Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Advice Needed: Mattress Shopping!

Mattress shopping is pretty much the worst.  All of the dreaded rigmarole of car shopping with the added disadvantage of having to lay down on sample mattresses that who-knows-who have laid on before.  


We've been mattress shopping twice in the past year to buy a King size mattress.  When we got married, 11.5 years ago, we bought a Queen because that's what could fit in our apartment.  Since the moment the honeymoon was over, I have wanted a King.  Don't get me wrong, I am completely smitten with my husband but I just need my space, and Phil is tall, and I'm always pregnant or nursing a baby (it seems), and would everyone!  

The first time we went looking for a King was an impromptu stop with all of the kids.  Imagine how stress-free testing out mattresses was while yelling at kids to stop jumping all over the furniture.  Yeah, not so much.  We didn't buy one then because we really weren't concentrating enough to make such a big financial decision.  But, this year for Christmas, we scrapped any holiday trip planning or surprise gift giving, and declared this Christmas Gift to ourselves would be buying a new bed.  I'm so excited because sleeping is my favorite.  

We were a little smarter last week, and got a babysitter to come over so we could go mattress shopping sans children.  It was still just as stressful.  

Me (huffing and puffing as I try to lay my hugely pregnant body down and then get back up 25 times): I don't even care.  They all feel the same to me.  I'm not picky at all.  You just choose.

Phil: Oh no, because as soon as we get it home, it will be my fault if it's not comfortable.

Me: Seriously, you make the call, and I won't ever complain about it.

Phil: mmmm-hmmmmm.

Me (laying down in the final bed): Ok, fine, this one is perfect.  This is the only one that spoke to me.  It's like the bed is hugging me.  Let's get this one.

Phil (looking at the price tag): You would pick the most expensive bed in the whole place.

Me: Hmmmph.  Well how are we going to make a decision?

Phil: Why don't you ask your blog friends?

And so I am.  

Give me your advice...what mattress brand(s) do you have, and what are your opinions?  We tend to like a plush yet firm mattress (comfort level 4ish), I sleep on my side and Phil sleeps on his back or stomach and I do not like the feel of Tempurpedics. 


  1. laughing here--I thought i was the only one who hated laying on mattresses in public stores. Well--it doesn't matter, all mattresses are so overpriced anyway. I think we paid 1000 for a mattress. Rip off.

  2. Ooh I am going to stalk your comments! When I was pregnant in a fit one night on pay day while my husband wasn't home, I went online and bought a queen sized bed with actual head and foot board. It was an upgrade from my grad school apartment double bed on the metal frame it came with. I dream of a king but it would never fit in our room. But still, when I bought that upgrade bed it was the cheapest mattress ever. Don't do that. It's worth the investment I think. Remember $365 and it's only 50 cents a day for you both to sleep. Assuming you don't want to repeat this process next year it'd be worth spending a little to get something you both like.

  3. Do you have an Ikea around? Truth time- my Ikea mattresses have held up better and been more comfortable than the really fancy high dollar ones I've had. We have three from Ikea and not one of them have developed those weird body shaped sleep dents in them. AND- they're pretty affordable as far as mattresses go- I think their most expensive king size is $1200 maybe?

  4. We got our King size (pillow top) from Costco. It has been great. Any other mattreess/couch feels funny to us now. It has lasted us almost 6 1/2 years. Great investment...even though I don't remember how much we paid.

  5. Sam's Club hands down. I would give up a free one anywhere else. They are so comfy and last.

  6. We have had a sleep number bed for years and I STILL love it. I like firm underneath but cushy and plushy on the top. We have had good luck with reasonably priced mattresses from The Original Mattress Factory, if you have one near you. I would stay away from places like department stores - they tend to mark up pretty dramatically. Clark Howard also HIGHLY recommends getting a mattress from Costco - their return and replace policy is great if anything happens to it.

  7. Ooh, pick me! I can't tell you brands, because we got our mattress from the middle of nowhere TX for super discount from a mattress warehouse, but it's latex and I love it. My husband is convinced that the mattress industry is super shady, and this blog:, which was his bible while we were in the market, agrees with that assessment. What I remember taking away from the whole ordeal was 1. brand name doesn't really mean's kind of like generics at the super market, 2. memory foam retains the most heat, I'm thinking of those postpartum night-sweats on that one 3. pillow tops don't last long and get lumpy 4. buy firmer than what feels perfect, it'll last longer and wear into being your preferred firmness.

    Good Luck!

    P.S. I too have the tendency to pick the most expensive thing, champagne taste on a beer budget I guess.

  8. I can't give you any mattress recommendations because I could sleep on any mattress anywhere. But a friend got her mattress at Costco. She hated it after a few weeks and Costco let her return it and get a completely different one! I thought that was pretty cool.

  9. Okay, saw the recommendation for a Sleep Number, I have to say, we had one for a year and hated it. My parents sleep on it now when they visit, and they complain of sore backs as well after sleeping on it. I would never pay the expensive price for one, but that is our experience :)

    We now have a cheapie memory foam, so I'm not much help other than saying what I wouldn't buy ;)

    1. Allison - so funny! I'm the one who raved about the Sleep Number! We actually have two - our and one we inherited from my grandmother - my teenage son sleeps on that one. We really, really love them, so I guess it's a personal preference. I like a mattress that conforms to my back, so I guess that's why it works for us!

  10. I mattress is the best..
    I love, love love it.
    Happy HOLY days my friend...

  11. Ok, Worley beds is close to you. Have you stopped there? They're family run and make the mattresses right there. They also sell at BJ's but I dont' know anything about them (no help there, right?). We have a couple of IKEA beds in the girls rooms. The twin mattress was for a little kid and is fine for Ava but not so much for a bigger person, but our other one in Clara's room? Whenever we've had people sleep over, they've always said how comfy it was, so maybe there's something with the Ikea mattresses? Try Worley beds first though. Even though I only had a twin through there, when my mom would sleep on it she was like "this is the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on".

  12. I LOVE our Tempurpedic! But my parents guest beds have the pillow top mattress from Cosco and I sleep like a babe on their beds :).

  13. Hahaha! I could have written this! We got our mattress over 11 years ago, and it's TIME for a new one. I have neck and back problems constantly. And yes, I have wanted a King forever. But I have no advice . . . so I'll just check back here when you've gotten one, to find out what you chose ;)

  14. Go to Worley beds. We got a latex mattress there this summer. I think I prefer coils but don't tell my husband that!!! Worley still makes a double sided mattress which the big companies did away with. Good luck!

  15. And Worley beds is much more affordable !!!

  16. We have only had Verlo mattresses our entire marriage. 18 years and we are on our second. This one we had to send back for some free warranty work, but it's fine now. I would recommend getting a turnable only mattress and not a flippable. It's quite difficult to flip a king size mattress, particularly if your bed is high and you have a ceiling fan. Learn from my mistake.

  17. We need a new mattress which is precisely why we don't have one - we would have to go shop for one! I loved this post!

  18. I shopped around and got a Parker Mattress which could only be a NW brand. If it is not I really like my King mattress

  19. Love your cute St. Lucy! We missed it this year, I just forgot, and that is my and my daughter's middle name. Oops.

  20. Tempurpedic really is the best, even though we got a knock off one from Pier 1 a while ago. It is kind of weird at first - not necessarily comfortable until you realize you can't live without it because your back and body are TOTALLY supported! We have a 2 inch foam mattress on top, which is what makes it really comfortable, actually. And after sleeping in different beds while in Michigan, we couldn't wait to get home to this - it really is AMAZING!


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