Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Most-ly 2013

Linking up with the lovely Sarah, who makes having 6 kids look amazing!

Posts with the Most Clicks

My Working Moms Link-Up had the most clicks this year.  I started that link-up in order to find and give support to other working moms in this blogosphere.  All the moms who shared their stories feel very similarly in that while they might love and/or need to have a job, they also value being a mother far above career.  

Posts with the Most Comments

Our baby announcement, complete with the kid's reaction on video had the most comments.  Everyone loves a baby!  So if you're feeling like you don't get as many comments as usual, just make a big announcement and watch them roll in.  The blog world is so supportive!

Post with the Best Picture

I love my family so much, and Father's Day this year was one of the best ever, because four of us ran a race together and then we went out to a fancy brunch to consume twice as many calories as we burned off.  I was so proud of John-Paul and Andrew for running their first 5k in such a good time.  It wasn't long after this photo that Baby #6 came into existence :)

Post that was the Hardest to Write

By far, it was my post talking about my struggles with anxiety.  It took me quite a few days to write, during which many tears were shed, but it was extremely cathartic.  So many of you struggle with the same thing, and just knowing that is so very helpful.  Plus, lots of family and friends of mine didn't even know the extent of things, and they reached out with their love and concern.  I am so blessed.

Personal Favorite Post

Most of my writing is just downloading the mundane thoughts from my brain and uploading the photos from my camera so that I can record memories.  Every once in a while I write about something slightly more important.  My post about how Catholics have a head start on living a good life, and the rest of the world is still trying to decode it, is one of my favorites because it was inspired from reading trashy magazines at the gym.  See, honey, they're not all bad ;)


  1. While I no longer have a blog I still love reading yours and others! Great recap and thanks for sharing!

  2. How sad is it that I can't wait to be able to announce a pregnancy on my blog and I'm already thinking now about how I would do so (and I'm not even pregnant, so I'm thinking WAY ahead). LOL

    I loved all your posts!

  3. Colleen, loved your baby announcement so, so cute
    but, the last post was one of my favorites. I don't know how i missed it. it is so true our church leads us and guides us.Its all there for us. All we need to do is remember it.
    Love it.
    Have a blessed Christmas.

  4. These were fun to look back on. You also make it look pretty easy having soon to be 6 kids. AND working!! I think your blog is amazing (mine is getting desperate and I am posting a lot of cat pictures)!! Maybe I could post my CHICKEN is pregnant..since they have started laying eggs again.ha.

  5. Loved all your posts. I may be doing this linkup...idea for my Thursday entry this week... hmmm

  6. Well, I read them all, as you know, but this was a good recap! :)

  7. Hi Colleen, I'm a first time visitor to your blog via Sarah's Amongst Lovely Things Most in 2013 Link-Up. You have a beautiful family and congrats on Baby! I loved your kid's LOUD video of when you told them about their new sibling! That's what family and love is all about! :) Happy New Year and if you get a second, come on over to my corner of blog land and say "Hi" :) God bless!

  8. It was fun to see your "mosts," Colleen- I'm glad you linked up! :)


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