Friday, December 13, 2013

7 Quickies

Emily Ortega sent us a copy of her new book, I'm Bernadette, and the boys went to town.  John-Paul said it was "good" which is of the highest praise considering he usually declares all books "meh".  That boy loves to read but is hard to please.  Reminds me of somebody I know.  Andrew started reading it and was laughing, and said "The book is really good, I want to keep reading all the Bernadette books!" (better get cracking, Emily!).  Eamon started reading it and said it reminded him of Junie B. Jones, and he loooooves those books.  Then he lost the book and didn't finish it, and I never got the chance to read it myself!  We are searching high and low so I can read it (and Maggie too!).  St. Anthony, pray for us!

 To get your own copy, just click on the ad on the right hand side of my blog over there...

The Wise Men ADVENTures are still on the go:
Day 9: Walking in circles.  What I feel like most days. 
Day 10: I really thought I was being clever, and the boys would enjoy the potty humor intended, but instead they were like "Oh, they are walking near the cookies!"
Day 11: Getting distracted by St. Nick.

What a great week for Feast Days!  
We celebrated Our Lady of Guadalupe with tacos for dinner and choco-tacos for dessert.

Then Maggie was St. Lucy at school today.  When I asked her why she was picked to be St. Lucy, she said: "Well, it was between me and Maya, because we both have blond hair, but Maya gets on red sometimes and I've only been on yellow twice so Sister picked me!"
Moral of the Story ~ One day you might be a Saint if you can (mostly) stay out of trouble.
John-Paul enjoys reading by the Christmas tree.  What a cute geek.  I bought him some new socks because all of his had holes, and he was SO thrilled: "They are so soft and comfy and I love them!"  You can rock your boys world too, get some here.

Marijanna decided to celebrate The Immaculate Conception by baking gingerbread cookies to deliver to her pregnant friends on Our Lady of Guadalupe's Feast Day.  Thankfully, I am one of her pregnant friends!  Aren't they so cute? 
Boy and Girl, anatomically correct and everything (we checked).

So she said she made one for each of us, and we lined them up to make sure.
Phil, Colleen, John-Paul, Andrew, Eamon, Maggie, Alexander and, and, and...
a girl for the baby-to-be!
Very funny, Marijanna :)

I was reading a book of baby names (still no decisions, we are horrible parents) and Xander sat next to me and discovered he had STARS!!! on the bottom of his "dajamas".  I'm pretty sure this kid's a genious.

I was just reading Cari's blog, in which she discusses her love of boot cuffs shown below:

But what I can't get over is THOSE BOOTS!  I falalalala-love them.  Where can one find boots like that?  Big internet hug to the person who points me in the right direction.

And that's a wrap.  Have a wonderful snowy (still Fall - what???) weekend everybody!


  1. Anatomically correct gingerbread cookies? Wow!

    Those are really cute boots. Have you tried They have everything shoe-wise (they are pricey though).

  2. I love those boots too! Share the news if you find out where they come from.

  3. I did my quick takes as a review of I'm Bernadette! today!

    I didn't offer a link where people could buy it though. I'm just not very good at using my blog that way. I keep thinking I will try to get with the program...but...I just have to work too hard at it (not something that comes easily for me) and I don't make the time I guess.


  4. I totally got the wise men pooping reference! Comes from living with cecilia!

  5. What Advent fun! A good read, Traveling Wise Men, gingerbread cookies for pregnant mamas, warm've got it going on over there, Martin. Hmm...boot cuffs. Gotta get me some. Now that I just bought my first pair of boots (I'm so in fashion now.ha.), I've got to find out where to buy the cuffs.

    Happy (almost) third week of Advent!

  6. My cookies made the Blog!? Whooopie! Hopefully they were as good as they were cute.

    Check out as they have good deals. I got Shaun a really good pair of work boots that usually run $150 for 54.99. The ones I linked looked similar.

  7. Oh Maggie, you are a hoot! And also a lovely St. Lucy. :)

    And Fiver is completely jealous of the choco-tacos because he has always wanted to try one but has never gotten the chance. Because he has a mom who can never quite get it together to coordinate the dinner with the saint's day!

  8. Ok... try here:

  9. I think the Wisemen with the poop behind them is hilarious! How sweet that your friend made you those cookies.

  10. Those boots are really cute and I'm on the hunt for boots which feels like forever.

  11. I can't believe how big JP is! Loving that he likes new socks, guess that's what he'll be getting for christmas, too?! And Maggie is the sweetest St. Lucy!
    I really do get a kick out of your wonderful life!

  12. The boots are called Ledger Too by Fergalicious :)

  13. Those boots are by fergalicious and can be found online at macys


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