhere. :) Too cute.

  5. Love the Maggie and Xander convo! That's how kids learn to speak, really!

  6. The last one is my favorite! I almost always buy generic cereal but thanks to seeing a lot of commercials on tv my kids know the real names in addition to the generic names. Marshmallow Mateys is so much cuter than Lucky Charms. Don't you think?

  7. oh my too funny.My kids said the same thing about juvy..they want to know if there is a blanket.

  8. I heart Maggie so hard. Broken graham crackers taste like vinegar and fire. I would love to know how that works in her head.

  9. Oh, Maggie, the Pearl boys had Apple Dapples, too--and Crisp Crunch instead of Cap'n Crunch, and every other store brand/bagged cereal there was. One of the downfalls of being part of a big family, I guess. :)

    What a hilarious little girl she is. It's great that you get all this down on your blog--it would be a shame to forget any of these gems.

  10. Lol at apple dapples! One of my husband's faves!

  11. that last one is hilarious!

  12. I'm laughing that she even knows about juvy!

  13. She is so darn funny....I doubt that she'll grow out of that. Crossing my fingers she doesn't have to eat mush in Judy! LOL

  14. EEEK, she is just too much!
    I mean how do you have the cutest kids!
    I'm feeling another girl coming your way… you?


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